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What we should keep after CovidSEE ALL

Lessons from the quarantine era

These lessons from the lockdown made our lives richer, healthier and more meaningful.
The pandemic has unequivocally proven the public health value of masks. Here's why they should stick around in certain situations.
The pandemic has unshackled me from the casual touches that define interpersonal communication for most people.
The pinprick of light at the end of this dark tunnel is finally coming into view, and it will hopefully bring a new era of working-class resistance along with it.
It was a revelation. We could gather friends from earlier times and time zones in one virtual room.
This era has shown us that going out to eat can mean more than an overstuffed booth and an overly fussy menu. It does almost everywhere else in the world.
I always thought success meant living by myself as an adult. But the complexities of Covid made me rethink that, and my life is better for it.
Covid-19 highlighted for me how the rhythms and necessities of office life had once paradoxically required me to move around. And how much even small periods of movement matter.
Accepting our mortality allows us to consider what really matters in life and motivates us to act on our values.

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