Noted and Quoted: MSNBC hosts on the special counsel's response to BuzzFeed, new border separation details and racism

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Did you see what Joe & Mika, Ari, Rachel, Nicolle and Lawrence had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

People suffering all across America...The United States government’s shutdown and our economy...people inside the White House saying that this could hurt the United States economy all over a shutdown about nothing — about a wall that Republicans didn’t even want up until two weeks ago.Joe Scarborough, on the continuing government shutdown

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It’s been said that Donald Trump fears two things: his base and Robert Mueller. I think we can add a third person to that list...Now armed with the speaker’s gavel, Nancy Pelosi is demonstrating she’s a lot like Mueller when it comes to her own face off with Trump. Like Mueller, she has seen it all. She has an advantage over Trump because she gets how the system works better than he does. Nothing Trump does will make her afraid or rattled.Mika Brzezinski, on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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If the Republicans' issue is condemning racism, don't you have to condemn it all?Ari Melber, on a House resolution rejecting white supremacy in the wake of Rep. Steve King’s racist comments

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This again is that perfect Trump-era crossover in between, 'I need to take a shower' and 'I can't believe I have to read this for work.'Rachel Maddow, on the report that Michael Cohen hired an IT firm to rig online polls in favor of then-candidate Trump

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This is cruelty operationalized by an incompetent and vapid administration.NICOLLE WALLACE, ON NEW DETAILS REGARDING THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S IMMIGRATION POLICIES

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'If true.' That's the phrase that we always use when discussing stories that aren't yet proven to be true.LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, ON THE SPECIAL COUNSEL STATEMENT PUSHING BACK ON BUZZFEED NEWS' REPORT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP AND MICHAEL COHEN

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