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Noted and Quoted: MSNBC hosts on Rep. Nancy Pelosi retaking the gavel, the diverse 116th Congress and 2020 election coverage

MSNBC hosts on Nancy Pelosi retaking the gavel, who the 116th Congress represents and a message about the 2020 election. Did you see what Mika & Ari, Joy, Rachel, Chris and Lawrence said on MSNBC?

Did you see what Mika & Ari, Joy, Rachel, Chris and Lawrence had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

Mika Brzezinski

I got chills every time I turned the television on...this is such a big moment for women on so many levels.

Mika Brzezinski, on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking the gavel for the second time

Watch the full segment from January 4

Whatever your politics, whatever you think about which party should have more or less seats, we have a Congress that looks more like America. That has more young people and that is now back to work in a very different way — divided government, which may be a good thing for holding power accountable.

Ari Melber reflects on the highest midterm turnout in over a century and a diverse 116th Congress

From January 3

Joy Reid

She's going to demonstrate what Democrats are capable of doing with power. And whether that's transparency, whether that's protecting health care, whether that's environmental protection, she intends to show Democrats can do this led by a woman.

Joy Reid, on what Nancy Pelosi could do for the Democratic party

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Rachel Maddow

It is possible that contrary to popular perceptions, [Donald Trump] is a wide-reaching reader of what you and I might think of as obscure or even picayune international conflicts and historical inflection points in Eurasian history. Maybe. Or someone is stove-piping the stuff into the president's ears

Rachel Maddow, on Trump being curiously well versed in specific Russian talking points

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Chris Hayes

There will be an awful lot of noise in the next 22 months. We're committed to try to turn down the din, and listen, and ask, and get questions and answers about what matters.

Chris Hayes with a message to viewers about the 2020 presidential election

Watch the full segment from January 2

Lawrence O'Donnell

Now all of us in middle age and above find ourselves spending more and more time looking for our keys...some neurological decline is absolutely inevitable over time, can't escape it. But Donald Trump's is dramatic.

Lawrence O’Donnell, on Trump's public persona

Watch the full segment from January 2

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