Noted and Quoted: MSNBC hosts on explosive devices, President Trump, and health care

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Did you see what Mika & Joe, Chris, Chris, Rachel and Lawrence had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

Why is Donald Trump so frightened. Why is he so scared. Why is he being so pathetic and little right now so small, so tiny that he’s having to create these lies when he could say ‘hey, we got a great economy,’ ‘hey, we got ISIS on the run,’ ‘hey, look consumer confidence up, the market is up.’ He could actually tell the truth and have a pretty good argument to make in a midterm election. Instead, for some reason he’s so scared, he’s so desperate that he’s spitting out one lie after another.

Joe Scarborough on President Trump's rhetoric

Watch the full segment from Oct. 23.

Everyone assumes I love politics, the contest of it, the personal drama ... but there's one part of politics I truly detest. It's the corrupting, corrosive, humanly destructive conceit that the ends justify the means.

Chris Matthews on a series of pipe bomb threats to Democratic leaders and CNN.

Watch the full segment from Oct. 24.

I thought the rolling out a fictitious middle-class tax cut was such a tell. Right? What that says to me is you don't trust the thing you passed.

Chris Hayes on Trump promising a 10% tax cut for the middle class two weeks before Election Day.

Watch the full segment from Oct. 24.

Democrats are running on healthcare. Republicans are pretending to be democrats running on healthcare, completely denying their own voting records and what they are actively doing right now on the subject.

Rachel Maddow on the GOP's messaging on health care before the midterms.

Watch the full segment from Oct. 24.

That is what he believes campaigns should be about: Fear and loathing and lying. And that is what every Donald Trump campaign will always be about.

Lawrence O’Donnell talks about the president’s messaging this election cycle.

Watch the full segment from Oct. 22.

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