Noted and Quoted: MSNBC hosts on Mueller developments, the death of Jakelin Caal and the Senate's Yemen resolution

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Did you see what Joe & Nicolle, Chris, Chris, Rachel and Lawrence had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

When are Republicans, not only on Capitol Hill, but in state capitols across America going to finally understand that Donald Trump being a 40-percent president, or a 33-percent president, was always going to lead to them getting destroyed in the off-year elections? And is only going to lead to them being destroyed in 2020?

Joe Scarborough, on the relationship between the GOP and President Trump

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It wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was a lie that was repeated to Mike Pence. It was a lie I believe was repeated from the podium by Sean Spicer, so it wasn't an accidental lie. I worked in a White House. I don't know that there is any post more important, more consequential than the national security adviser. If he's so absent-minded he can't remember whether he's telling the truth or not to the FBI, he shouldn't be weighing in on Iran and North Korea.


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This is simple. This is about right and wrong. It's about our country standing for something, about being something we long thought of ourselves: the good guys...No we are not perfect. But there comes a time when you either say who you are with pride or join the world's worst in their immoral swill.

Chris Matthews, on the Senate resolution condemning Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

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I don't know who you know or how old they are, but nobody else has ever lived through a moment in the American presidency like this. We're the first.

Rachel Maddow, on the last week of White House news

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To the people running this country right now, Jakelin Caal's terrible, unnecessary death isn't a horrifying failure — it's a useful talking point

Chris Hayes, on the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan migrant in CBP custody

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Washington can feel where we are now. Washington can feel what is coming now. An impeachment investigation by the House Judiciary Committee is all but inevitable.

Lawrence O’Donnell, on recent developments in the Mueller investigation

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