Noted and Quoted: MSNBC hosts on Trump's falsehoods, things that mattered in 2018 — and what may happen in 2019

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Did you see what Joe & Nicolle, Ari, Joy and Chris had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

The days of waiting for this president to change how he operates and the days of hoping he could somehow achieve more and do better, those days are behind us. 2019 is going to be far different.

Joe Scarborough, on what to expect in Washington DC come 2019

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He still holds all the cards and he still, for a lot Americans, represents all the hope that we’ll get the truth about how our election shook out. … Who chose this president? … If there was any influence from a foreign power.

Nicolle Wallace, on the significance of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation

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Don’t let anyone tell you ‘nothing matters’ because you will decide if it matters to you.

Ari Melber, on the Trump era claim that “nothing matters”

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The president says and tweets untrue things all the time. But the past few days have been a cornucopia of weird, going-out-of-his-way lies about small, easily checkable things. It’s disorienting when a president

does that... So are things more chaotic than ever with this president or has he sort of redefined abnormal?

Joy Reid, on Trump’s string of false hoods over Christmas weekend

Watch the full segment from December 26

2018 may very well be the craziest year in recent political history, but there is every reason to expect 2019 will be even more nuts. As we await the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, Democrats with subpoena power are poised to bring investigations into nearly every aspect of the president’s political and business life.

Chris Hayes, on what could await Trump in 2019

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