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Did you see what Chris, Rachel, Chris and Lawrence had to say on MSNBC? In case you missed it, we've picked their best moments for you, noted and quoted.

President H.W. Bush was once asked what was the best thing about being President. He said, without hesitation, it was the “honor of it.” He knew no one, not even presidents are perfect, but the office of the presidency is.Chris Matthews remembers President H.W. Bush

Watch the full segment from December 1

Between what we learned in the '70s and what was unsealed this year about Nixon, we've now got all the evidence about what Nixon did — and it's staggering. But even Nixon never did anything like this.Rachel Maddow, on reports that Paul Manafort's lawyer briefed President Trump's legal team on Manafort's dealings with federal investigators.

Watch the full segment from November 28

There is lawlessness on the border, but it is the lawlessness of Donald Trump ordering his administration to break the law.Chris Hayes says the Trump administration is violating existing law regarding the treatment of migrants

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All inside accounts of his decision-making about running for president indicate that he did not want to win. [Donald Trump] only wanted to increase his fame, so that he could prolong his career in television, so that he can continue to be famous.Lawrence O’Donnell evaluates what he says are President Trump "LIFETIME OBSESSIONS AND RECKLESS PURSUITS" OF FAME, MONEY AND SEX IN THE WAKE OF MICHAEL COHEN'S GUILTY PLEA

Watch the full segment from November 29

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