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Oscar-nominated director Bing Liu on filmmaking, confronting his mother and why his movie is called 'Minding the Gap'

Liu sat down to talk with THINK about his new documentary and how it affected his relationship with his family.

When filmmaker Bing Liu started to work on his first feature documentary, “Minding the Gap,” he didn’t know that he’d end up in the film. The movie, a Hulu original that’s now nominated for an Oscar, follows two male skaters and Liu’s old friends, Zach and Keire, as they grow up in blue-collar Rockford, Ill.

But what begins as a story about skateboarding evolves into a deeply emotional meditation on the cyclical effects of domestic abuse. THINK sat down with Liu to talk about his process, the film’s pivotal scene and the story behind the title.

"Skateboarding is 90 percent mental. It obviously takes a little physical prowess, but if you can imagine you can do it," Liu said. "You can translate that into becoming an adult, becoming a better person, you know, learning how to be a man. Those are gaps."

Watch the full interview on YouTube above.