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Airbnb rental in Sweden allegedly used as 'temporary brothel'

Two young women returned home to Stockholm from a four-week vacation to find that their private apartment, which they had rented out through Airbnb, had allegedly been used as a "temporary brothel."

London's The Kernel reported that the apartment owners returned to find a note in the mail from the Stockholm County Police saying that their home had been raided on August 11, and that two call girls had been caught performing sexual acts with clients. The prostitutes were reportedly already under police surveillance prior to renting the apartment.

The two young women who used Airbnb, an online rental marketplace, found pubic hair and a plastic bag of used condoms in the apartment upon returning home, according to The Kernel.

The homeowners, who spoke to The Kernel on condition of anonymity, said the renters looked "very high class, with business suits."

"We feel uneasy about being in our own apartment after this," the homeowner said.

Airbnb provides hosts with a $1,000,000 guarantee in the event of guest damages to their property. In this case, Airbnb immediately accommodated the owners in a pricey Stockholm hotel and had the property professionally cleaned.

"Since learning of this incident, we have been in close contact with the host and we continue to offer them our support," an Airbnb spokesperson told NBC News in a statement. "We immediately and permanently removed the offending guest account from Airbnb, we have been in contact with law enforcement and will help with their ongoing investigation."

This isn't the first time Airbnb, which was founded in 2008, has been in the headlines for a guest's bad behavior: In 2011, a San Francisco woman's apartment was trashed by her renter.

More than 10 million nights have been booked via Airbnb by people in 192 countries around the world. "Bad actors in our system are extremely rare," Airbnb said in its statement to NBC News, "but we strongly encourage our hosts to use the trust and safety tools we make available to help detect any problem users in advance."

The company recommends that users detect problems in advance by looking for guests with verified profile information, positive reviews, references and Facebook connections.

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