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  • Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 4th)

  • Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 2nd)

  • Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 2nd)

  • Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 1st)

  • Nightly News Full Broadcast (November 30th)


December 4: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast


Big chill to impact millions across US; Arctic air on the move; Teachers on Newtown 911 tapes ‘remarkably calm’; Stolen truck carrying radioactive material found in Mexico; Is driver fatigue to blame for train derailment?; Massive mission to rescue pilot whales; Obama calls for minimum wage hike; Wounded soldiers’ journey to safety out of Afghanistan; Newsweek to print edition to return in 2014; Woman who inspired ‘Top Gun’ named Deputy Defense Secretary; Canadian officials track down $50 million lotto winner; Little girl startled at Sunny’s exuberant greeting; Unlikely millionaire bequeaths riches to her town.