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Make shrimp & grits at home with this fast and easy recipe


Patrick Connolly, chef and owner behind Brooklyn’s Rider restaurant, wants his spot to be a restaurant that the neighborhood turns to for great, familiar food with a fun twist. “What I try to teach in the kitchen is to imagine that you’re cooking for your mother, your best friend, or your spouse—imagine you’re cooking for those people that mean the most to you,” Connolly says. At home, Connolly is cooking for his wife and three-and-a-half year-old daughter, pointing out that, as a result, he tries to not overcomplicate his dishes. Recipes may call back to his Midwest upbringing, or tips and tricks he’s learned from other chefs around the country. With his shrimp and grits recipe, Connolly is able to prepare something that feels gourmet, but is easy to execute using prepared soups and broth in order to cut down on time-consuming steps. Try his take on Southern-style shrimp and grits at home.