Hindsight is…
2020? or 2021?

Filippo Fontana for NBC News

Filippo Fontana for NBC News

So much happened this year, it can be hard to keep track. Take our quiz to see if you remember when something actually occurred.

By Anna Brand, Joe Murphy and JoElla Carman
Dec. 27, 2021

The United States reached 500,000 deaths from the coronavirus in the early months of 2021. Alex Trebek, the beloved 'Jeopardy!' host, died of cancer at age 80 in November 2020. Then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo went from being hailed as a hero during the beginning months of the pandemic to resigning after sexual harassment allegations just four months ago.

There was an abundance of newsworthy events over the last two years. So many that, at some point, it became increasingly difficult to remember when something happened.

Was it this year or the year before? What day is it, by the way? If that sounds familiar, it's probably because you had that conversation in the last few months. Or days.

Test your knowledge with the 50-question quiz below and see if you can pinpoint when events happened during years that seemed to blend together.