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Democrats' response to Trump proves they aren't interested in improving American lives

The liberal leadership does not want America to succeed, simply because the president is Donald Trump.
Image: Trump shakes hands as he leaves after delivering his first State of the Union address
Trump shakes hands after delivering his first State of the Union address on Jan. 30, 2018.Win McNamee / Pool via AP

President Donald Trump has one of the most successful first years in office under his belt, and now he can add one of the most successful State of the Union addresses to his list of accomplishments. As he noted on Tuesday night, his leadership has led to $1.5 trillion dollars in total tax cuts and over 3 million Americans have already been awarded a bonus or pay raise thanks to the new tax plan. More than 2.4 million new American jobs were created during his first year in office, and companies are committing to investing hundreds of billions of dollars into our economy, which will strengthen our already-growing economy.

There is no question that our nation is far better off today than it was in 2016, or that these accomplishments are a result of the leadership and policies of President Trump.

And yet, the Democrats last night could hardly bring themselves to acknowledge the benefits that Trump's administration has provided American families.

Image: Democratic Senators, House representative, and guests attend the State of the Union
Democratic Senators, House representatives and guests watch the 2018 State of the Union address.Saul Loeb / AFP - Getty Images

The American people have to be scratching their heads. The Democrats quite literally refused to stand up in recognition of the values that make America great, and sat, frowning, when President Trump talked about the recent economic boom, the fact that unemployment has been at a 45-year low and black unemployment is at an all-time low, or his plans to end gang violence from the likes of MS-13 by securing our border

It is clear that the Democratic leadership does not want America to succeed, simply because the president is Donald Trump.

Take foreign policy, for instance: ISIS has been forced from nearly all the territory it once held; we are finally saying that enough is enough and ending millions in foreign aid to countries who people chant “death to America” and burn our flag; we have recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel; and we are cutting funds to the UN, which is an absolute waste of American taxpayer money.

The American people were sick of politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who promised us the world and back while selling us out to foreign interests. And yet, despite his many positive accomplishments on this front, the Democrats could barely bring themselves to acknowledge his role. Then, when our president recognized the family of Otto Warmbier, who died at the hands of a violent, Marxist dictator in North Korea, the Democrats seemingly appeared absolutely emotionless.

Image: Trump poses for a selfie after delivering the State of the Union address
President Donald Trump poses for a selfie after delivering his first State of the Union address.Brendan Smialowski / AFP - Getty Images

Voters wanted a president who would represent them and put “We the People” back in charge, and that is exactly what we are getting so far. His administration has even showed an eagerness to compromise with Democrats to finally accomplish much-needed immigration reform and pass a massive infrastructure bill, both of which will change the direction of our country for the better, but the Democrats are having none of it.

The Democrats are totally out of touch with middle-class Americans, and are instead seeking to appeal to out-of-touch socialists. Whatever they might have aspired to in the past, they no longer represent the views of the majority of America's heartland — and that will show in the election results in 2018 and beyond.

But because of President Trump, the American people are finally being fully represented and the American Dream is alive and well again. We have made major strides in America’s comeback, even as the Democrats are simply warming their own seats. Our president finally demonstrates a deep respect for our military and police force, proudly says “In God We Trust” aloud and encourages American patriotism.

Trump is working hard to improve life for every single American regardless of their nationality, gender, beliefs, creed or even political party. The state of the union is strong, as he said, and we are finally making America great again.

Charlie Kirk is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, a student movement for free markets and limited government.