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3 Hacks for Keeping Sand Off Your Stuff at the Beach

Jeff Rossen shows us his tricks for a stress-free day by the water.

Is there anything better than spending a lazy summer day at the beach? Not only is it nice to get away from the daily grind and relax, but science shows that the beach actually has a powerful effect on our brains, improving our physical and mental health.

But as much as we enjoy that time spent in the sun, the sand is another story. It sticks to your body, inevitably finds it’s way into all your bags and gets stuck in your electronics. (How is it still in your wallet a week later?!)

Luckily, Jeff Rossen, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent and host of Rossen Reports, has some clever ways to avoid bringing the sand home with you after a day at the beach. Get ready for a much more relaxing day by the ocean.

  • Keep the sand off your blanket. You lay a blanket down to create a space to keep your stuff where it won’t get covered in sand. But you find yourself having to shake it off every 20 minutes as the grains creep over the sides. To create a sand-free space, bring along a fitted sheet. Turn it upside down so that the ridge is facing up and put a beach bag or cooler in each corner to spread it out. Ta-da! The lip keeps the sand off your blanket.
  • Protect your cell phone. Here’s a cool trick to keep your cellphone safe at the beach. To prevent it from getting sandy or wet, stick your phone in a zippered sandwich bag and seal it shut. Need to shoot a friend a text? No problem: You can still type through the bag!
  • Get the sand off your feet. You decide to call it a day, so you rinse your feet in the outdoor shower and head to the car. But by the time you make it back, your wet feet will be covered in sand once again. Solve the problem by using baby power instead. The powder takes out the moisture that makes sand stick to your body. Simply apply it where the sand is and then dust it off — the sand comes off too!

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