Are you self-quarantining or working from home? Share your experience

Quarantined at home in Iran due to the Coronavirus.
Ferdos, quarantined at home, tends to her plants, in Shahrekord, Iran.Amin Shirazi / Middle East Images via Redux
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By Christine Nguyen

NBC News' digital video team is looking to speak with folks who are willing to vlog their experiences in quarantine and self-quarantine.

Are you self-quarantining or working from home? Has your employer encouraged or prohibited employees from commuting to work? Have you or your family personally been affected by COVID-19 or the response to it?

We're interested in capturing a variety of experiences from people in all parts of the country. These experiences can be as mundane as trying to find activities to pass the time at home or as serious as waiting in a clinic to be tested for COVID-19. This is a time when the world is facing this pandemic together, and we want to offer a window into how people are coping.

If you're interested in documenting your experience by vlog and are 18 and older, please submit short videos to with the subject line "YOUR NAME — COVID-19 VLOG." You can be either on camera or off camera, narrating or not, but please record your videos horizontally.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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