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Evolvetogether restocks KN95 masks and launches new colors

After they initially sold out in two hours, Evolvetogether restocked its KN95 masks — and launched with two additional colors.
evolvetogether k95 masks
Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks are available in three colors: Santorini (navy), Rio De Janeiro (black) and Marrakech (grey).evolvetogether

Evolvetogether’s bestselling KN95 masks are back in stock and now come in two new colors: Rio De Janeiro (black) and Marrakech (grey). The brand — a Shopping reader favorite — first launched its Santorini (navy) KN95 masks for pre-order on April 29, and they sold out in two hours. After restocking on May 28, Evolvetogether said it sold 50,000 Santorini KN95 masks over the following three days.

Evolvetogether KN95 Masks

As we previously reported in our guide to KN95 masks, the face coverings are manufactured to offer 95 percent protection from particulate matter, and are the Chinese equivalent of an N95 mask in the U.S. Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks are made in an FDA-registered factory, the details of which the brand includes on the packaging.

The masks are constructed from six layers of material: two moisture-absorbing inner layers, an odor-absorbing charcoal layer, two meltblown filters and a hydrophobic non-woven outer layer. They feature a streamlined, modern design, giving the mask a rounded shape rather than the pointy beak-like shape some KN95 masks have.

These KN95 masks are also made with soft ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge. You can purchase Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks in individual colors, which come in packs of five. Additionally, the brand’s KN95 Color Variety Set comes with 15 face masks, five of each color.

Evolvetogether KN95 Color Variety Set

Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks are individually wrapped in plant-based, biodegradable pouches. The masks are shipped in recyclable and biodegradable packaging, too. Masks are marked with the global coordinates of the place their color is named after, which the brand said serves as a reminder that we’re all connected.

Evolvetogether HUMAN Mask (pre-order)

In addition to its KN95 masks, Evolvetogether recently launched its limited edition HUMAN mask for Pride this year, which is sold in packs of 12. 10 percent of proceeds from these masks will be donated to GLSEN, a nonprofit that works to ensure LGBTQIA+ students are free from bullying and harassment at school. Each mask is marked with the global coordinates of Hyde Park, where London’s first Pride march took place.

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