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Select - About Us

Our mission is to provide readers with comprehensive consumer advice so they can make informed decisions and choose the right products for their lives.

At Select, we want to help you upgrade all corners of your life, from your money habits to your wellness routine to the tech and gadgets you rely on every day. Our mission is to provide our readers with high-quality service journalism and comprehensive consumer advice so they can make informed decisions and choose the right products for their lives.

We create all our content without input from our commercial team or any outside third parties, and we pride ourselves on our journalistic standards and ethics.

Our shopping guides and recommendations are based on in-depth reporting and research that comprises interviewing experts in the field, tracking shopping trends and demystifying jargon and marketing language.

Has your product been featured?

Select is editorially independent and our team of editors and writers work hard to pick the best products to share with our readers and viewers. We may license our logo to brands or products that were bestsellers, editors’ picks or otherwise seen on Select. Click here if you’re interested in licensing your inclusion in Select content or to learn more from our licensing partner, Wrights Media.


As an editorial team, we independently create content and determine coverage based on research, reporting and what we think Select readers would like to read about.

We have affiliate relationships with retailers, directly correlating our interests with reader interests: When you click a link to shop in a Select article, we may receive a commission if you purchase anything through that link. If you return the items, we don’t receive a commission.

Items are sold by retailers, not Select. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Editorial Direction

All articles on Select are editorially independent. Our affiliate relationships do not impact editorial direction or decisions to feature certain products. Instead, we determine coverage and which products to feature based only on what we believe readers are interested in or what our research and reporting bears out.

Furthermore, we will always let you know why we are featuring a product – whether an expert specifically recommended it, it’s approved or recommended by a trusted body like the FDA or CDC, it meets more broad expert guidelines regarding shopping for that type of product, it’s on sale or at a reduced price and meets the above or is otherwise new or novel and therefore newsworthy.

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