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Bemis introduces new air purifiers in time for Black Friday

Air purifiers come in three different sizes, and one model is Wi-Fi-enabled.
Two images of the new Bemis air purifier
Bemis offers three air purifier models, including the Tower, which comes in Wi-Fi-enabled and standard options.Courtesy Bemis

Bemis, a toilet seat manufacturer and parent company of Bio Bidet, just launched its first indoor air purifiers. The collection includes three models, all of which are available to preorder: The Tower (which comes in Wi-Fi-enabled and standard options), The Pedestal and The Pod. And Bemis has launched an early Black Friday sale, offering a $100 discount on Tower models throughout November.

Bemis’ air purifiers use a three-stage filtration system to remove dust, pet dander and other pollutants from the air. It includes a prefilter, a HEPA filter and a deodorization filter that removes volatile organic compounds, which are emitted as gases and can hurt the quality of indoor air. Bemis air purifiers also offer three airflow speeds. The brand said these HEPA filters last about a year, and replacements can be purchased through Bemis Air’s site.

Bemis Tower Air Purifier

The Bemis Tower Air Purifier can clean an indoor space of up to 782 square feet. It comes in White and Black. If you purchase the Wi-Fi-enabled Tower model, it allows you to control the device using a companion app, as well as monitor your air quality remotely.

You can choose from four modes, which I was able to try out when Bemis sent me a Wi-Fi-enabled Tower model to experience firsthand. Auto mode automatically adjusts the air purifier according to indoor air quality, while sleep mode reduces fan speed when the device detects that it’s dark. Seconds after I turned the lights off before going to bed, I heard the air purifier power down. Other modes include cycle, which I turned on after cooking to remove odors from the air, and power save, which reduces fan speed to save energy, like when you’re not home for an extended period of time.

The air purifier also features a maple wood panel on the top and a built-in essential oil diffuser. You can purchase lavender and eucalyptus essential oil pods and insert them underneath the wood panel to infuse the purified air with scents. Each essential oil pod lasts about two to three months — I’ve used one for about a month and still smell the subtle fragrance throughout my apartment.

Bemis Pedestal Air Purifier

With enough cleaning capacity for a 284-square-foot room, the Bemis Pedestal Air Purifier offers auto, sleep and eco modes. It stands on three legs, comes with a built-in essential-oil diffuser and features an ambient light sensor.

Bemis Pod Air Purifier

Available in White, Black and Red, this air purifier is the smallest of the three options. It’s designed to be portable — you can bring it to your office cubicle or use it in your car, for example. The air purifier boasts a built-in essential-oil diffuser, and the LED light on the device flashes when you need to change the filter.

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