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Away travel accessories collection: Everything you need to know

Away’s new travel accessories collection includes a face mask, neck pillow and more.
Illustration of a Man wearing an Away mask in navy blue, a Neck Pillow, a bag with a closed neck pillow attached, and a kit from Away with travel essentials
Away launched a new travel accessories collection including a face mask, blanket and more.Courtesy Away

Away’s new Travel Accessories collection features items to keep travelers safe and comfortable, like a sleep mask, neck pillow and more. Away also released a face mask, which is currently essential for travelers taking public transportation and passing through transport hubs, per guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Notably, Away highlights that the collection’s sleep mask, blanket and neck pillow are designed with 37.5 Technology, which utilizes dynamic thermoregulation technology to help keep your body at a core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit). It also helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at the relative humidity of 37.5 percent. Brands like Adidas, Tommy Bahama and Carharrt also make products utilizing the tech.

The collection adds to Away’s Shopping reader favorites like suitcases, bags, packing cubes and passport holders. The new collection is available online and at Away’s retail locations.

The Face Mask

This machine washable face mask is designed with a filter pocket and an antimicrobial finish. The mask has adjustable ear loops and is sold with a removable back-head strap. It comes with an antimicrobial storage pouch and two disposable filters. Away also sells a 10-pack of replacement filters. The face mask is available in Black and Navy in Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large sizes.

The Sleep Mask

The interior of this sleep mask features a traditional molded eye mask shape, allowing your eyes to move freely. It features an antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric and is machine washable. The sleep mask folds in on itself and is available in three colors: Black, Navy and Coast.

The Travel Neck Pillow

Away’s neck pillow is designed with an antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric and comes with an antimicrobial pouch. It’s available in three colors: Black/Grey, Navy/Gray and Green/Gray. The neck pillow’s interior core is constructed from shredded foam and the exterior is wrapped in a quilted shell. The neck pillow has an adjustable closure in the front so you can customize its fit, and it’s machine washable. It also has button clasps that can attach to those featured on the Travel Blanket.

The Travel Blanket

This blanket is built with an interior pocket to store items like headphones and hand sanitizer, plus a foot pocket to keep your feet warm. The Black/Green blanket — which folds in on itself — is full-length and designed to be lightweight yet insulating. It has an antimicrobial finish on the outer fabric and is machine washable. In addition to connecting to the Travel Neck Pillow, multiple Travel Blankets can be attached together with their button clasps.

The Compression Sock

Away’s compression socks are designed with anti-odor technology and dry quickly, so they can be worn multiple times. They’re knee high, constructed with minimal seams and 45 percent of the sock’s fabric is made of organic cotton. The compression socks are available in Black, Navy and Olive and they come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

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