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The BabyZen Yoyo2 stroller is the only stroller my child needs

The BabyZen Yoyo² was small and will carry my son through his toddler years.
 The BabyZen Yoyo² folds and unfolds in mere seconds.
The BabyZen Yoyo² folds and unfolds in mere seconds.Babyzen

When I found out I was pregnant, I was elated. But I soon felt perplexed and overwhelmed by the number of items a tiny baby actually needs. More specifically, how would all this stuff fit into my compact city apartment? What about my teeny, European-style elevator? I could barely turn around sideways inside my teeny, European-style elevator, meaning my stroller options were very limited.

I needed just one stroller that would take my baby from the infant stage through toddlerhood but also would easily adapt to our space-limited lifestyle. As a frequent traveler, I also wanted something I could easily lug through airports and take on airplanes.

There’s a market for compact, foldable and easily stored baby items, and I was ready to dive right into finding the right stroller and beyond. As I started researching strollers online, I also began doing the obvious – I opened my eyes while walking around my neighborhood. And all the signs, both virtual and in real life, pointed to one stroller: the Babyzen YOYO² Stroller. I spotted the French-branded stroller on every corner, in every color and with every accessory possible. Would I, too, succumb to the trendiest stroller in the neighborhood?

SKIP AHEAD Other compact strollers to consider

The Babyzen YOYO² Stroller

I would, I did, and it was the best choice I’d made. At first, I balked at the higher price tag, which comes to over $700 when you add in the various inserts (the newborn and the 6+). But when I realized how versatile and durable the Yoyo2 was, I knew I’d made the right choice.

The stroller weighs less than 15 pounds and folds up and snaps open in seconds. I could pop it open one-handed after a few weeks, once I recovered from my C-section. My baby, once he’s transitioned from the newborn insert, can use the 6+ insert until he weighs 48.5 pounds. Although it doesn’t fully recline, it does lie back enough for him to sleep comfortably, and it’s slim enough to fit inside my tiny elevator with my baby inside or in the trunk of a Fiat folded up – it’s even approved as cabin baggage on most airlines.

I figured something so lightweight and foldable would be delicate and easily broken, but the Yoyo2 can handle it all, be it constant opening and closing or the wear and tear of the cobblestone streets of Europe and the busy crosswalks of Manhattan. And starting with the newborn insert was perfect, as it was comfortable enough for him to lie flat and sleep but not nearly as bulky as a bassinet or traditional pram.

We ended up getting all the accouterments that make life easier: the car seat, the umbrella, the cup holder, the warming foot muff and the like. The Yoyo² can also grow with your family, as there’s a small seat you can attach so toddlers can ride along if you decide to add baby No. 2.

Now I just look like all the other neighborhood moms pushing their kids around in the BabyZen Yoyo² — but this time I’m in on the secret.

Other compact strollers to consider

If you’re looking for something less expensive than the Yoyo², something that can face back toward you or that has extra stability, consider looking at these highly rated strollers.

Joolz Aer Stroller

This stroller is lightweight, easy to fold and comes with both newborn and toddler seats. The dimensions are just slightly larger than the Yoyo2, but the broader seat may be more comfortable for older kids. Joolz has said it will plant a tree for each stroller purchase. It has a 4.1-star average rating from 11 reviews on buy buy BABY.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Best for families on a budget who need a lightweight, foldable, city or travel stroller for children 6 months and up, the Chicco Liteway is just over $100, which is significantly less than the Babyzen Yoyo2 or the Joolz Aer. Although the stroller reclines and rides smoothly, according to the brand, there’s no newborn insert, and it’s still significantly larger folded than the other strollers. It has a 4.7-star average rating from over 200 reviews on Amazon.

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