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Bearaby unveils the Travel Napper, a portable weighted blanket

The travel-friendly weighted blanket uses gentle weighted pressure to help calm travel nerves.
Image of a Woman with a Bearaby weighted Blanket at her desk and the blanket in a bag
The Travel Napper is both a calming and sustainable blanket for flights, road trips or returning to the office. Courtesy Bearaby

The gradual return to normal has caused a surge in travel this summer, with travelers on July 4 weekend hitting skies and roadways in droves resembling pre-pandemic numbers. And with more than two-thirds of Americans reporting they’re taking a trip this summer, travel anxiety may be on many people’s minds given health risks or uneasiness around getting back on a plane despite relaxed coronavirus restrictions. To help calm those nerves, Bearaby just released the Travel Napper, a portable weighted blanket that allows you to sleep better and feel calmer even on a cramped flight or car.

Bearaby Travel Napper

The Travel Napper weighs 10 pounds, making it the lightest and most travel-friendly of Bearaby’s adult blankets collection, and measures 40 by 64 inches that allows it to cover your chest and legs despite its compact size. Like most weighted blankets, it provides Deep Touch Pressure, a form of tactile sensory input that can relax the body, reduce anxiety and help you fall asleep using gentle pressure.

The blanket is currently available on the Bearaby site in five colors: Asteroid Grey, Moonstone Grey, Midnight Blue, Evening Rose and Cloud White. The brand offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.

The machine-washable weighted blanket also comes in a stylish cotton canvas weekender bag for portability and can be comfortably stored in the overhead compartment when not in use or placed underneath the seat for easy access. While airplanes are notorious for being cold, the blanket is hand-knit from 100 percent breathable organic cotton, so hot sleepers can avoid feeling uncomfortable mid-flight. Bearaby’s patented weighted yarn also equips a tighter looped high-density material, which can provide flexibility that allows the blanket to move with you and evenly distributes weight across the body.

Like most Bearaby products, the Travel Napper is also highly sustainable — the blanket and its packaging are plastic-free and 100 percent biodegradable and boast a MADE IN GREEN label certified by OEKO-Tex and a Fairtrade International certification. The organic cotton material uses 85 percent less water than conventional farming methods and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetics or artificial softeners, according to the brand.

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