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Why the Dyson Corrale hair straightener is my favorite flat iron

After a few months of relatively consistent use, Dyson's hot tools are now regularly how I achieve a smooth and silky finish for my natural hair.
The Dyson Corrale hair straightener.
Here's why one shopping editor chose the Dyson Corrale hair straightener for her pandemic beauty routine.Dyson

When I apply heat to my natural hair, the final look needs to be smooth and silky with results that last because I don’t like doing my hair often — and want to avoid heat damage. After a few months of relatively consistent use, I’m confident to say I can achieve that silk press at home using a combination of two high-functioning tools from Dyson: the Supersonic hair dryer and Corrale hair straightener. And as an editor with an eye toward beauty and a rather sizable hot tool collection, I find the Corrale seamlessly fits into my pared-down pandemic beauty routine. So, what exactly makes this hot tool worth the pricey $500 investment?

Dyson Corrale

The Corrale’s biggest win is that it’s cordless — you can plug it in if you want (or forgot to charge it). After a 70 minute charge, this device gives you a total of 30 minutes of cordless use, but I wish it would last a full hour instead. Regardless, I’m not limited to styling my hair in front of my vanity and I don’t have to deal with a pesky extension cord getting in my way. A relatively simple solution to the cordless battery life issue that I don’t mind doing is charging the iron between styling sections of my hair.

It boasts flexing copper plates, which Dyson claims molds to your hair and creates even tension. That capability results in smoother hair and helps prevent heat damage, according to the brand. At 1.8 pounds, it’s a touch heavier than my last two flat irons of choice — Harry Josh Pro Tools (1.7 pounds) and Bio Ionic (.9 pounds) — and I could still feel a noticeable contrast after my first time holding the Corrale. I find the slight weight difference further enhances the hair smoothing process because it creates a bit more tension on my strands.

While I typically crank my flat irons up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Corrale’s three preset heat settings max out at less than that: 310, 365 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. So I was hesitant about working with a lower temperature. Fortunately, I haven’t had any issues using the iron at 410 degrees because my hairstyle lasts longer and my strands look extra glossy.

It typically takes me about 40 minutes to straighten my hair because I like to take work in small sections and employ the chase method, which is when you run a fine-tooth comb and hair straightener through your hair at the same time. While it sounds simple and straightforward enough, it took me a few tries to get used to utilizing the method, regardless of the flat iron I used.

While the Dyson Corrale works on my combination 3C/4A hair, people with all hair textures can utilize the flat iron as well. Beyond its 4.1-star average rating from nearly 420 reviews on Dyson, the Corrale has curved edges, which helps prevent snagging and dents on my hair. The Corrale is not the only flat iron on the market that utilizes curved edges, of course. You can check out Amazon and find popular hair straighteners with curved edges like the Furiden iron model. I also find that it is easier to create loose curls and beachy waves with the Corrale versus other hair straighteners with flat plates or with curling irons because of the curved edges and cordless feature.

Other notable Dyson Corrale features I love include:

  • When in use, I find the exterior of the iron stays relatively cool, unlike some of my many other hair straighteners.
  • It’s easy to travel with and comes equipped with features and accessories like a velvet travel pouch. Airplane mode prevents the flat iron from accidentally turning on when you’re traveling.
  • The temperature and battery life are displayed on the LED screen. Thus, I’m aware of what temperature I’m working with and when I need to let my cordless hair straightener charge.
  • Lastly, if you order the flat iron directly through Dyson, you can purchase the Corrale gift set, which includes a free paddle brush and a wide-tooth detangling comb.

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