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Why Lululemon leggings will always have a spot in my wardrobe

Lululemon leggings are a staple in my wardrobe, whether I’m working out, running errands or traveling.
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Lululemon offers leggings in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles and lengths. Here are some of my favorites.Lululemon

I first invested in a pair of Lululemon leggings when I was on my college dance team. Since I was going to dance practices and to the gym for scheduled team workout sessions six days a week, I was wearing leggings nearly every day. At the time, I found the other leggings I had purchased over the years were becoming worn down — they were losing their color and had been stretched out in the washing machine. During my search, some of my teammates suggested checking out Lululemon for high quality leggings.

After browsing through the Lululemon leggings wall in-store and trying on several of the brand’s different styles meant for different workouts, I was sold. I now have a few different models of Lululemon leggings in multiple colors and have been exclusively wearing them whenever I work out, run errands or travel. I’ve owned my first pair of Lululemon leggings for about seven years now, more than any other article of clothing in my wardrobe.

Why I love my Lululemon leggings

Aside from a small and barely noticeable hole on the left knee of the first pair of Lululemons I purchased, all my leggings are still in relatively good shape. They’ve stood the test of time and I haven’t noticed much of a change in color or fit, despite wearing them semi-weekly and putting them through the wringer. My leggings survived preparing for National Dance Alliance Nationals and have endured literal blood, sweat and tears from my falling during dance routines and skidding my knees. While the leggings come at a relatively more expensive price compared to other brands, they’ve lasted me longer than any other pair I own and are worth it, in my opinion.

In addition to this, Lululemon leggings come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, lengths, sizes and styles. (The brand recently extended its size range to go up to a size 20.) You can also pair them with the brand’s sports bras, jackets or tops if you like coordinating your workout gear.

Lululemon leggings to shop

1. Wunder Under High-Rise 28-Inch Luon Tight

The Wunder Under tight features Lululemon’s Luon fabric, which the brand says offers a soft, cotton-like feel with sweat-wicking properties and four-way stretch. Its high-rise waistband holds my abdomen in place and reminds me to pull up and engage my core while working out. You can also find these leggings in a similar and slightly shorter 25-Inch Full-On Luon option. Being on the shorter side, the 25-Inch leggings are my preferred option and a big plus since I’ve had to deal with rolling up the hem of my leggings with other brands.

2. Wunder Under High-Rise 28-Inch Full-On Luxtreme Tight

These offer the same design as the 28-inch Luon leggings, but are made from Full-On Luxtreme material, which Lululemon says feels cool to the touch and fits like a second layer of skin, as well as offers sweat-wicking properties and four-way stretch. As someone who owns these in the 25-Inch version, I would say these lightweight leggings do fit well and are the pair I turn to on days when I know I’ll be sweating a lot. (As of recent, this means going on hikes in my hometown under the hot Hawaiian sun.) The 28-Inch leggings come in five colors, including Black, Dark Olive and Navy, as well as additional colors in the cropped versions. You can also find them in a Super High-Rise version if you prefer.

3. Align 28-Inch Pant

The Align pant is another staple in my collection. It’s the softest, most comfortable and least noticeable (or “barely there”) option I own. I wear it when I’m lounging, working from home, going on a long car ride or running errands. Before Covid-19, as well as during college, I would prefer it when I would travel on planes, do yoga (especially hot yoga and acro yoga) and dance during less strenuous practices when we’d focus more on stretching and recovering. The Align pant feels very stretchy and, in my opinion, gives the least resistance when moving. Plus, it comes in over a dozen colors, including Cassis, Rosemary Green and Speckle Emboss Black. You can also find it in cropped versions such as 17 inches or 21 inches, the latter of which might be the next addition to my collection since I’m spending so much time indoors.

Lululemon offers more than leggings

While I primarily shop at Lululemon for their leggings, the brand also sells a variety of items from workout tops and gym bags to cold weather gear and accessories. In addition to several pairs of leggings, I also own a few sports bras, headbands, spandex shorts and loose-fitting shorts, plus a yoga mat and an athletic jacket. Below are some of the other products you can shop, organized by category:

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