By M. Alex Johnson Reporter
updated 2/17/2006 8:04:13 AM ET 2006-02-17T13:04:13

The acquittal of John Wayne Bobbitt this week in Las Vegas reminds us that, like a bad penny, some things never go away. To wit: scandal.

Bobbitt is the man whose first wife cut off his penis in 1993. Forgotten was that Bobbitt was also charged with assault (he was acquitted). He was convicted once and acquitted once for allegedly beating his third wife in 2004. After this latest incident, the Bobbitts figured out that maybe their marriage wasn’t going to work.

Which raises a question: Whatever happened to Lorena Bobbitt, the original slice-’n’-dicer? Well, we don’t know. She’s avoided the limelight, last spotted in 1998 when she was (of course) acquitted of assaulting her mother. But other scandalous figures are easier to track down; here’s what’s up with them:

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