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Video: NYC buses to carry ad opposing mosque

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    >>> of the crash of a small plane in a remote part of southwest alaska . authorities say nine people were on board the plane and there has been confirmed five fatality. on board were former alaska senator ted stevens and former nasa administrator sean o'keefe.

    >>> right now, new york city 's transportation officials have approved an extremely controversial ad that's scheduled to appear on new york city busses. take a look. as you see here, the new ad shows a plane flying towards the world trade center engulfed in flames with the words why there? the reference is to a mosque being built just blocks from the world trade center . pamela geller represents -- she's also with the group stop islamization of america . is that a word?

    >> it is a word. 1949 .

    >>> it's a word.

    >> good, i'm learning.

    >> i'm going to show you a lot of things today.

    >> this is sparking a lot of controversy, especially here in new york city because this ad really sparks a visceral emotion, a visceral reaction from people. why do it?

    >> well, first of all, i don't understand why the ad is controversial. and i don't understand why the ad was rejected. i was told that 9/11 images were banned. since when are 9/11 images banned? that's a piece of american history . buy is that controversial? to me the premise is completely false. if you consider the image of 9/11, america being attacked is controversial, but a 15 story megamosque looking down on the burial ground of ground zero is not offensive? i don't get it.

    >> isn't that also part of american history , freedom of religious expression ?

    >> so is compassion. and where is being schooled in sensitivity? i'm not suggesting that the government stop the mosque, no, i'm not at all. i just find a callousness on behalf of the imam and the grief and the outrage to the families and all americans who are deeply affected by 9/11 to be radically intolerant.

    >> we now have a statement from the nta, while the mta does not endorse the views expressed in this or other ads that appear on the transit system , the advertisement purchased by a group building the mosque was under review under mta's guidelines and standards. how many busses is this going to be appear on?

    >> i was told 9/11 images were banned, i was told to remove the plane, i removed the plane, i resubmitted the ad, they told me to remove the smoke. i said remove the smoke? why should i remove the smoke. i removed the smoke. they said you have to remove the plane. it was rejected four separate times and then the last one was just the towers and they never got back to me.

    >> that's it, that's the image that's going to be on busses so you obviously went back to the original. but that's not going to be how the mosque looks over, the depiction there is not accurate.

    >> that's the depiction that was submitted by the imam and daysy, it looks very dramatically like the world trade center and if you look at the ad, it's september 11 , 2001 , that's what was happening and then september 11 , 2011 when the megamosque is scheduled to open on september 11 .

    >> not to scale, i just want to point out. from a personal history , i have family members involved in gettysberg , they died in the battle of gettysberg there,'s a baptist church right by the battlefield and they were southern church members who killed my --

    >> are those issues of gettysberg allowed.

    >> what i'm saying is that a church was allowed to be arrested. a and.

    >> i said on the highway, on the freeway.

    >> i just feel that it's a human issue, that obviously this is created, if it was as the imam originally said, which i find to be what so buy not in the interest of building bridges and healing withdraw it. even governor patterson said he would help them find another place.

    >> what's your recourse because i know that the commission that was going to -- that you were working -- excuse me, the landmarks, they voted unanimously that the mosque could go forward if the building did not have historic rights.

    >> that was really a dog and pony show , they were all bloomberg appointees, they were all bloomberg appointees. despite the grief and the pain that they're using and just dismiss this kind of outrage. and when there's a hair trigger sensibility. where's the two-way sfleet.

    >> we're in america , pamela .

    >> we have danish cartoons in america , msnbc didn't run the danish cartoons . and there's sensitivity here in america .

    >> pamela geller, thanks for coming


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