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Video: Cat 4 Hurricane Igor whips up 150 MPH winds

  1. Transcript of: Cat 4 Hurricane Igor whips up 150 MPH winds

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Hurdling along to the East Coast now, Hurricane Igor , thousands of miles out to sea, and that's a good thing because it's a Category 4 so far, second most powerful storm there is. Sustained winds of 150 miles an hour at the core. NASA has an incredible view of it from space tonight. This is a monster with a well-defined eye. Big enough storm that it would stretch from Dallas , Texas , to Washington, DC. It could strengthen to a Category 5 , but may skirt Bermuda with some strong winds. It's expected, so far, to stay well away from the US coast, while again, however, whipping up waves along the East Coast .

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Tropical Storm Julia has also formed behind Igor , part of that daisy chain across the Atlantic . Not nearly as strong, with winds of about 50 miles an hour. Also not posing a threat, they don't


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