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Video: Obama riles Dems in battle over Bush-era taxes

  1. Transcript of: Obama riles Dems in battle over Bush-era taxes

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Now we turn to the battle over taxes. Taxes at Bush -era rates that President Obama wants to extend as part of a deal, which has riled some fellow Democrats . Kelly O'Donnell following this all day, with us tonight from the Capitol . Hey, Kelly , good evening.

    KELLY O'DONNELL reporting: Hi, Brian. And Democrats are really in turmoil over this, and the White House is turning up the pressure. The vice president was back here today to face angry House Democrats who say they will not vote for it because they believe it gives away too much to high earners and wealthy families who are planning for estate taxes. Now, the White House says if this doesn't pass the country could slip into double-digit recession. That is a big worry. And the White House is using a new PR offensive, using its e-mail list to send out notices today from mayors and governors, people all across the country who favor this, as a way to try to turn up the pressure on Democrats here who do get to vote.

    Brian: Kelly O'Donnell on the Hill tonight. Kelly , thanks.



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