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Video: Strauss-Kahn under heavy guard after prison release

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    >> head of the international monetary fund remains in house detention one week after being accused of sexual assaulting a hotel maid in new york city . kristen dahlgren is live outside where dominique strauss-kahn is being held. good morning to you.

    >> good morning, lester. he's not wakeling up on reiker's island, but rather this apartment here after posting $1 million cash bail. also a $5 million insurance bond . the photographers gathered outside here yesterday, strauss-kahn snuck in through a back entrance. his wife, however, was spotted going inside . a judge set stringent guidelines for strauss-kahn 's release including a monitoring bracelet, guards posted outside. and he'll wear ankle bracelets after it was charged that he assaulted a maid. this has drawn international attention. so much so this is a temporary home. he was supposed to be low katdcated in an upper east side apartment building . when word of that leaked, there was uproar he would come here. there are signs here saying dsk, not in my back yard. and one final note about his life moving forward, he's severed ties with the international monetary fund , it's a one-time payment of $250,000 also annual pension payments that the imf says are, quote, far less than that. lester?

    >>> on a short leash now. where does the case go from here? what happens next?

    >> the next hearing is it a formal arraignment on june 6. his attorneys are going to vigorously fight those charges. they say that the evidence will not be consistent with the forcible encounter. the trial, though, could be months away,

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