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Video: Perry’s fundraising push

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    >>> welsh another day, another dollar for governor rick perry . today back in his home state of texas for a fund-raiser after hosting half a dozen already this week. nbc news campaign embed joins me now in washington because they're not letting you into these fund-raisers, are they.

    >> great to see you.

    >> we should note when the president has fund-raisers there's always a print pooler at some point showing up there. i'll be curious to see if perry and romney start doing it the same way. let me ask you about rick perry and fund-raising. he's been on the trail a lot and trying to fund raise a lot. how much have you noticed the sort of wear and tear on candidate perry ?

    >> after today he will have done eight fund-raisers since monday. he got in fairly late and they don't want to be in a situation where they're running out of money during a south carolina bus tour. this is really important to have all their ducks in a row. he's really good at raising money in texas . again, the rules in texas when he was running for governor, there aren't campaign limbs, so here he has to delve into those folks and expand his national network .

    >> i've already seen they seem to be raising the bar a little bit about how well they're going to do at fund-raising and it's coming in at september 30th that, you know, some sort of -- way over $20 million to perhaps $30 million in this first quarter that they would be raising money, that they think they would be like bush '99.

    >> and they're going up against mitt romney , who as we know --

    >> are they this confident in being able to raise dollar for dollar with perry ? romney.

    >> he's working really hard and taps into his existing networks in texas , will do a little in new york later in the month. this is huge. they don't want to have sloppy fund-raising numbers.

    >> you have the advantage of doing this for a second cycle for us. it's a brand-new campaign in the perry campaign. when you see these events, do you feel as if they have a full-fledged campaign infrastructure on the ground, doing the things that you were used to seeing four years ago when you were covering some of these campaigns when they were more mature?

    >> his team has a lot of folks who have been with perry for five or ten years, all his communications staff or people who have represented him in the past. a lot of these people have worked with bush in previous cycles, as well. you are getting not necessarily the cap ber of presidential events but you're getting a setup as far as advance and big crowds, too. i mean, they have overflow rooms when he was in south carolina where there were four times as many people in the overflow room that he addressed briefly as opposed to people in the room with him when he was doing a south carolina diner visit.

    >> you feel like you're no longer covering a new campaign still trying to figure out where the press is going to be. a little more operational.

    >> it's nuclear because it's folks who have been around the governor for a long time. they're still i think getting used to the national press attention. sometimes the questions that are getting asked at the press conferences, they're saying oh, that wouldn't have come from texas or oklahoma press. but he's responding in a way that, you know, that first day when he was in iowa, he took e questions from everybody. everyone who threw a question at him rick perry wanted to engage. now if you're close to him and ask him a question and it's not a designated time, he'll smile at you and move right on.

    >> carrie dann . thank you.


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