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    >>> after four years in an italian jail, exchange student , amanda knox may be a day away from a verdict that could set her free or send her back behind bars for at least two more decades. a case that has made headlines around the world and in some ways put the italian justice system itself on trial. lester holt joins us now live from perugia. good evening, lester. walk us through what happened in the courtroom tomorrow?

    >> well, tomorrow is the final day of the appeals trial itself in terms of testimony. her lawyers will make their final rebuttal and then amman do knox gets the final word here. she gets to address court to have her say. her father told me she has been working on the remark for three months. as soon as she is done, a jury of six laymen and two judges will gather together and begin deliberations immediately. two years ago when is officially convicted for the murder of her roommate deliberations went into the evening. we had a verdict some time after midnight. expectations are, kate, we could have a verdict here by end of monday.

    >> her family is there. i know you have been speaking with them. they must be so anxious for a verdict. talk about emotions surrounding all this and are they hopeful this ends one way or another this week?

    >> they're on a fine edge here. i had a chance to speak to many members of the family, gathered here, a very difficult time. they're not allowed to visit her this weekend because of the visiting schedule. their expectation is they will be able to brung her home. things turned in the favor of the defense, amanda knox , the key dna testimony by independent experts that discredited the dna, said police forensic work was sloppy. that has given them some hope. they have made plans, not, exactly what they plan to do, they do hope to bruning her home tomorrow.

    >>> lester holt in perugia, italy, his reporting continues tomorrow on "today" show. lester, thank you

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