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Not everybody is all-PC or all-Mac, all-iOS or all-Android. Some people own an Android phone and a Mac, while others might sport a PC and an iPhone. And many (this writer included) use a Mac at home but deal with PCs at work.

J5 Create's  new  Wormhole Station  brings them all together. It’s a docking station that enables seamless file transfer and device sharing even between ordinarily incompatible operating systems. You can share monitors and keyboards, or drag-and-drop files. You can even copy text from, say, a Mac document and paste it into one on a PC. Conenctions run over superfast USB 3.0, if devices have it, but it also works with the ubiquitous USB 2.0 ports. If you are a MacBook Air owner, at the very least it boosts the number of ports (adding extra card slots, for example, as well as a video port and Ethernet).

The company also makes a cable, called the Wormhole Switch, that enables the same thing. The docking station is a more comprehensive version, though, providing the extra ports. Either way it’s far more convenient than swapping thumb drives. The Wormhole station sells for about $100 (depending on the retailer), the Switch for about $30-40.

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