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Video: Weaknesses exposed in Warren’s candidacy?

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    >>> in today's politico briefing, maine senator susan collins just endorses republican senator scott brown in his re-election bid coming as brown's rival democratic candidate elizabeth warren faces some tough questions. reports surface this had week she once listed herself as i minority when she was at harvard law professor which seems quite a stretch since she's only 1/32nd native american based on a great, great grandmother. is this just a blip in a long political campaign or does the way she handled this reveal a weakness in her candidacy. martin, this is the first time she's run for political office . there seemed to be a lot of stumbling when this was first revealed in how she responded to it.

    >> this is the hottest race in the country. national democrats really see this as a seat they can win. they want to get ted kennedy 's old seat back in democratic hands. elizabeth warren is a rookie candidate. it seems like she acted like a rookie how she handled this. it's a mini controversy but lasted for several days. she should have gotten out in front of this explained it as simply as possible the first day. there was an uneven response and it was a little bit confusing. she listed herself as native american for a decade and unlisted herself. but she's proud of her heritage but never used it to get ahead in academia. it's an uneven response for a very important candidate.

    >> in fact, she was listed by harvard as the only minority professor tenured professor back in '9 . and she seemed to unlist herself when she came into federal government service, a much tougher vet.

    >> i don't think that there's any federal government listing that would allow her to say i'm a native american . i'm a minority because i'm 1/32 native american . it's a democrats hope that this little miniature scandal will pass but republicans would like there to be part of the an warren narrative, they say hey, can we trust her? if she listed herself as a minority for a decade and then suddenly it disappeared from her resume? this is a problem for her. she'll have to move past it if she's going to keep up with scott brown .

    >> it is the best race going on in the country right now. thank you very


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