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Video: Tropical storm may be heading toward US

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    >> weather across the pond and here in the states with the drought and tropics making headlines. bill karins, good morning.

    >> such a positive, happy start to the show and i'm going to bring it down. i went from mildly concerned yesterday about ernesto to now fairly concerned if not greatly concerned for areas northern mexico , texas and louisiana , about six days from right now. let me show you the latest. unfortunately this storm has intensified overnight. we were hoping it would stay weak or fall apart. this storm has maintained its strength. it's due south of puerto rico . it's going to stay over the warm waters of the caribbean. 60-mile-per-hour winds. remember to get to hurricane strength it only has to gain 14 more miles per hour up to 74. moving west at 18. again, it has grown in size and intensity. where is this thing heading? this is the forecast from the national hurricane center out just a little while ago. it takes the storm right towards cancun then unfortunately it moves into the gulf of mexico . at that point the northern edge of the yellow cone of uncertainty would head it towards louisiana , southern portion towards northern mexico and texas is somewhere there in the middle. we're going to closely be watching our computer models . these are different computers with different equations that show you where the storm is going to head. notice the two lines to the north. the orange and pink are heading towards louisiana o texas . the other ones towards mexico. we haven't ruled out anyone yet. but if you're in florida, this forecast is looking better for you. i don't want to forget about friends in oklahoma city who hit the all-time hottest temperature, tied it at 113. as we go through the weekend, 108 in oklahoma city . the good news, by the time we get to sunday, cold front tries to move through and it goes to 99 degrees. little bit of everything out there and little more continuation, this ernesto thing, friday and saturday there could be trouble along the texas , louisiana coast.

    >> it also bothers me when you say you could be hitting a cooling front and hit 99.

    >> unprecedented.


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