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Hulu Plus is now available on the Wii U, which shows exactly how a second screen can be put to good use while watching TV. Instead of using a smartphone or tablet to get more information about a show and post comments to social media, Wii U users can do these things on their controller. For now, HuluPlus is the only available service, but more streaming options are due in a December update for the Wii U.

Hulu Plus, available for $7.99 a month, came to the Wii U sooner than was expected. Earlier this month, Nintendo said it had delayed until December its launch of TVii, an app that offers several streaming services, including HuluPlus, Netflix and Amazon OnDemand, and lets users search for content across the TVii platform. (The app will be similar to  Roku's universal search  feature that the streaming device company recently released.)

HuluPlus app was activated last night. That's good news for those that were able to get their hands on a Wii U. However, Best Buy and Walmart sold out of the Wii U within 24 hours of Sunday's launch and still list the Wii U as "sold out online," so you may be forced to brave the holiday crowds to find one.

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If you're curious about how Nintendo's Wii U  second screen experience works, watch the HuluPlus video embedded below. You can see that you will be able to get additional information about a show you're watching, control playback and comment with other viewers through the TVii community and on Facebook and Twitter. Further, you can take the controller with you and keep watching your show on the second screen.

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