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There are just some things you shouldn’t do with an iPad or any device with a camera. A Los Angeles man learned that lesson the hard way.

Julio Mario Medal, 38, was indicted for taking video under the skirt of underwear model Brittanie Weaver in a pet store in LA’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood. She bent over to pet her dog, and he started filming. She noticed. Weaver also saw an ID badge around the man's neck that indicated he was a court interpreter, according to LA Weekly.

With a little searching on Google, she found the creep and reported him to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Medal has been charged with three criminal misdemeanors: secretly videotaping for sexual gratification, unlawful loitering and attempted videotaping for sexual gratification, according to a press release from the office of the Los Angeles City Attorney.

"This is inappropriate conduct that invades the privacy of others, and must be stopped," said City Attorney Trutanich. " New technology  brings good things to many people each day but, unfortunately, in the wrong hands, can create much mischief."

Peeping Toms aside, taking photos or videos of people without their permission in a public place is usually legal. In a private place, such as a pet store, the same holds true, unless a sign has been posted prohibiting it. [See also:  Street Photography Lessons: How to Get the Best Shot ]

However, you can't take pictures of people in public places where one would expect to have privacy, such as a public restroom. You may also run into legal trouble if your video includes audio — that's why  surveillance  cameras don't record sound. And clearly, you can't take the types of pictures that got Medal into trouble.

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