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The Ed Show for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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April 30, 2014

Guests: James Clyburn, Anthony Man, Mitch Ceasar, Keith Ellison


you`re in favor raising wages for hardworking Americans or you`re not.

SEN. TED CRUZ, (R) TEXAS: The request is magically changed to $10.10.

OBAMA: Tell them is time for $10 cents.

SEN. MITCH MCCONNEL, (R) KENTUCKY: This is completely tone deaf.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Senate Republicans as expected blocked the vote
on the minimum wage increase.

OBAMA: Republicans in Congress don`t get the last word on this issue or
any issue, you do, the American people to vote.

FMR. SEN. EDWARD KENNEDY, (D) MASSACHUSETTS: What is the price? We ask
the other side.

CRUZ: I think the American people are tired of empty political show bouts
(ph). I would not eat green eggs and ham but votes for the minimum wage is
voting to tell up to one million Americans, your jobs don`t matter today.

UNIDENTIFED FEMALE: The American people know what this is about.

OBAMA: The Republicans in Congress have found the time to vote more than
50 times to undermine to repeal the healthcare bill for millions of working
families. Earlier this month, they voted for a budget that would give the
wealthiest Americans a massive tax cut while forcing deep cuts to
investments that help middle class families but they would raise wages for
millions of working family.

CRUZ: The people who are struggling, the working class, the young people,
Hispanics, African Americans, single moms, they are the one paying the

KENNEDY: What is the price that you want from this working men and women?
When does the greed stop? We ask the other side.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching.

What we have in this country is a group of wealthy people who have really
good job security, healthcare, pension, all that stuff. They have decided
collectively that the down trodden, the poor, the economic challenged in
this country just haven`t got it too good. They can`t do anything about

How many times have we shown this chart on the Ed Show? If you had to take
a five-second snapshot of America`s economy, here it is. We affectionately
call it the Vulture Chart. Down here is where Americans are, 99 percent of

You see, the top one percent obviously has had it really good. So you
would think that we would have people in Washington that would think, you
know that line`s been flat for a long, long time. Can`t we have an element
of fairness in all of these?

Look, we can do something about it but not until the midterms. But it`s
important for us to always point out exactly what`s happening to us. There
are people that stand up in the chamber of the Senate and make the case
that the minimum wage in this country should stay exactly where it is.
That`s what they`re saying. They`re not arguing about $10.10. They`re
saying it belongs right where it is right now because we`re all about
business and jobs. It makes absolutely no sense.

Now, I think that there is a racial connection. I do. Now, over the past
week, we have seen these guys. They have brought the issue of race front
and center in America with the way they think and the way they talk.
Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling have proven that racism is alive and well
in America. I believe that there is an economic connection to all of this.

On Tuesday, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings who`s a Democrat spoke
about the racial wealth gap in America which is very real. During the
event, he addressed Sterling`s comments.


REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, (D) MARYLAND: I do think they were reprehensible and
I think that appropriate action will be taken. But let me be clear, I
guess I`ve seen enough and been around enough. I can`t change Sterling but
I can change the lives of the people who are the subject of this report.

I`m going to concentrate on the Affordable Care Act for the people in my
district who cannot get well because they don`t have health care or the
people that failed to sign up. I want to concentrate on trying to close
this money gap so the kids in my district can go to college.


SCHULTZ: OK. So where is Ed going with this? I`ll tell you exactly where
I`m going.

There are all kinds of forms of racism and there are many forms or way to
display it. We are seeing the United States Congress display. They`re
distain for people of color. Look at the numbers.

Congressman Elijah Cummings is exactly right. You can`t change Sterling
but you can change the lives of African-Americans, the people of color for
the better if you vote to help them out.

The report Cummings is talking about is very disturbing. The report from
the Center for Global Policy Solutions shows that there is a massive wealth
gap in this country between white Americans and black Americans.

White Americans have a median net worth of $111,000, black Americans have a
median net worth of just $7,000. On average, it`s a fact. White people
own 15 times more than black people in America. How did that ever happen?

Well, let me tell you something, you`re not going to address this gap
unless you change the minimum wage. The numbers are what they are and it`s
going to be awfully hard to turn this around overnight but it`s about
opportunity to get involved in the economy with some level of sensibility
and fairness. The first step is fixing and raising the minimum wage.

Earlier today, the Untied State Senate, they had a chance to give 28
million Americans a raise. Unfortunately, the vote failed. The
Republicans of the Senate, oh they are very empathetic when it comes to
people of color, aren`t they? Just tell the way -- just watch the way they

The Senate voted down a minimum wage increase by a vote of 54 to 42. Gosh,
we just need a few more folks don`t we? Immediately after the vote, Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid had no problem calling out Republicans.


SEN. HARRY REID, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: Today, we saw clear distinction
between what we`re fighting for, we Democrats, and the Republicans what
they are fighting for. They are fighting for the billionaires. We`re
fighting for people who are struggling to make a living.

So far, six Republicans have rushed to defend David and Charlie, the Koch
Brothers. We can`t get them though to raise the minimum wage. We even
have a debate on the minimum wage. Republicans are defending very publicly
six of them at least. The Koch Brothers while they come to the floor and
oppose raising the minimum wage. If the same number of Republicans voted
with us, we would have a minimum wage.


SCHULTZ: That`s how close it is. Senate Democrats made it clear. The
fight for minimum wage increases far from over.


SEN. TOM HARKIN, (D) IOWA: This is not the only time that you`ll see the
Senate vote on the minimum wage bill this year. We`ll be back again and
again and we`ll keep trying until we get this to the President`s desk. I`m
confident that if we don`t raise the minimum wage in Congress before the
election, the American people are going to speak about this at the ballot
box this November.


SCHULTZ: And the later in today, President Obama also spoke out about the
minimum wage increase.


OBAMA: Either you`re in favor of raising wages for hardworking Americans
or you`re not. The Republicans in Congress have found the time to vote
more than 50 times to undermine to repeal the healthcare bill for millions
of working families.

Earlier this month, they voted for a budget that would give the wealthiest
Americans a massive tax cut while forcing deep cuts to investments that
help middle class families but they won`t raise wages for millions of
working families? When three quarters of the American support it? It
makes no sense.

If there is any good news here is that Republicans in Congress don`t get
the last word on this issue or any issue, you do, the American people to


SCHULTZ: Well, a lot of us liberals have waited a long time for the
President to come out and say you`re with this or against this and that`s
really where it is with American workers right now. You`re either with us
or against this. You`re either for working families who are struggling or
you`re not. Let`s call it what it is.

The minimum wage is a racial issue. Look at the numbers. I think not
raising the minimum wage is a racist policy. Standing up, making the case
that people of color in this country do not deserve a living wage. It`s a
racist policy. There is a lot of different ways to prove racism in
America, not providing a livable wage for Americans hurts African-

The numbers are very clear. 17.7 percent of minimum wage workers are
African-American. A minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour which would
happen only in a three-year period from now would lift 3.5 million people
of color out of poverty in this country. A study from the Center for
American Progress shows the minimum wage increase would combine with wages
of people of color.

It will total $16.1 billion combined increase in wages for people of color.
Race is an element when it comes to income and opportunity in this country.
You cannot deny that and not raising the wage, the minimum wage, is every
bit as racist as comment made by Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. It`s
just displayed in a different way.

It`s not just the minimum wage, Republican policies, look at what they do.
They hurt all people of color with their policies from food stamp cuts to
repelling ObamaCare in the vote over 50 times to the effort to prioritize
social security and they even get rid of it and to Medicare and Medicaid
cuts. Wow, it`s the Ryan budget. I thought we would never get into that.
We have.

Not raising the minimum wage is just the latest in a long line of
Republican policies that hurt minorities across the board in this country.
And you know what? Now that they`ve got Citizens United behind them and
they can outspend any challenger that shows up they feel more embolden to
vote like this than ever before.

I find it terribly ironic that on the very day that the Senate rejects the
minimum wage. The chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, goes
over and meets with the Congressional Black Caucus to talk about poverty in
his budget. And how ruthless it is in what he really meant when he said
that there is a culture within our inner cities that they don`t even
understand what work is all about and he said men.

So how do we fix this? How do we keep this guy out of power? It`s a
constant conversation about who they are and what the country would be like
if they really had power. Look how they are obstructing and hurting people
of color in this country with their policies. They don`t even have
absolute power yet. What do you think the country would look like if they

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s
question. "Do you think the vote on the minimum wage is a racial issue?"
Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always to our blog and
leave a comment. We encourage you to do that at We`ll bring
you the results of the poll later in the show.

For more, let me bring in Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina.
Congressman, great to have you with us tonight.

REP. JAMES CLYBURN, (D) SOUTH CAROLINA: Thank you so much for having me

SCHULTZ: Your reaction to the Senate Republicans and it is the Senate
Republicans blocking the minimum wage bill.

CLYBURN: Well, I think that once again we`ve seen that the Senate
Republicans are filing (ph) suit with their House Republicans. They are
just absolutely against doing anything that would benefit working men and
women. They are -- they saw the rush to put this big tax cuts for the
wealth of people in the House budget to deny a minimum wage increase on the
Senate for working men and women.

They are doing a sort of a tag team yesterday and today as you just
mentioned, we met with the chair of the Budget Committee of the
Congressional Black Caucus did and we still. We addressed several but I`ve
known such this. We are sick and tired of having these pleasantries
abandon (ph) about when people are going hungry when people can`t get the
(inaudible) with all to stay in college.

We have some historical college and universities that have lost 10 percent
of their student bodies in the last year all because of the policies that
have been perpetrated by these Republicans in the House of Representatives.

SCHULTZ: Yes. Congressman, do you think that the minimum wage issue is a
racial issue?

CLYBURN: It has -- there it has adverse racial impact and one thing I`ve
learn in those of almost 18 years I`ve spent running a state agency in
South Carolina that we have to look at the policy and we don`t worry about
what your intent may have been. But if the impact, the result has an
adverse racial impact then we see that as being discriminatory and that`s
not me saying that, that is what the United States Supreme Court had said.


CLYBURN: That`s what Congress has said that we look at the results of your
action and they`ll determine whether not it have a desperate (ph) impact on
people of color.

SCHULTZ: I think that there are many ways to express racism. I think in a
policy is one way, expressing your cell phone of policy is a way and what
Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling did is a different way. But the bottom-
line here is that the policies that you`re talking about are holding people
of color down in this country. They are concentrating on the wealth.
Their policy is clearly are doing that and then they are hiding behind the
two-word culture, the free market. This is not what the American people
want. All of you in Congress know that but the vote isn`t there.

Now, the Congressional Black Caucus as you said met with Paul Ryan who has
brought in a very radical budget, 69 percent of Ryan`s budget cuts come
from low income people. That`s a racist budget as I see it. Now that`s my
opinion. I`m not trying to get you to say that. That`s my opinion.

Look at -- you know what the priorities are of the people when you look at
the budget. He wants to hurt the down trodden and the working folk of
American and give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and hurt those on
food stamps. What kind of dialogue do you have with somebody that has a
budget like that?

CLYBURN: Well, today at the top of our meeting, the chair of black caucus
Congresswoman Fudge asked me to present to Mr. Ryan the Congressional Black
Caucus` approach to target in resources into communities of need. And I`ll
laid up to Mr. Ryan the fact that there are 488 counties in the United
States of America where 20 percent or more of the population that they are
stuck, we need to (inaudible) their level for the last 30 more years.

And I asked him would he join with us in the Congressional Black Caucus and
target resources throughout the discretionary budget into those communities
so that at least 10 percent of that money will go to these communities.


CLYBURN: And I reminded him that this not partisan here to do thirds fully
68 percent of those counties are represented by Republicans. So we aren`t
asking him to do anything for Democrats which I`m going to do it for poor

SCHULTZ: Yeah. That`s exactly what it is. Congressman, great to have you
with us tonight. James Clyburn from South Carolina here on the Ed Show.
Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.

I want to bring in State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio. The middle of the
country, the buck-eye state who`s currently running for the Ohio secretary
of state position.

Nina, do the people in the middle of the country, does this play in Ohio?
When you go out, do you hear this? Do you hear people who are being
economic -- who are economically challenged to talk about this issue?

STATE SEN. NINA TURNER, (D) OHIO: I do Ed from Dark County which is in the
Southern part of the state to Keiyo, the county that`s in the north. The
citizens in the state are outraged. You know, what is happening in the
Senate today is just pure heartless, Ed. That is the only way you can
describe it that Republicans with not -- would hold up a vote on the
minimum wage increase.

It is heartless and the American people are tired. Ohioans are tired of
having Republicans whisper sweet nothings in their ear. They absolutely
delivered nothing. It is heartless.

So if people want better laws Ed, we need better lawmakers. If we want
better policies, we need better policy makers and the Republicans just
don`t have it. They don`t care about people. You know, as one minister
said here in Cleveland, he said the Affordable Care Act was meant to save
lives, voting is made to protect lives and this is about voting.

If we want a different result, we got to get out there in this midterm
elections and vote.

SCHUTLTZ: Yes. Do you think that there is a racial element involved in
someone being for or against minimum wage based on the research in the
numbers that are out there right now and the number of people of color that
it affects?

TURNER: Well, there is not doubt about that Ed, if there is a
disproportionate impact to people of color. You know, as President Clinton
said, its arithmetic but what the Republicans are doing is not just race
based. It is class based. It is gender based.

Their policies are flat-out against working class and middle class people
in, not only on Ohio but in this country. And so again, the voters need to
stand up, I applaud the president big ups to him for standing up to them,
big ups to the Ohio -- to the Senate, to the democratic -- the Democrats in
the Senate. And I`ll tell you something Ed, they need to introduce this
every single day, every single day Ed.

SCHULTZ: I hear you.

TURNER: And seeing you to push back on what the republicans are doing
because American stand up for equality and justice for all.

SCHULTZ: I hear you.

TURNER: And guess what, raise in the minimum wage Ed is not only a moral
issue it`s an economic issue as well. The more money people have, the more
they will spend in the economy and the more they spend the more jobs we
create. So who is on the side of the citizens of the great -- not only
great state of Ohio but of this country?

We need to take it to him Ed, every chance we get.

SCHULTZ: All right, State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio, great to have you
with us tonight. I appreciate your time.

Coming up, Rick Scott`s hunt of ObamaCare horror stories. Well, he finds
nothing but love.

But first, Donald Sterling`s truthers. The truthers of Donald Sterling

Trenders is next. Stick around.


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C-3PO, "STAR WARS" CHARACTER: It`s so good to see you fully functional

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, lucky seven.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Big news for Star Wars fans all across the galaxy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This photo joined the cast of the franchise`s seventh
film assembling at a London script reading.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It may not look like much but she`s got it where it
counts, kid.

SCHULTZ: Jedis and rebels return as the Star Wars Saga continues.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are all

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most impressive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Titled Episode Seven a new hip (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Together again, huh?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wouldn`t miss it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The count down to December 2015 is officially on.


SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, voter victory.

controversial voter I.D. law has dealt a big blow.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A federal judge calling the State`s Voter I.D. law a
burden on the poor and minorities.

SCHULTZ: A federal court judge strikes down Wisconsin`s Voter I.D. law.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Act 23 will prevent more legitimate votes from
being cast that fraudulent one.

MAYOR TOM BARRETT, (D) WISCONSIN: I want people who are legitimate voters
to have the right to vote without unnecessary impediments.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not a political process that is equally open
to participation by blacks and Latinos.

Voter I.D. won`t be law in the State unless the legislator acts to redo it
or an appeal is successful.

SCHULTZ: And to today`s top Trender, magic act.

MAGIC JOHNSON, NBA LEGEND: I`m just happy that Commissioner Adam Silver
came down hard.

ADAM SILVER, NBA COMMISSIONER: I am banning Mr. Sterling for life.

JOHNSON: We can`t let people get away with this even if you`re an owner.

SCHULTZ: Conservatives jump on a Clippers` conspiracy theory.

strategy for NBA Donald Sterling sell Clippers to Magic Johnson.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The NBA Hall of Famer downplayed rumors that say, he`s
interested in buying the Clippers.

LIMBAUGH: It`s an intricate web being woven here.

JOHNSON: There haven`t been no talks of that.

LIMBAUGH: And the Dodgers apparently earned enough. Magic wants the

JOHNSON: But we hope that the Clippers get a great owner.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight National Sports columnist and commentator
Terence Moore. Mr. Moore, good to have you with us tonight.

This is really a curve ball, Limbaugh out there throwing the theory that
this is some kind of a plot by Magic Johnson to buy the Clippers. I think
it`s a round about way to support Mr. Sterling suggesting that maybe the
NBA did the wrong thing. What`s your take on this?

TERENCE MOORE, SPORTS COLUMNIST: Well I tell you what Ed. I do believe
there was second gun man of the Grassy Knoll. But that`s a whole different
conspiracy theory than what we`re talking about here.

These conspiracy theories that they are putting out there are basically
mind games. And let`s start with this, sports is a microcosm of society.
And let`s just look at the last 40 years because there`s been a lot of
situations similar to this Donald Sterling thing. Back in the mid 1980`s,
you had a guy named Al Campanis an executive for the Dodgers, who came out
on national television and said that the reason there weren`t any black
executives on baseball at that time or other sports is because they "black
the necessities". So the excuse was, well he`s just on old white guy from
a different time.

Then a few years after that you had Jimmy "The Greek" coming out telling
reporters that the reasons he had so many African-Americans athletes was
because it goes back to slavery when they had these big boned great, great
grandmothers who are picking cotton and so on and so forth. And then the
excuse there was, well, you know, everybody knows he drinks a little bit,
he`s a drunk, right?

Then in the late 1990s, we have Fuzzy Zoeller, Tiger Woods wins the Masters
for the first time and Fuzzy comes out and says, "Well, next year at the
champion`s dinner, make sure you tell Tiger not serve fried chicken or
(inaudible) or whatever the heck they ."

SCHULTZ: So your point here -- your point here is, that has been going on
for a long time .

MOORE: Well .

SCHULTZ: . but now it`s no where near as acceptable or tolerated at the
any stretch of imagination.

MOORE: Well, what is that Ed and it`s also that they always try to make it
seem like that it isn`t what it is.


MOORE: But what it is, is pure racism whether they try to get around it or

SCHULTZ: Why did it take to so long for the NBA to deal with Sterling? If
they knew who he was, my answer to that is that is was never basketball
related. It was other things that they -- and I think the owners had to
pushed financially to a point where they would make a move on this. Your

MOORE: Well, Ed, you`re close the truth there and the dirty little secret
here is nobody is missing (ph) in this, Adam Silver is getting too much
credit. Because Adam Silver just did exactly what he had to do, he had no


MOORE: Because you had a potential boycott, you had all these
sponsorships, getting them to flee to out the door. Here`s the bigger
thing here, the NBA, the NFL, Major League Baseball is very much similar to
let`s a gang or a country club. You only let people in that are like you.
And remember now, this guy Donald Sterling has been getting away with this
for 30 years. Adam Silver, the current commissioner, was the assistant
under David Stern the previous commissioner for much of that time and they
looked the other way. So you only have to think that they had to problem
of what he was saying.


MOORE: So why do they do this now? This is very similar to, once the heat
gets on, you throw somebody over the edge so it takes the pressure off of
everybody else or some other people who are like minded here.

SCHULTZ: Well, Sterling isn`t going to go easy. He says he`s not going to
be selling the team. But of course the league I believe can force him to
do that with a three quarter vote of the owners. This is going to be a
huge battle for another year, isn`t it?

MOORE: Well, I don`t think so, I believe, this is very similar to Marge
Schott. Marge Schott was racist owner of the Cincinnati Reds back in the
late 1980`s to the late 1990`s she was as defiant as this guy. I mean most
of these people are similar to George Wallace back in 1963 standing in
front of the school door saying, we`re not going to integrate.


MOORE: But they finally gave in. Marge Schott finally gave in from
pressure from the fellow owners where they sort like this -- this water
torture thing .

SCHULTZ: So you think that will happen here. That .

MOORE: That`s going to happen.


MOORE: I don`t think there`s any concern. He is gone, he may talk big and
bad but he is gone.

SCHULTZ: Terence Moore good to have you with us on the Ed Show.
Appreciate your time and you work so much, thank you sir.

Still ahead, Rick Scott gets schooled by seniors supporting Obamacare but
he didn`t think that was the way it was going to go.

And later, more on Paul Ryan`s meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus,
Congressman Keith Ellison will weigh in on that.

Next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live coming up on the Ed Show on
MSNBC. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. We love the questions coming from
you wonderful viewers, thanks so much. Ask Ed Live, our first question
comes form Tom. "Who is going to hold Scoot Water", he`s the governor of
Wisconsin, "accountable for his 250,000 job promise?" Promise, he didn`t
say he was going to try to get 250, he said that he would deliver 250,000
jobs. I don`t know. Voters I guess. Nobody legislatively is going to
hold him accountable. They got the power in Wisconsin, the Republicans.
So does a number and does promise mean anything to voters? We`ll find out.

Our next question is from Kathleen. What`s with all the fishing questions?
All right that`s good, OK. "What`s was the biggest fish you have ever
caught and where did you catch it?" Well last year down in Florida. I got
a 85 pounds sail fish but that wasn`t the most exiting. The most exiting
was a 42 pound salmon on the Alagnak River in Alaska. My favorite fish to
catch, the walleye, that`s right Rock Lake in Manitoba. Stick around Rapid
Response Panel is next.

JANE WELLS CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Jane Wells with your CNBC Market Wrap.

And the fish was not big, no. The Dow closes up 45 points at a new record,
the S&P adds five, and the Nasdaq gains 11.

The Federal Reserve says it will cut back its bond buying by $10 billion a
month. Wow really? Well the move by the Central Bank was widely expected.
And also these investors largely overlooked, weaker than expected report on
first quarter economic growth. And payroll firm ADP said employees added
220,000 workers in April. The government however releases it`s closely
watched job data on Friday.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back the Ed Show. I`ve told you it`s hot in Florida,
politically Hot. Florida Governor Rick Scott came from the private sector.
Does he really have pulse for the people? He was the CEO of Columbia HCA
when the hospital company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. Now
Scott wants his constituents and Florida to believe Obamacare is the enemy.
Rich Scott`s success for lies on fear mongering over facts, that`s the way
it`s playing out.

The reality is Scott could not be more out of touch when it comes to
healthcare in his state. On Tuesday the governor got an embarrassing
reality check courtesy of a group of outspoken senior citizens. According
to the SunSentinel at a Fort Lauderdale, Scott the governor went to a -- to
the Volen Senior Center in Boca Raton with the intention of collecting
Obamacare horror stories. Well instead the Governor found a group of
satisfied customers.

"I`m completely satisfied," a 92 year old West Boca resident told Scott.
Another man said that he was "Very happy". A woman said that she and her
husband are "very pleased". And another man reported "no problems". In a
scramble to save face, Scott did his best to spin the story.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you surprised that you didn`t complaints from this
crowd today?

GOV. RICK SCOTT, (R) FLORIDA: You know, as I travel, you see -- what I
hear from people is, they`re having a hard time getting a opposition. One
lady here talked about the number of orthopedic surgeons that are now --
she can`t get an orthopedic surgeon to help her. I hear about, you know,.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because that was one person out of 20 though.

SCOTT: Yeah. As you -- you don`t -- what my concern is what`s going to
happen as his dreams continue to go down, as Medicare (inaudible) continue
to be raided to people of healthcare.


SCHULTZ: Excuse me, the donut hole is very popular because it`s been
closed. Folks, now that right there what you just saw is man who really
doesn`t have a leg to stand on. Rick Scott is so desperate. He`s actually
trying to scare seniors into voting for him. But according to the latest
Quinnipiac Poll Floridians aren`t buying what he`s selling. Scott
currently trails Democratic challenger Charlie Christ but whooping 10
percentage points. Joining me tonight in our Rapid Response Panel, Anthony
Mann, Political reporter for the Sun Sentinel and Mitch Seizure Chairman of
the Broward County Democratic Party, great to have both .

Joining me tonight, our rapid response panel, Anthony Man, Political
Reporter for the Sun Sentinel and Mitch Ceasar Chairman of the Broward
County Democratic Party. Great to have both of you with us.

Mr. Man, I appreciate your time tonight. As a reporter I`m not looking for
opinion, what happened here?

you described it, he went on a quick tour of this Senior Center Boca Raton
and then sat down at a conference table where the Center Staff had pulled
together at the Governor`s request about 20 seniors from -- mostly from the
Southern part of Palm Beach County. And he, you know, he said he wanted a
-- tell them what he`s been hearing which is that there are problems with
Medicare because of Obamacare required spending cuts and he wanted to find
out what their problems were, what these people were going through and how
he could them.

And pretty one by one as he went around the table, he didn`t any problems.
Couple people mentioned a minor complaint or two but not really related to
Obamacare or any cuts in Medicare that supposedly are coming from Obamacare

SCHULTZ: So how do report this? Is this a medical story going bad? Is
this a big political snafus by a Governor`s staff?

MAN: Well, you really do wonder what kind of work was done. Because
Southern Palm Beach County, that`s about as Democratic of places you can
get and a lot of this people, you know, were just not ready to go along
with the criticism of Obamacare. In fact, a couple of people said, and
this wasn`t just people talking to or report this afterwards, they directly
said to the governor that they think that Obamacare is a good thing and
even if it hurt Medicare which they weren`t willing to concede but they
might be OK with that because they think that Obamacare is a good thing
because it will help other people get coverage.


MAN: That`s what they were telling the governor directly to a space.

SCHULTZ: Mitch Ceasar, what do you make at this? Is this an attempt? I
think it`s just an attempt to go into a facility to manufacture a negative
on Obamacare and this is a photo up going bad. What do you think?

MITCH CEASAR, BROWARD CO. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Well you`re absolutely right
Ed. This will be nominating win as the worst photo up of the year in
Florida, no question. What`s interesting is I think the equation was, you
know, in 2014 it turn out it`s a little bit lower across the country. And
seniors become even more important. So he thought he`d go in there and try
to ingratiate himself with a senior vote and at the same time try bamboozle
of them.

What he doesn`t realized is Florida`s seniors are pretty smart group. And
just because it`s a little gray on top of the head, doesn`t mean he`s not


CEASAR: .you know, a fire engine working the in the mind and they call him
on it.

SCHULTZ: Well Mitch, I mean he comes from the private sector. He`s never
been in a public service, he bought this jobs, spend $100 million of his
own money. So can we come to the conclusion that maybe he just doesn`t
have the political maxim or he`s not savvy enough? A good politician
doesn`t take the vote until you know what the votes -- until you know
exactly what the vote is going to be.

And the other thing is you don`t walk into a room unless you know exactly
what they heck you`re going to hear. So this is really -- it shows his
political inexperience when he`s not really being heavy handed with
somebody, doesn`t it?

CEASAR: Well, this is a part of the national political mantra, the bigger
picture, and that is that they`re really in a too philosophical cul-de-sac.
They just keep going around and around, they don`t get anywhere, nothing
changes. They think that Obamaare is the issue to use. And frankly you`re
right. He has no experience. He doesn`t connect well people. He`s trying
his best for all these photo ups all over the state.

SCHULTZ: Do you believe -- you know what he did?

CEASAR: You know the legislatures in the.

SCHULTZ: You know what he did Mitch? He believed all the right-wing
garbage that`s out there of the negativity about Obamacare and he bought
into it, so he thought he wanted this facility and be able to manufacture a
commercial and get a bunch of negative comments. That`s what this was. I
mean how else could it be? And then when he comes out, he starts talking
about people where he goes around the state and one person is, I mean this
is a political embarrassment.

Now the polls, Anthony Man, if the election is held today is Rick Scott in

MAN: Clearly he`s in trouble with the election we`re held today, I mean
the polling is pretty consistently shown former Governor Charlie Crist,
who`s now the Democrat running ahead of Scott. And the latest polling show
that continues. I mean it`s a 10 point gap in the latest going a
Quinnipiac poll.

In South Florida where Mitch and I are -- it`s a much, much larger gap
that`s included in Quinnipiac poll shows a 37 point gap between Crist and
Scoot. So definitely not looking very good for Scott as we speak today.

SCHULT: So Mitch, does this show up in a Charlie Crist commercial about
how to touch the governor is?

CEASAR: I think it will. I think it`s going to be one of many commercials
showing that this is a guy who, you know, despite what he says about his
background is where the one percent. This is the guy who work, you know,
well and access of hundreds of millions of dollars. And he really doesn`t
know what the average person has to go through. Well guess what? Florida
seniors told them what real life is about. He didn`t like the answer. He
just keeps repeating the same lie, so to speak.


CEASAR: And he believes if you say to off enough people who will buy it.

This guy has a big problem. South Florida is going to make the difference
with all do respect to the rest of Florida. South Florida is going to
unelect him on November.

SCHULTZ: Anthony Man and Mitch Ceasar, good to have both of you with us
tonight. Thanks so much. Coming up, Glenn Beck`s pathetic jokes landed in

Oh yes, stick around. We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: And the pretenders tonight, big joke Glenn Beck. The right-wing
talker slammed Hillary Clinton`s evolution on marriage equality about
Clinton had affirmed for support for DOMA in the past. She formally
announced her support for same sex marriage last year, everybody knows it.
Beck is it`s all just a scheme to grab the White House. The radio hosting
that Clinton is just as desperate to stay relevant as he is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The art of history come along for her to say that she
is for gay marriage, she is, that came out about last year.

GLENN BECK, CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST: Hillary came out last year? Because
I don`t that had been officially.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The art of history, the art of history.

BECK: I`ll tell you -- I`m telling you, Hillary Clinton will be having sex
with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular. She`s really
just -- she`ll be like be. She`ll be like, "Look, the art of history
wasn`t ready for a President to be a lesbian and have sex on the desk."


SCHULTZ: I bet sponsors are just aligning up to be a part of that, aren`t

Beck`s grotesque joke falls flatter than his logic. Clinton has been
working for Civil Right all the way back to her college days, working for
equality. Isn`t a ploy for the presidency, it` should be a requirement.
Glenn Beck in mock progress, but if he believes they can stop it, he can
keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was trying to
clear the air after making remarks about the culture of poverty. Earlier
today, the Congressman visited with members of the Congressional Black


REP. PAUL RYAN, (R) WISCONSIN: I think what were trying to accomplish here
is improving the tone of debate so that more people who were invited to
this debate, so that we do a better job of actually getting a control of
our problems with poverty


SCHULTZ: The Congressman from Wisconsin has been trying to frame himself
as a republican expert on solving. Back in March, he made this comment.


RYAN: We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in
particular of men not working and this generations of men not even thinking
about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there
is a real culture problem here that has to dealt with.


SCHULTZ: Ryan comes out as offensive and inappropriately categorized black
men struggling to overcome generations of discrimination. The Congressman
claimed that his comment has nothing to do with race.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, member of the Congressional Black
Caucus in that meeting today with us tonight here on the Ed Show. Well,
Congressman let see, generations of men not even thinking about working.
There`s a culture that is developed. Did he address that in this meeting
tonight Keith?

REP. KEITH ELLISON, (D) MINNESOTA: No. I didn`t hear him addressed it.
But the fact is he offered the same perspective that he continues to offer
which is lower taxes for big business, cut the Social Safety Net and say
that high national debt is the biggest problem. That is what he repeating.
He said that he`d been on to where to talk to people in areas where their
poverty was high and he has a lot to learn and I think he`s right about
that. But that`s essentially what he shared with us.

SCHULTZ: I mean was the Caucus expecting an apology or a thorough
explanation of just what the heck he is talking about? Because basically
his budget goes after the very people that he is categorizing as a culture
of not even looking for work.

ELLISON: Well, the point that his budget basically goes after the poor,
cuts taxes for the wealthy at the expense of the middle and working
classes, that point was very well made in the meeting. And also the point
was made that look, you know, the Black Caucus has valuable ideas about how
to really reduce poverty.

It was also brought out that about 61 percent of the poorest counties in
America are actually represented by Republicans. And so that, you know, it
actually is a republican business to help address poverty. And in poverty
that is not necessarily racialized.


ELLISON: We know that disproportionate number of people of color face
poverty. There are lot of white people are in poverty too. In this point
it was made. There were not commitments that Mr. Ryan, just sort of a
exchange of views with no real plans to go forward in a cooperative way.
Because as he did say, look we are ideologically highly divided and -- but
we`ll look for ways we can agree where we can and that`s going to how it

SCHULTZ: Was he looking for ways? Was he really looking for ways on how
to help people in poverty?

ELLISON: What I was looking for is for him to say. "Look, I don`t want to
do a lot of talking, I want to do a lot of listening what do you all think,
we need to do to address poverty and.

SCHULTZ: In an asset.

ELLISON: No. That never came up. What I got is, you know, my ideas not
speaking -- him speaking.


ELLISON: .it was that we should cut taxes and we should cut the social
safety net because we have to cut the debt. And that`s pretty much where
he was coming from. A number of people talk about his budget.


ELLISON: .in the devastation it would make on the very communities he
claims he want to help. But in terms of him accounting for his inaccurate,
a factual claim that generations of urban men don`t want to work. No, he
never did really attach that and certainly did and apologize for it.

SCHULTZ: I just want to point out that a major study conducted by Columbia
University shows that the U.S poverty rate decreased over the past half
century. Thanks to Safety Net Programs, programs.


SCHULTZ: .that Ryan thinks that people who want to protect, you know, that
he wants to cut from the budget the Safety Net. And he says that those
people are wrong. Quickly, he just -- you`re in two totally different
camps with no common ground on this, is that correct?

ELLISON: That`s what it appears to me.


ELLISON: In fact he wants to cut the -- what he called marginal tax on
poor people to make them more incentivize to work.


ELLISON: And if everybody doesn`t want to work, Americans want to work,
all Americans, all colors want to work, that`s something he needs to learn.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, good to have you with us
tonight Keith, thanks so much.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Shultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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