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The Ed Show for Thursday, November 6th, 2014

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Date: November 6, 2014

Guest: Jan Schakowsky, Bernie Sanders, Adrienne Elrod, Eric Burns

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
Live from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The need to vote (ph). (Inaudible). It`s all about
power and control (ph).

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, (R-KY) SENATE LEADER: Let me just make a prediction
for you. A week from tomorrow, I will be elected majority leader of the

REP. GREG WALDEN, (R-OR) NRCC CHAIRMAN: It maybe hundred-year majority

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s all about power and control (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Old times, Republican times.

election is a moment for reflection.


SCHULTZ: Yeah. It`s a moment of reflection.

Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

So it`s kind of like we`re back to the word trust, aren`t we?

Where do the Republicans go from here? I`ll tell you what they`re doing,
they`re dreaming. After the big win for Republicans they will now focus on
the hundred-year majority. That`s right.

If they could get it, do you think they`d go for it? Oh yeah.

The Republican Party is all about one thing, I`ve said it all along, power.
They understand it and they use it. On Wednesday, Congressman Greg Walden
who was the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee
made this very clear.


WALDEN: These were blue districts we were competing in, and we won. We
won because we had really good, talented candidates that Republicans in
those districts nominated. We worked with them closely. Barack Obama`s
agenda was on the ballot. It was a referendum. It`s historic in its
nature. We`re back to a majority as big as any of us have seen in our
lifetimes, it maybe a hundred-year majority.


SCHULTZ: The NRCC quickly backed away from Walden`s comments. His
spokesman told the Hill, "His reference to a hundred-year majority was that
it`s been nearly 100 years since we`ve seen a majority this size. He
wasn`t suggesting in any way that the majority is safe for a 100 years."

Hold on folks, that`s what they`re working for. There is no doubt
Republicans want to realize that dream of a hundred-year majority. That`s
why they`re doing everything they`re doing.

Republicans are ruthless when it comes to power. They`ll do anything to
get it. Republicans will do whatever it takes. That`s their mentality at
this point.

They`re gerrymandering districts. They passed radical voter suppression
laws. They spend unlimited amounts of their own money, their own money
putting rich people up for office, their own money to stay on power.

Case in point, Florida. Florida Governor Rick Scott, the guy spent $13
million of his own money down the stretch of the final days before the
election. How can you argue that this didn`t have impact? It was the

Scott won by just 1 percentage point. Would you like to have that on back?

Now that Republicans have the power, their plan is in motion to keep it.

Rick Scott and Scott Walker will continue their agenda of voter suppression
to hurt Democrats` chances in 2016. And it`s not the number of seats
Republicans want, OK they got the majority but it`s where they want them.

Republicans now have the demographics and they know that the demographics
are against them. They want a stranglehold on the government. They want
to be in a confiscatory situation, and the mission is to concentrate the
wealth at the top and keep it that way.

Now, don`t let them fool you with talk like this.


MCCONNELL: I think the President choosing to do a lot of things
unilaterally on immigration would be a big mistake.

It`s an issue that most of my members want to address legislatively.


SCHULTZ: Hogwash across the board.

Republicans don`t want to readdress immigration. They`ll talk about it.
It`s a complete red herring. You see Republicans won`t address immigration
because they don`t have to. They have the majority. They call the shots
now legislatively.

Why in the world would they want to pass legislation that would move a
bunch of people into the Democratic roles?

Republicans are about enforcement when it comes to immigration reform.
They`re about amnesty, not at all. It`s what their base wants, enforcement
in a low-voter total. Now Republicans, they`re not going to give an inch
on immigration. They`ll talk about it but it`s not going anywhere.

Earlier today, John Boehner in this press conference made clear his number
one priority is not immigration reform.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH), HOUSE SPEAKER: Obamacare is hurting our
economy, its hurting middle class families, and it`s hurting the ability
for employers to create more jobs.

And so, the House I`m sure at some point next year will move to repeal
Obamacare because it should be repealed and it should be replaced with
commonsense reforms. American people have made it clear they`re not for

I asked all those Democrats who lost their elections Tuesday night. A lot
of them voted for Obamacare.

So my job is not to get along with the President just to get along with
him, although we have -- actually have a nice relationship.

The fact is, my job is listen to my members and listen to the American
people and make their priorities our priorities.


SCHULTZ: So much for finding common ground and negotiating. I said on
this program last night that Republicans, they don`t want to negotiate,
they want to dictate.

Tomorrow Boehner`s and his cronies are going to be heading over to the
White House and they`re going to meet with the President. In a few walks
in there with that attitude, it`s going to be more gridlock. I hope,
unless President Obama says, "Yeah, we`ll do that. We`ll do what we want
to do."

Repealing Obamacare is red meat for the Republican base. They now think
they have mandate and it`s not killing jobs, it will add more jobs and jobs
reports come out tomorrow.

Now if Republicans really wanted to work with the President, we wouldn`t be
hearing talk like that from Boehner.

But let`s get back to immigration for just a moment. They suppressed the
vote, OK? They talked a good game on immigration but do you really think
that they would pass anything on immigration that would have Barack Obama`s
name on it? No, they`re trying to get rid of something that Barack Obama
has his name on which is health care right now. It`s not a job killer.

We`ve had 55 months of private sector job growth. What Boehner is saying
is all lies. He can`t back that up with any number or statistics and
whatsoever. Oh by the way, the market closing in a record number again

Here`s what their plan is. Their plan is to get that majority for 100
years. That`s their goal. This is what they want to do and they feel like
they`re in the position to do it.

It`s been a combination of things. Its Citizens United. It`s
gerrymandering the districts. It`s making sure that they talk about
immigration reform but never do anything about it.

Most of the people that would be affected by immigration reform would
probably walk right into the Democrats camp. So why in the world would the
Republicans do that and put Barack Obama`s name on it? It ain`t going to
happen. They have the majority. They don`t have to do it.

History changing for the conservative moment? No, they`re still the same
folks. And they`re not about any kind of amnesty, how in the world can you
do immigration reform in this country? When you have got over 20 million
undocumented workers and all of a sudden you`re going to say, "Well you got
a jump through", what are you going to do (ph), deport 20 million people?
Ain`t going to happen. So they`re going to deal with it.

They want low wages. It`s OK for them to have undocumented workers in this
country. They just don`t want anymore so they`re going to go down the road
of security. They`re going to go down the road of absolutely no amnesty
and oh by the way our right-wing caucus doesn`t want do anything (ph) with
it so we`re not going to do it. But they`ll don`t talk about it.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Can America survive a hundred-year long Republican majority?"
Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you can always go to out blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in this show.

The table is set for them to realize that dream. And think how many
liberals across this country are thinking, "You know, I really like to get
in the public service but I just don`t have the money to do it."

For more, let me bring in Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.
Congresswoman, great to have you with us tonight. Congratulations on your
reelection. Good to have you with us. Thank you.


SCHULTZ: Yeah. Is this the biggest GOP priority, to keep power not to
work with the President? And do you believe, and maybe I`m wrong but I
don`t think I am. Do you believe that they think in generational terms of
the power grab and then to hold it?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well they got to worry about the next two years because
there`s going to be a battle within the Republican Party. Are they going
to decide to govern or is the Tea Party going to continue to obstruct?

And what I heard -- the clip you played from John Boehner, they`re going to
go again for a repeal of Obamacare. Here`s what they said, McConnell and
Boehner in their op-ed today. Health cost, they continue to rise under a
hopelessly flawed law that Americans have never supported. Oh really?

That is the big lie. Health care costs have finally been under control.
Medicare is costing less than it ever has before. 10 million Americans
have health care, many for the first time in their lives.

Let them try to tell Americans, we`re going to take that health care away
from you now. I mean, that will be disaster. You talked about

If the Republicans don`t get right on immigration, they will never elect a
President of the United States again. But the right, can they really do it
given their caucus in the House and in the Senate.

So I think that the Republicans, now that they`re in charge, the Democrats
have to be ready to stand tall and push an agenda that we know the American
people like. Look at what happened on the referenda around the country.

People want to raise the minimum wage. They want background checks for
guns. They want a progressive economic agenda. And frankly, the President
has actually given them one, even Forbes said in September that this maybe
-- this is the best economic President in recent history.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Do you think the Republicans are susceptible to do in the
overreach that they would be -- so in loved with their legislative power
that they might just go too far and have a backlash from the public?

SCHAKOWSKY: I don`t think they can help themselves. They talked about
needing tax code reform. You know, I mean, really. Can they help
themselves not to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans? I doubt it
very much.

And that`s what the American people are really against. The syphoning off
of wealth in this country, meaning that, most Americans haven`t had a raise
in their generation. And if they don`t get it, the Republicans are going
to be doomed in two years.

Forget about 100 years.

SCHULTZ: So do you think that Democrats should go down the road of the
Filibusterers in the Senate, over on the Senate side and go against as much
partisan rejection over on the House? Do you think that they should take a
page out of the Republican playbook or is this going to be everybody loving
up one another and, "Oh let`s get together because you guys won this
election." What do you think is going to happen?

SCHAKOWSKY: I don`t see that. I mean, you`ve still got Ted Cruz and that
Tea Party crowd over there. It will be very -- I mean, look -- I mean, it
would be great if the Republicans decided actually to sit down and get a
few things done. But I think when they don`t and when they try to stick it
to the middle class once again in favor of the rich corporations and tax
breaks for CEOs and for big companies who shift jobs overseas and for the
oil companies...


SCHAKOWSKY: Then I think, absolutely they have to stand up and do the
filibuster. And say, look, it took 60 votes to do anything under their,
you know, when the Democrats were in charge. I can`t see why we won`t
stand up for the middle class.

SCHULTZ: And do you think they`ll get anything done on immigration or am I
wrong on that? I could be but I just don`t think they`re serious about it,
not now. I don`t think they have to. Your thoughts?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well, I think the President -- he promised that before the end
of the year that he would do something on immigration.


SCHAKOWSKY: What`s going to be the retaliation? Now, we`re not going to
hear the impeachment talk -- I mean, none of that is going to do them any
good over the next two years.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, great to have you with us
tonight. Thank you so much.

Let me bring me Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC Political Analyst and Professor
at Georgetown University. What should be the Obama reaction? What should
the President do?

Michael, tomorrow you`ve got meetings of Republicans. They`re going to be
coming over the White House. They`ve already said what they`re going to
do. How should the President react?

say, look congratulations for your victory. We understand that the people
of America have spoken but we understand two-thirds of them who were
eligible didn`t speak. So let`s not over represent what we heard here.
Let`s not think we have a mandate to undermine the economic and physical
integrity and stability of this nation that has come under the policies
that President Obama has put forward.

Now, however, you know, there`s going to be a pitched battle between the
Republicans and Democrats over, you know, the pipeline over what happens in
terms of tax reform, over trying to determine the status of -- for health
care. But the point that you`ve been making Ed is something that the
President has to understand. That is to say that the gerrymandering of
these districts on the state level has allowed Republicans to rise to the

Take for instance, in Ohio or in Pennsylvania where it went on with a
tremendous intensity. The Democrats won 44 percent of the vote and yet
they only took 5 out of 18 seats which means they only have 27 percent of
the seats that were collected and they got nearly half the vote because the
Republicans have been shrewd and determining of the state level that they
will redraw these districts to favor them.

So what has to happen is the Democrats themselves have to stop running from
the President and embrace the change and the transformation that have
occurred because he`s has been office and then gird up their loins and
figure out a way to go forward.

The President himself have said, look I`m going to work with you but I`m
not going to compromise the integrity of the American people just to prove
that I`m able to get along of the Republicans who want to really challenge
the economic and physical integrity of working class and middle class

SCHULTZ: Well, I hope the country doesn`t get amnesia and totally forget
about how these folks have worked over on the right.

The record number of filibusters, the constant obstruction that`s taking
place, the verification of the President, the negativity that`s out there,
talking down...

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: ... everything about the economy. So, do you really think now
that they have more power that they really want to find common ground, I
mean, Dr. Dyson, we`re back to the word trust, aren`t we? I mean, I trust
tomorrow night, you`re going to do a heck of a job on this show. I will be
gone, I trust you but what about trust in these guys that got all these
power right now?

DYSON: And I appreciate your trust and love your leadership but the
reality is, I don`t think I (inaudible) there, than John Boehner and Mitch

Because we know, as you pointed out here and implied very strongly, they`re
in the catbird seat as far as they`re concern right now. They`ve won and
as a result of that, they don`t feel like compromising much.

Now, the advantage of one might have is that the Tea Party is so out of
whack and such a lunatic fringe that it would allow the Republican
leadership, the traditional Republican leadership to gird up your loins but
I think, unfortunately was going to happen is that they`re going to be
reinforcing their desire to try to obstruct the President. They want to
resist, they want to try to figure out a way now to dismantle Obamacare.

So I don`t think that they`re much different that they were before, except
now, they feel they have a mandate and they can keep pointing back at the
numbers that they were able to amass in this kind of historical transition
of power.

SCHULTZ: I think they got to play that song in the White House since 5:00
somewhere and have a cocktail hour. I mean, I suppose they could start
there. The President mentioned yesterday. I mean, everything else had
work. You might as well go drinking, right?

Good to have you with us Dr. Dyson. We`ll see you tomorrow night. I
appreciate your time.

DYSON: Thank you Ed.

SCHULTZ: Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thought with us on Twitter@edshow and on Facebook. We
want to know what you think and I appreciate all your response.

Coming up, the road to the White House for Hillary Clinton just got a lot
tougher I think. What`s her election strategy now? Rapid Response Panel
weighs in on that

But first, in light of Tuesday`s sweeping election returns, Republicans
turn their focus to, yes, my favorite story, the Keystone XL Pipeline.
They say it`s a slam dunk. They want single legislation on it.

We`ll be right back. Stay with us.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nothing but net.

SCHULTZ: The number three trender, buzzer beater.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Drake basketball team got a lesson in clutch

and haven`t played since.

SCHULTZ: A college student`s last second basket nets him a new car.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Freshman Alex Tillinghast got the chance to win a
2014 Ford F-150 truck.

STEVE KARLIN, DRAKE UNIVERSITY: Look the sticker price on this thing

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get 30 second to make a lay up, a free throw and a

TILLINGHAST: I went our there with a full expectation of just embarrassing

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With just seconds to go he gave a heave.


SCHULTZ: The number two trender, dirty deeds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: AC/DC I was legendary hard rock band with a wild

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know how it is rocking and rolling and what not...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This morning they woke to find their drama with
allegedly looking for a Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

SCHULTZ: AC/DC`s drummer faces charges over a murder plot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 60-year-old Phil Rudd is charged with threatening to
kill, attempting to procure a murder and possession of drugs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The shocking charges coming just weeks before the
iconic band`s release of their 17th album.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If Rudd is sound guilty, he could stays up to 10 years
in prison.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But don`t be surprise if even after this, AC/DC
continue to rock on.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top trender, slick politics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Republicans have been given a mission. They`ve also
been given an expectation.

Obamacare repeal and replace, Keystone Pipeline pass a budget.

SCHULTZ: Republican Majority wants to make Keystone a priority.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Many experts believe that the energy policy of the
Republicans will be front and center for the party.

MCCONNELL: Employment figures connected with Keystone are stunning, if we
would just get going.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senate Republicans are pushing a bill to authorize the

OBAMA: Our energy sector is moving I`m happy to engage Republicans with
additional ideas for how we can enhance that.

MCCONNELL: When you say energy these days people think of the Keystone
Pipeline. But that`s only part of it.


SCHULTZ: Joining me tonight Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senator,
great to have you with us tonight. A colleague of yours on the other side
in the Senate, John Hogan from North Dakota where all the oil is being pump
out of the ground said that there will be over 60 supporters for a
standalone piece of legislation on Keystone. And that`s going to be one of
their first orders of business in the Senate. How can Democrats fight this
and what`s your reaction to that news?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I) VERMONT: Well I think, if you listen to what the
scientific community is saying, overwhelmingly is that climate change is
real, it is caused by human activity, its already causing devastating
problems. So my response for Senator Hogan is, listen to the scientific
community, we have got to as a nation lead the world in transforming our
energy system away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and
sustainable energy.

Frankly we will look like fools throughout the entire global economy. If
we are advocating more and more dirty oil at the same time as were talking
about the need to combat global warming. So, we have got to defeat this
Keystone Pipeline, we got to rally the American people to do it and we got
to get President Obama to be strong on this issue.

SCHULTZ: Well, speaking on the President he was asked about it yesterday
after Mitch McConnell`s press conference. Here`s what he had to say about
the Keystone XL at his press conference.


OBAMA: Our energy sector is booming and I`m happy to engage Republicans
with additional ideas for how we can enhance that. And so Keystone I just
consider as one small aspect of a broader trend that`s really positive for
the American people.


SCHULTZ: He give a much a lengthier answer than that, that`s just a
snippet of it, but your reaction to his position the way it sounds right
now Senator?

SANDERS: Look, my reaction is pretty simple. When people tell you the
Keystone is a jobs program they`re not telling you the truth. According to
the state department it will create about 2,000 jobs, construction jobs
over a two-year period and then about 50 permanent jobs. If you want a
jobs program, let`s rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure, invest a trillion
dollars in doing that and create 13 million jobs not 2,000 jobs.

So I think the answer to our energy crisis is, respect what the scientist
are saying transform our energy system, stop putting billions into energy
efficiency and into weatherization and move aggressively and win solar,
geothermal and biomass.

SCHULTZ: Are you confident Senator that the Democrats can turn the tide on
Keystone. I mean they are bound and determined to have this built. It is
Canadian oil, it`s toxic, it has to be refined in a special refinery, it`s
not going to bring our gas prices down, it`s going to be thrown out on the
world market and it`s a big risk coming through to the middle of the
country over our Aquifer.

There`s -- as I see it vertical (ph) upside OK, you`re going to move oil
either by train or by truck, by pipe, there`s accidence everywhere, it`s a
big risk to us. Do you think the Democrats can stop it?

SANDERS: Well, I certainly hope so. And we`re going to need the American
people on our side, to move aggressively in getting the Congress to say no
to this disastrous idea. You made a good point Ed, is that, this oil a
significant part of this oil is going to be exported to Asia. In fact
there are at least three separate studies including one in Cornell which
suggest that, because of the infrastructure of a refinery infrastructure
domestic prices will actually go up.

So here we are going doing something which will (inaudible) climate change,
will create a minimal amount of jobs, will enrich the companies that on the
oil fields and who do the refinery, do the refining. And at the same time
raise gas prices in the United States. This does not make a lot of sense
to me.

SCHULTZ: Senator finally, the results that came in on Tuesday night. Does
that bring you any closer to a decision or warm your heart more about a
Bernie Sanders run at the White House, a run at nomination and a run at the
White House? Does that change your thinking or enhance it in anyway.

SANDERS: Well, there`s nothing about Tuesday night that warmed my heart
Ed. That was a disastrous night. You know, we are reaching out all over
the country to try to ascertain what kind of support there is, for a
campaign that takes on the enormously powerful billionaire class. I mean
were not just taking about Koch brothers you`re talking about Wall Street
and the oil companies, all of these guys.

Can we in fact take them on to a strong grassroots movement? And I`m just
talking to people all over the country to kind of figure out what kind of
support there is there for that type of campaign.

SCHULTZ: Senator Bernie Sanders, good to have you with us tonight. I
appreciate you time, thanks so much.

Coming up, the Clinton team is already talking strategy. Rapid Response
Panel weighs in on the Clinton plan for 2016.

Plus, breaking news of the Adrian Peterson case. Keep it here more of the
Viking running back coming up.

But next I`m taking your question Ask Ed Live just ahead here on the Ed
Show, we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, love hearing from our viewers. In
our Ask Ed segment tonight our first question comes from Ronand Deborah.

OK, "How long do you think it will take before Americans realize the
Republican Wave was a big mistake?"

SCHULTZ: Honestly, about 60 day, really. I don`t think it be much longer
in. We won`t be to far into the New Year before people say, "What is going

Next Question if from Steven. "Do you expect Democrats in the senate to
filibuster as often as the Republican did?"

SCHULTZ: No, I don`t. Now I do think that there will be some filibusters,
but there won`t be a record. And I don`t think it will be anywhere near as
many filibusters as what the Republicans did. What the Democrats are going
to say is, we`re opposed to this but we`re going to vote for it because you
have legislative power. By the way Mr. President can you pull out your
veto pen on this one?

I think there going to send a lot of stuff to the President to go along
with it and make the President to be President.

Stick around Rapid Response Panel is next.

Market Wrap.

Stocks hit new highs. The Dow jumps about 70 points, so another record.
The S&P add 7 to close at a new peak as well. The NASDAQ up by 17 points.

The number of Americans filling for first time jobless claim dropped more
than expected last week, filling fell by 10,000 to 278,000.

And Bank of America shares are moving lower after hours. The company says
Q3 results are lower than previously reported due to higher legal fees.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. It`s going to be all hands on desk
for the Democratic donor class. In the aftermath of Tuesday`s results,
liberal donors are turning their attention to the 2016 presidential
contest. They don`t have any time to waste. Democratic Super PACs are
ready to back a White House bid by Hillary Clinton.


through the phone, the doors, e-mail, whatever it takes.


SCHULTZ: Interesting comment, reach everybody. Priorities USA action
would be the advertising vehicle for a Clinton run, a spokesman for the big
money Super PAC said it will not begin collecting contributions unless and
until Clinton announces her candidacy

The Clinton folks are going to have to reexamine their approach for 2016 as
I see it. Hillary`s campaign in 2008 was exclusive and nonresponsive. You
know, lighten up a little bit, talk to everybody. There can`t be any
Democratic clubs or any media clubs or march (ph) people that you simply
would not talk to because it might hurt you. That`s how the Clinton
campaign was run on 2008 as I remember it. Its gong to have to be all
hands on deck, you know, what I mean?

Joining me tonight in a Rapid Response Panel Adrienne Elrod who is the
Communication Director of Correct the Record and she also work for Hillary
Clinton in 2008. And also with us -- and worked for Bill Clinton as well
on White House, also with us tonight Eric Burns Democratic Strategist and
founder of Bullfight Strategies. Good to have both you with us.


SCHULTZ: Am I assume that the -- you bet. Adrienne let me ask you first.
Am I assume that a Clinton candidacy would be different from what we saw in

ELROD: Look Ed, I actually disagree with you with what you just said, I
mean she run a very inclusive campaign last time. And if she runs for
president again this time, she`ll run a very inclusive campaign as well.
She attracted the support of men, women, seniors, veterans, folks from all
across the country last time. It was very competitive primary. Based on,
you know, an array of issue but if she runs for president again, she will
run a very inclusive campaign as he did last time.

SCHULTZ: Well, I`m not trying to make the case that liberal talk radio in
America was so penetrating that it made any kind of difference. But there
is a base out there. And Barack Obama was all over it, Hillary Clinton
wasn`t. And I know that a lot of liberal talkers in this country and
there`s about 50 of us across the country who felt like Hillary wasn`t
connect, so that`s where my comment comes from on that.

And it was almost like there was certain clubs that -- in the media that
certainly were on touchable. Deal with Mark Pana (ph) I believe the guys
name when he was completely impossible for liberal media. Now that`s my
take. So, if it`s going to be that way for 2016 with Hillary, she`s going
to have problems with the left. I want your thoughts on this Eric what do
you think?

this point and I don`t disagree with her. But I think that you`re right.
I tend to kind of fall where you are, and then I like to see some
differences in the way that she runs his campaign. And I think that there
will be. I think that Mrs. Secretary Hillary Clinton and her folks, you
know, understand that they`ve get her. The best asset that they have is
the candidate, is Secretary Clinton.

And for her when the moments that she`s out and she`s personal and she`s
herself, and she`s accessible, is when she`s just electric, she`s dynamic
and I think -- and if they run a campaign that way then she`s be

SCHULTZ: I believe that to.

ELROD: I couldn`t agree more with what Eric just said, and look we`re
looking forward not backward, that`s what the American people want. And
again, I mean just demonstrating how overwhelmingly popular Hillary Clinton
is. She made 45 stops between September and Election Day for Democrats
across the country.

So, again we`re looking forward, and Hillary Clinton if she runs for
President will run a campaign based on the issues that matter to all

SCHULTZ: I don`t disagree with that, I don`t think there`s any doubt and
there`s no question that they had a work ethic. Both the Clintons had a
work ethic, was unparalleled in trying to get the Democrats to get more
power legislatively in this country. Now what about the backers and Super
PACs Adrienne, did Tuesday night mean anything at all, what do you think?

ELROD: Well, you know, first of all, let me just tell you this. When
Correct The Record, where I work was formed a year ago, there were already
12 Super PACs and filed with FEC with the sole intent of taking down

So, you know, we`ve been working hard to try to raise money, to make sure
that we can push back against, you know, anything, anybody who distorts her
record out there and there`s a lot of money out there that`s trying to
distort her record, number one. And number two you`re just seeing a
massively unprecedented effort around an unannounced candidate, potential
candidate for President.

Ready for Hillary has raised, you know, tons of money from tens of
thousands of donors, most of those donations under $50 from across the
country. So, again you`re just seeing a really massive support for someone
who`s not -- who`s not an announced candidate and it`s really unifying the
Democratic Party going into 2016.

BURNS: And Ed, If I can just jump in and say, on what Adrienne is saying
that, you know, that we`ve seen already or we talking about the 2016, you
know, campaign just having began, your right they`re been going after
Hillary Clinton for the last two years, very, very -- and very, very
focused and direct and aggressive way which is why I think Correct The
Record and organizations alike (ph) are so critically important.

But I think Adrienne`s right and that they`re coming from the right places,
it`s coming from not just inside Washington, yes a lot of big money folks
but there are a lot of small dollar folks and a lot of people, they`re
really, really passionate about seeing Hillary Clinton become the first
woman president in this country. And so I think it`s great...

SCHULTZ: Does the clock change Adrienne? Does the clock change because of
what happened on Tuesday? I mean is it still going to be like, the
traditional time when most people step out and say, "Hey, I want to be
president what do you think?"

ELROD: Well I mean first of all Ed, we all know Election Day was two days
ago, Election Day 2014 so, you know, we just came off of it, of an
election. You know, number two, I don`t think the clock has changed. I
think there`s a lot of outside groups out there that are possibly trying to
change the clock.

But look, again if she runs for president she`ll make this decision in her
own time and I`m confident that if she runs and win and if she announces,
that timeline will be on one that works for her.

SCHULTZ: What`s your advice to Hillary Clinton Eric?

BURNS: My advice would be to get out there and run for president like
you`re running for a city council. And I`ve said that many times to many
friends and what I mean by that is just be Hillary Clinton, be yourself,
because when she is herself she`s fantastic and people really connect with
her emotionally on a personal level.

I feel like that`s what was missing maybe a little bit, if anything was in
2008 and I`ve watched her do it, you know, number of times in the last year
or so and I think that is the key and I think -- I hope that they`re going
to do that.

SCHULTZ: Adrienne Elrod, Eric Burns great to have you with us tonight,
appreciate your time on this, thanks so much.

We have breaking news on Adrian Peterson, that case, keep it here. We`ll
have it all for you right here on the Ed Show. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, chapped, Dr. Chaps, Cory Gardner
wasn`t the only tea bag Colorado dropped to the water on Election Day,
there`s another elected official who goes by the name Dr. Chaps. Meet
Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.


begin? It actually begins before conception in the mind and heart of God.

And if they can`t enter the congregation of the Lord, they certainly
shouldn`t be allowed to enter the ladies bathroom. Here`s my thesis,
Obamacare causes cancer. It doesn`t matter what your skin color is, it
matters what`s inside of your heart. And if your heart is full of
corruption or sin or immorality, in this case homosexuality, then you
should be discriminated against.


SCHULTZ: The hatemongering Chaplain just won a seat in the Colorado House
of Representatives, you might remember him as a guest right here on the Ed


SCHULTZ: Is it really Christ-like to take health care away from Americans
that should have healthcare that will save their life?

KLINGENSCHMITT: Well actually Obamacare takes health care away from -- a
$0.5 billion was taken from old people, from Medicare to fund, you know,


KLINGENSCHMITT: ... who refused to get jobs.


SCHULTZ: I know first hand what Colorado signed up for, it won`t be
pretty. The chaplain goes to the State House in Colorado but if
Klingenschmitt thinks he represents anything but bigotry, he can keep on


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, some football news tonight. Moments
ago Nike announced that they have terminated their contract with Minnesota
Viking running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson plead no contest to a
misdemeanor on Tuesday.

He accepted a $4,000 fine and 80 hours of community hours. The Viking`s
running back faced felony, child abuse charges which was supposed to have a
sentence to it. Peterson disciplined his child with a switch at his Texas
home last summer.

The Viking`s running back, plead to a lesser charge and now wants to put
the incident behind him.


full responsibility for my actions, I love my son more than anyone of you
could even imagine and I`m looking forward to -- and I`m anxious to
continue my relationship with my child.


SCHULTZ: The mother of the child says, she`s ready to move on as well. In
a statement she expressed her confidence in Peterson as a parent. The
mother said she has no interest in Peterson`s career being harmed. She
hopes the NFL will not impose additional punishment. Peterson`s lawyer
hopes that the running back will be back on the field within a month.


are they really going to say they know better what already happened here
than the criminal justice system? I am hoping that they will accept what
happened here as the appropriate disposition of this case.


SCHULTZ: The NFL says a plea agreement doesn`t mean a green light for the
running back. The NFL will review Adrian`s case against their personal
conduct policy before making a recommendation and sending it on to the
commissioner of the NFL and that process could take weeks. Peterson`s
future will be in the hands of the Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I`m joined again tonight by Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC political analyst and
professor at George Town University.

Dr. Dyson $4,000 fine and 80 hours of community service, is this the short
arm of justice? What do you think?

DYSON: Well, you know, it was the appropriate response that the judge
felt, in light of the fact that this was his first offense, he doesn`t have
a previous criminal record. But in the court of human opinion and in the
court of popular perception it may be a difficult way to go.

Clearly if the mother of the child has indicated that she thinks that
Adrian Peterson has done enough, if you will, of time by being denied
opportunity to be on the football field and more important of learning that
this is not the appropriate way to handle your child`s discipline.

And I think that, you know, the most important consideration here is the
child. The most important consideration is that Mr. Peterson understand
that there is a vicious consequence to this kind of violence, assault upon
one`s child and at the same time if he`s paid his due before the court then
the NFL has to, in one sense decide what will occur here and Roger Goodell
is in a difficult situation.

Were it not for the Ray Rice situation, I think that what happened the
other day with Adrian Peterson would stand, he would be given time, served
so to speak and then set free to run on the field. I think it`s a lot more
complicated than that right now.

SCHULTZ: It is complicated. And the mother didn`t report to authorities,
it was the doctor...

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: ... who said that there were injuries and -- injuries to the
child consistent with child abuse.

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: ... which was a professional opinion on this.

DYSON: Sure, absolutely.

SCHULTZ: And this was a huge story in the NFL weeks ago. How is the
league going to -- really maintain its credibility if in a month they say,
"OK Adrian come on back." Can they do that and make it work?

DYSON: Yes I doubt that it would be that simple. Because Roger Goodell
has to weigh the impact on the child`s life and to discourage future -- you
know, future if you will discipliners of their children in acting in such a
bold fashion. I think that he`s in new territory here because he`s dealt
with the abuse of dogs, he`s dealt with the abuse of women, he`s dealt with
the abuse of other men, even so to speak but not with the abuse of a child.

And so, they`re to chart new territory here and Roger Goodell has to be
careful, on the one hand he wants to send a strong signal that it is not
acceptable to treat your child in such a fashion. And on the other hand he
doesn`t want to overplay his hand so that he ends up getting, you know,
brought before the judge and jury of the NFL so to speak, the same way he`s
being brought to bear now to interview and give a deposition in the case of
Ray Rice.

So you`ve got to balance the consideration of what he is setting here as a
president and also establishing a just response to Adrian Peterson and the
protection of not only his child but all children of the NFL players.

SCHULTZ: What do you make of Nike`s action? I mean Nike is one of the
most high profile sport sponsors in the entire industry of professional
sports in dealing with athletes. They made a decision they terminated the
deal -- that`s the decision they make and why wouldn`t the NFL do that?

DYSON: Well absolutely right, I mean clearly Nike has said, "This is not
the kind of association, the image of somebody who is brutalizing a
vulnerable four-year-old child who is incapable of defending himself." Now
others on the other side will say, "Wait a minute you`re going too far
here, this man was disciplining his child, we know it was wrong, we know it
was offensive, we know it now amounts to what has been considered child
abuse but let`s not pile on him and pretend that he`s the only person in
the country to do so."

So, I get that argument but at the same time the reality is, is that you
have the benefit of being a superstar in the NFL and the millions of
dollars that are accrued to you as a result of your extraordinary fame, you
got to also pay the price so to speak for being representative and symbolic
of another group of people who are offended and that is children.

And there are very few people here to speak for the child. People speak on
behalf of women as they should. People speak up on behalf of dogs, we know
Peter and others are out there, but those who speak up on behalf of the
children are far sparser, are far sparse, far more sparse. So, the reality
is, is that Nike said, "We will not tolerate the kind of association of our
image with this kind of reprehensible behavior and they`ve spoken in very
bottom line commercial fashion."

SCHULTZ: Well time and space and a good lawyer can do a lot of things. I
mean when this story broke out there was conversation that this guy would
never put on a uniform again. There was conversation that the Vikings
would never have him back, that he`d be gone. And now it`s $4,000 and
basically two weeks, two 40-hour weeks of community service. The Viking
player, some of them that they want him to come back.

DYSON: Right.

SCHULTZ: It`s pretty -- I think it`s a pretty amazing turn around and it`s
one to watch there`s no question about that. Missing the season would be
appropriate, that`s what I would say, plus the guy has...

DYSON: Sure.

SCHULTZ: ... gotten paid all year long. Dr. Dyson thanks for doing the
show, tomorrow night I appreciate it. I will be on outdoor assignment as
they call it.

That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz.

PoliticsNation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now.

Good evening Rev.


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