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All In With Chris Hayes, Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Date: January 29, 2015
Guest: Michael Steele, Sam Seder, Jess McIntosh, Josh Barro

MATTHEWS: Please join us tomorrow night at 7:00 Eastern right here on

"ALL IN" with Chris Hayes starts now.

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC ANCHOR: Welcome to a very special edition of ALL IN.
There are so many people jockeying around in 2016 it`s getting hard to keep
track of. Well, tonight we found a way.


ANNOUNCER: 2016, so close yet so far away. This is the story of 25 men
and women who may or may not be running for president of America. The
select few, brave enough, bold enough, friends with Sheldon Adelson enough.

Twenty-five will enter but only one will arrive at 1600 Pennsylvania
Avenue. That`s where the White House is.

This is the ALL IN "2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft."


HAYES: Good evening from New York. I`m Chris Hayes. And welcome to the
ALL IN "2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft."

We`ve got a live studio audience and five political expert contestants here
tonight who will be draft the field of the 25 -- yes, that`s right, 25
Republicans and Democrats most likely to make a run for the office of
president of the United States in 2016.

Now there are actually even more than 25, but we only have an hour here.
So here is how this is going to work.

Through five rounds of drafting, each of our players will do the roster of
candidates. We want to keep score for the next year and a half, checking
at important milestones to see how they do in the run-up to the 2016
election. The scoring will go as follows. Take note. Your team will win
100 points if your candidate officially announces a run for president. 200
points for every sanctioned debate they participate in. 300 points if they
make it to the Iowa caucuses which holy lord are still an entire year away.

Five hundred points if they win any state primary, 750 points if they win
their party`s nomination, and 1,000 points if they win the presidential
election in November 8th, 2016, otherwise known as five times as much as
every debate.

We`ll also give you a bonus 500 if one of your team becomes a VP candidate
on anyone else`s ticket. Whoever`s team of our five contestant racks up
the most points by election night will win the title. A president of the -
- no, will win the title of ALL IN`s Political Fantasy Draft and this
fabulous speedboat.

So now obviously the longer your candidate last in the campaign the better
chance you have to win. And so there are some draft picks which are going
to be way better than others, and really one who is better than any of
them, which is why we`ve decided to mix it up a little bit and make this a
blind draft.

So behind each of these 25 numbers you see here as a candidate who is
likely to attempt to run for president, plus two whammy candidates to keep
it interesting.

In each round our players will pick a number and we`ll find out who they`ve
drafted. Maybe you will get Hillary Clinton. Maybe you will get someone
else. If you pick one of the whammy candidate at the end of that round,
you`ll be able to choose to either keep that candidate or force a trade for
any candidate from any other player`s existing roster.

OK, got it? Let`s meet our players.


HAYES: Joy Reid, host of "THE REID REPORT" right here on MSNBC. Sam
Seder, host of "The Majority Report with Sam Seder." Michael Steele,
former RNC chairman. Jess McIntosh, spokesperson for EMILY`s List, and
Josh Barro of the very agast, keeper of record, "New York Times."

Let`s hear it for our players.


HAYES: Now behind the scenes, our producers used cutting-edge coin flip
technology to randomly determine the first pick. Joy Reid was the winner.

All right. Before we get to you, Joy. Sam you walked in here, you got
some complaints about the rules. Have at it.

realize this is going to be a blind draft, so I spent a lot of time ranking
the likelihood of victory for the candidates. And now I`ve had to go back

HAYES: All that work is useless.

SEDER: Well, I`ve -- actually I have go back and I`ve now rated the random
numbers. So for instance --


Nine is actually my --


HAYES: I like nine. The thing you didn`t realize is that in an Obama
socialist America we do not award points based on individual effort or
talent. It`s randomly distributed by the state. Take all with courtesy.

SEDER: Well, I think we should all get those little mini boats., too,

HAYES: Yes. Everyone. Everyone.

SEDER: Yes, of course. Yes.

HAYES: Michael Steele, this is a little like, not quite as important to
ask but a little like being RNC chairman.

MICHAEL STEELE, FORMER RNC CHAIRMAN: Yes. It`s a lot like it as a matter
of fact. You know, I`m sitting here thinking, you know, Christine
O`Donnell could be my candidate on that board so why not? It happened in
2010. It could happen again.

HAYES: That literally happened to you.

STEELE: Literally yes.

HAYES: Someone more or less took a name off a board.

STEELE: And gave it -- hey, this is a nominee, go out and fight for her.

HAYES: So you`ve got an inside -- it worked.

STEELE: I just want to know why you were laughing when you introduced me
as RNC chairman.

HAYES: Well, I just -- I think it`s amazing that someone who used to
actually --

STEELE: You see the humor in that.

HAYES: -- ran important things in American politics is standing here with

STEELE: This is what happens when you lose.


HAYES: Reince, we`re coming for you next.

OK, Joy Reid.


HAYES: You get the first pick. What number are you feeling lucky about?

REID: All right. Chris, unlike Sam Seder, I`m going to use my patented
power ball selection methodology.


REID: It means total and complete randomness, which has served me so well
economically so far. And I`m going to go with number 22.

HAYES: Number 22.


HAYES: Feeling lucky on the big board, number 22. Here it is. First pick
of the 2016 ALL Fantasy Candidate Draft.


ANNOUNCER: George Pataki. That`s P-A-T-A-K-I. Look it up. He`s the
former governor of New York. George Pataki.


HAYES: Here`s the benefit to George Pataki.



HAYES: Living human being.

REID: He`s alive.

HAYES: American citizen.

REID: Yes.

HAYES: Over the age of 35. Could actually run for president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s also very tall.

HAYES: He`s also very tall.

REID: Yes. Yes.

HAYES: So I think you`re looking at, at least, you know, between zero and
100 points.

REID: Well, I only have one question. Can I trade him now or do I have to
wait like --

HAYES: No, no, no. See this? Now you understand the importance of a
whammy when you get a George Pataki.

REID: Yes.

HAYES: That`s when the drama heightens.

Sam Seder, you`re next. What are you going to go on the big board?

SEDER: Well, I have the number nine, rated number one for me, and so I
would like number nine.

HAYES: Yes. The only -- I believe, the only cubed number on the board
except for eight. Number nine, here we go. And it is -- we got a whammy.


ANNOUNCER: Oh, I`m terribly sorry, you`ve got Sarah Palin.


HAYES: Sarah Palin. Sam`s teleprompter. Not a very strong candidate.
However, you`re in luck. Because that`s a whammy, so at the end of this
round you`re going to be able to trade for any candidate you want and
they`ll take Sarah Palin.

SEDER: And I will tell you I`m going to do that.


HAYES: I can tell you already have your eyes on P-A-T-A-K-I.

REID: Amen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She could announce for the presidency multiple times,

HAYES: That`s so true. That is so true.


REID: And if there are extra foreign policy points, because Russia is
going to love it because she sees them.


HAYES: All right. So we got one whammy done. Michael Steele?


HAYES: Feeling lucky, buddy?

STEELE: This is all about Washington, right?


STEELE: And this is all about the White House, right?


STEELE: It`s all about the 1600 --

HAYES: Sixteen.

STEELE: So it`s 16, baby.

HAYES: Sixteen, baby.

STEELE: Sixteen.

HAYES: Are we ready, get in here? And -- Bobby Jindal.


ANNOUNCER: Bobby Jindal.

GOV. BOBBY JINDAL (R), LOUISIANA: Good evening, and happy Mardi Gras.

ANNOUNCER: He`s Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal.


STEELE: A sign of good things to come.

HAYES: OK. Seriously, for a second, not really seriously, but pretend
seriously that Bobby Jindal was once thought a very credible guy. Road
scholar, ran the state`s health system at the age of 28 or something like
that. Now seems skeptical about things like evolution. What`s the story?

STEELE: Hey, look, at the end of the day, he`ll work that out. But he
just needs to just announce, and go to Iowa, and then we`ll see.

HAYES: Participate in lots of debates.

STEELE: Participate in lots of debates.

HAYES: Do you think he will? Do you think he will?

STEELE: I think he will, yes. I think he will. And he`s good VP
material. So.

REID: Well, you could always (INAUDIBLE) he might believe in witchcraft.

HAYES: Minus 500 points. All right. Jess McIntosh, what are you feeling
lucky about on the board here?

JESS MCINTOSH, SPOKESPERSON, EMILY`S LIST: I`m going to go right smack in
the middle. And start with four.

HAYES: Number four. Number four. No big names out yet. No big names out
yet. Find me a big one. Let`s see what we got. Familiar territory.


ANNOUNCER: Jeb Bush. His father was President Bush, his brother was
President Bush, and now he wants to be President Bush.

BARBARA BUSH, FORMER FIRST LADY: We`d had enough Bush`s.

ANNOUNCER: Sorry, mother, it`s time for another. He is former Florida
Governor Jeb Bush.


HAYES: I think that`s -- give it up for Jess McIntosh. I think there is a
real strong consensus, you`ve got the Bush joining joined your network,
which is Legion. You`ve got the Bush last name which is the Bush last
name. You`ve got -- you`ve got a lot of people thinking this is a
consensus front runner at least --

MCINTOSH: I`m really looking forward to Sam taking my candidate.

HAYES: Yes. Exactly. I think you just -- I think you`ve lucked yourself
into Sarah Palin now.

MCINTOSH: Awesome. You know what, I kind of wanted her anyway. Let`s do

HAYES: Sam, what`s your thoughts. You`re going to --

SEDER: No, I don`t actually have Bush --


HAYES: Josh Barro, use your technology from the "New York Times," a very
fancy pants newspaper. What are you going to choose here?

JOSH BARRO, NEW YORK TIMES: Well, I think people have been overthinking
this. I want the number one candidate, right?


BARRO: I will take number one.

HAYES: Genius. Genius. Josh Barro, a genius. Number one is Scott


ANNOUNCER: Scott Walker. They call him Mr. Unrecallable. Winner of three
elections in four years, never mind how many staffers went to jail.

He`s Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.


HAYES: That is big. That is big.


HAYES: Scott Walker right now. I`d like to say, we`re having a Scott
Walker moment in this country, I think, after his performance in Iowa.
There`s lots of buzz. Lots of people very excited. He kind of did his
father -- his father was a Baptist preacher. He did his Baptist preacher
routine at the lectern.

BARRO: He`s sort of having a moment, but, you know, I wouldn`t overstate
it too much. I would say, for example, Jeb Bush looks like a really
formidable candidate.


BARRO: For the Republican nomination, so if I were deciding between Scott
Walker and Jeb Bush --

HAYES: I see what you`re doing there, Josh.

BARRO: I would probably go with Jeb Bush.

HAYES: I see what you`re doing there.

All right, whammy pick. We`ve got to do the whammy pick. Sam?


HAYES: Who are you taking?


SEDER: Josh wants me to take Jeb Bush. I`m going with Scott Walker.

HAYES: He got Scott Walker. You got Sarah Palin. Strong whammy pick. We
still have Hillary Clinton on the board and another whammy. So don`t go
anywhere, America.


ANNOUNCER: In 2008, the glass slipper was a perfect fit on the kid from
Hawaii. But will 2016 be another Cinderella story or will the clock strike
12? The ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Draft continues next.



HAYES: Round one of our very first ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft, 20
candidates still on the boards up for grabs. Let us know who you`d want
your fantasy in 2016 candidate roster and why by tweeting us at All IN WITH
CHRIS, #2016Draft. Round two just moments away.


HAYES: We are back with the ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft.

Sam Seder, you`ve got the first pick in round two. You`ve just had a big
powerful move, grabbed Scott Walker from the touches of one Josh Barro. He
is on your team. He is right now having a moment. Next pick.

SEDER: Well, I have number seven ranked number two. And I`m going with
number seven this round hoping for another whammy.

HAYES: Yes. Interesting. Interesting. Articulating your strategy.
Number seven ranked number two, and the imitation game like machinations.
And --


ANNOUNCER: Lindsey Graham. If you like John McCain, then you`re going to
love Lindsey Graham.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), Arizona: My illegitimate son Lindsey Graham is
exploring that option.

ANNOUNCER: He`s a southern hawk from the home of the game cocks. And if
you`ve got a war, he is for it.

Put your hands together for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.


HAYES: Sam, my man, your reaction to Lindsey Graham.

SEDER: Not happy with that. He`s more of a whammy pick without actually
being a whammy.


HAYES: He`s just right in the level right above whammy but not quite
whammy which is the worst level to be at.

SEDER: Yes. I had him ranked 20 out of 25.

HAYES: Yes. You think he`s -- the only person that seems to want him to
run is John McCain, not Lindsey Graham.

SEDER: Yes. I don`t he`s got -- I don`t he`s going to declare it.

HAYES: OK. You`re screwed on that. Michael Steele -- what number you got
for me?

STEELE: Let`s just make it 15.

HAYES: Fifteen.

STEELE: Because that`s before 16.

HAYES: That`s right. I like your strategy. I like your choices. This is
how you ran the RNC. OK. Ready? And we got Santorum.

ANNOUNCER: Rick Santorum, the sweater vest day are over. He`s back with a
new look and probably some new ideas, we`re really not sure. All I know
is, don`t Google him.

He`s former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.


STEELE: That`ll work. That`ll work.

HAYES: You got it? You`ll take it?

STEELE: Yes. That`s going to have some legs.

HAYES: Will Rick Santorum appear in any debates or not?


HAYES: He will?


HAYES: You heard it here first. On the record.

STEELE: Many. Rick, I`m calling you, baby. Many.

HAYES: OK. Jess McIntosh, what you got for me here.

MCINTOSH: All right. Because I`m clearly in the lead based on great skill
at this game.

HAYES: Yes. You`ve got Jeb Bush.

MCINTOSH: I`m confident about number 11.

HAYES: Number 11, here we go. Jeb Bush, she`ll be adding to your roster
with -- who are you going to get? Ben Carson.

MCINTOSH: That`s tough.


ANNOUNCER: Ben Carson. He`s a retired world class neurosurgeon.
Recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom. And says Obamacare is the
worst thing since slavery.

He is Dr. Ben Carson.


MCINTOSH: You know, don`t applaud that. There`s no need to applaud that.
The last time that Republicans had this many people in their primary field,
everybody got to run-up and take a turn in the spotlight and I`m hoping
that Ben gets to do that, too.

HAYES: Ben Carson is going to with the state. You heard it here first.

STEELE: There you go.

HAYES: He`s not going to win a state. But he will run. He will run for

MCINTOSH: He will win a news cycle.

HAYES: And will be in debates. All right. Josh Barro, what do you got?

BARRO: Are there any Democrats on this board?

HAYES: There are.


HAYES: Just haven`t turned up.


HAYES: Not as many as Republicans.


HAYES: If you`ve been following the news. Josh Barro.

BARRO: I`m going to keep with my strategy which almost worked last time
and go with number two.

HAYES: Nice. Strong strategizing here. And adding to your roster will be
Ted Cruz.

ANNOUNCER: Ted Cruz. He is the junior senator from Texas by way of
Saskatoon. He will shut down your government on a boat, in a tree, or with
a goat.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: Would you like them in the house? Would you
like them with a mouse?

ANNOUNCER: He is Texas Senator Ted Cruz.


HAYES: For the record, they`re saying Cruz, not boo.

Josh Barro, your reaction.

BARRO: So now I have Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, I`m really nailing it.

HAYES: I think that`s quite a ticket.


BARRO: Oh my god. This is a 50-state strategy ticket.


HAYES: I think they could get all the electoral votes.

BARRO: Yes. I think -- you know, I think in Vermont it`s going to be
close but they`re going to pull it out.

HAYES: But aside from that. OK. You are, I think, definitely behind now.
So Joy Reid.

REID: All right. Well, so far I have the nondescript governor of a non-
swing state, and I think that the Sarah Palin whammy is gving me --

HAYES: Former governor. Like former governor.

REID: Former governor long time ago.


REID: Yes, P-A-T--A-K-I, and I think the Sarah Palin whammy is giving me
the stink-eye. SO I`m going to double down on my poor luck and go with 13.

HAYES: I like it, I like it, this is --


HAYES: A little "Moneyball" strategy here, and you`ve got Jim Webb.


ANNOUNCER: Jim Webb. He is the dark horse candidate from the commonwealth
of Virginia. He`s a Vietnam veteran and former secretary of the Navy.
Give it up for former Virginia senator, Jim Webb.


REID: Yes. I`m OK with it. I`m OK with it because I think Jim Webb
actually will run, if for no other reason than to set himself up to
potential be vice president, and in his mind to pull Hillary Clinton back
to the right as Elizabeth Warren is pulling her to the left.

HAYES: Jim Webb, making the rounds. Jim Webb takes himself so seriously
we couldn`t come up with a single joke.

REID: That`s right.

HAYES: That`s Jim Webb.


HAYES: There were no whammies -- try (INAUDIBLE). There were no whammies
this round. So all of you have two. I would say, I don`t know, I think
Sam just got the Walker and Lindsey Graham situation. But I think the
Walker still put him in the lead. You`ve got Jeb Bush and who else do you

MCINTOSH: Ben Carson.

HAYES: Yes. So --


HAYES: Not much there. All right.

We still got Hillary Clinton and another whammy on the board. So don`t go
anywhere, much more to come.

ANNOUNCER: Don`t go anywhere, America. The ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate
Draft is just heating up.


HAYES: We are back with the ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft. We got
one Democrat who came out. Jim Webb. He`s off the board. Hillary Clinton
is still there. Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, two big front runners are out.

And Michael Steele, you have the first pick of the third round. Michael
Steele --

STEELE: Got the con.

HAYES: Where are you going? Where are you going?

STEELE: You like that, huh?

HAYES: What is speaking to you?

STEELE: I`m feeling a little 21.

HAYES: Twenty-one.

STEELE: Twenty-one.

HAYES: Twenty-one.

STEELE: Twenty-one.

HAYES: Blackjack.

STEELE: There you go, baby, 21. Come on, Vegas.

HAYES: Will it be --


HAYES: Bernie Sanders.


ANNOUNCER: Bernie Sanders, he`s the independent Senator from Vermont by
way of Brooklyn, New York. He`s a friend of the show, but is America ready
for another socialist president?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.



STEELE: Just, just not feeling 21.


HAYES: Not feeling it?

STEELE: Not feeling 21, but --

HAYES: I think this is huge. Y-O-O-G-E. Huge.

STEELE: Huge. Go ahead.

HAYES: He`s going to run. He`ll run.

STEELE: He`ll run.

HAYES: He will certainly run.

STEELE: So I get -- I get 100 points for that.

HAYES: Yes. He`s going to be in debates. It`s going to be a little hard
for Bernie Sanders to win a state.

BARRO: He`s going to be in debates, though.

STEELE: He`s in debates.

HAYES: Unless we clone every voter in America with Chris Hayes.

Jess McIntosh, what`s your --

MCINTOSH: All right.

HAYES: What`s your number?

MCINTOSH: We`re going for the 45th president, so I`m going pick 17.


HAYES: Heck of a logic. Figure it out, 17, prime number. Will it deliver
for Jess McIntosh? Joe Biden.



ANNOUNCER: Joe Biden. From the hard scrabble city of Scranton,
Pennsylvania. Over three decades in the Senate. He`s the VP who`s a BFD,
and he`s ready to run the USA.

JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT: I promise you the president has a big stick.

ANNOUNCER: Vice President Joe Biden.



HAYES: BFD. That`s a BFD right there.


HAYES: Jess McIntosh, what`s your roster looking like right now? You`ve
got -- you`ve got Jeb Bush and Joe Biden, and Ben Carson.

MCINTOSH: And Ben Carson.

HAYES: That`s a -- you`ve have a strong record.

MCINTOSH: I`m doing all right. This is personally tough for me, though,
because I think Joe Biden should be VP for life. Like Republican-Democrat,
you get Joe.


MCINTOSH: I think we should write it into the constitution.

HAYES: Could happen. And (INAUDIBLE) was very happy.

Josh Barro, are you going to keep going with your logic here?

BARRO: No. I`m looking at this board, I see, you know, Lindsey Graham,
Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, bingo. Number eight.

HAYES: Number eight. Do the diagonal number eight. Deliver for Josh
Barro, he needs it.


HAYES: Carly Fiorina. The studio audience --


ANNOUNCER: Carly Fiorina. She was the CEO of a company that makes
printers and now she is ready to take on the paper jam in Washington, D.C.

Don`t sleep on the demon sheep, it`s Carly Fiorina.



BARRO: You know, I -- I said in the break I was hoping for Carly Fiorina.
I was joking but apparently I was taken seriously. But I -- you know,
she`ll be good. I think her first act as president will be to overpay for
compact. And we`ll go from there.

HAYES: That`s an MNA joke for you kids out there.


Very good, Josh Barro. The studio audience just not very strong feelings
about Carly Fiorina.


(INAUDIBLE) up, same with the voters. Joy Reid?

REID: Well, you know, I`m a little jealous of Jess because she got two of
the candidates whose names I write with just their first names and
exclamation after it. You got Jeb and Joe.


REID: I`m a little down, I think I`m just going to go for the lowest
number on the board strategy to -- you know, explain my sadness.

HAYES: Number three.

REID: Three. Yes.

HAYES: Another prime number.

REID: Yes.

HAYES: Great. Will it deliver for Joy? Rick Perry.


ANNOUNCER: Rick Perry. He`s got three good reasons to run, but can only
remember two.

GOV. RICK PERRY (R), TEXAS: What`s the third one there? Let`s see.

ANNOUNCER: The former governor of the Lone Star State is back, but this
time he`s got four eyes on the prize.

PERRY: The day has been awesome, girl.

ANNOUNCER: He`s former Texas Governor Rick Perry.


REID: Well, you know --

HAYES: That is --

REID: I`ll tell you what, I was going to say, if cool glasses could make
you president, then you`ll be president, Chris Hayes, all the way.
Unfortunately for the governor of Texas, I mean, he has a huge hill to
climb to prove to his party that he`s ready for primetime, one wrong move,
one slip-up, one oops, and he`s done. But I do think he`ll get in. I
think that --

HAYES: You just got yourself hundreds of points.

REID: I think he`s getting in. Yes. I think he`s getting in.

HAYES: Literally hundreds of points.

REID: That`s all I need.

HAYES: Sam Seder?

SEDER: Yes. I`ve got a Lindsey Graham deficit. And so I`ve got -- the
next number on my ranking rating board is 14.

HAYES: Yes. That`s exactly what I thought it would be.

SEDER: Fourteen.

HAYES: Fourteen. Sam Seder looking for that big money, looking for that
big money. Help him out. What do we got. Yes.


HAYES: We got a whammy.


ANNOUNCER: I`m terribly sorry. You got Donald Trump.


HAYES: Donald Trump, a second whammy, is this - you`ve got both whammies?

SEDER: I`ve got both whammies.


SEDER: I spent time prepping as to what number I`m going to pay so.

HAYES: Yes. This is like getting both daily doubles.

SEDER: Yes. Take it.

HAYES: So we will come back to you at the end of this round after Michael
Steele picks.

SEDER: Fantastic.


HAYES: This is the end of the round.

SEDER: Do I have to pick someone from this round or can I go back?

HAYES: Get anyone.

SEDER: Well, in this case I`m going to have to check my sheet here...

HAYES: Nine seconds on the clock.

SEDER: I`m going to have to take Jeb Bush.

HAYES: McIntosh losing Jeb Bush. You still have Joe Biden. Still a BFD.
But does that now give -- you`ve got Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. Sam Seder
-- you know, everyone was joking about his numerology, but it`s been pretty
darn good right now.


HAYES: That`s right, you have...

SEDER: Trump and Cardin.

HAYES: By the way, at the end of the show, anyone with whammies can pick
someone from off the board. I`ll explain that in a little bit.

But we still have one very big candidate still on that board, Hillary
Clinton. Who will get her? We`re going to find out, stick around.


ANNOUNCER: World renowned portrait artist George Walker Bush also served
as president of the United States for eight years. And that is a cold hard



HAYES: We are back. It is round four. We have got some big names still
on the board. We`ve got your Chris Christies, your Rand Pauls, your Mitt
Romneys and of course Hillary Clinton, which I think a lot of people are
looking for.

I think Mr. Seder here has the inside track right now looking pretty strong
after getting his two whammies.

But this round we begin with your Jess McIntosh. Where do we begin?

MCINTOSH: I`m hoping for Hillary, so I`m going to go for a New York think,
in between Pataki (ph) and Trump is number 10.

HAYES: Smart. I would describe you as Ready for Hillary.

MCINTOSH: Yes, correct.

HAYES: And...

MCINTOSH: That is so not...

HAYES: Far from Hillary. Rand Paul.

MCINTOSH: I`ll take it though.


ANNOUNCER: Rand Paul: he is a libertarian eye doctor on a mission to flush
out the status quo.

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: Frankly my toilets don`t work in my house.

ANNOUNCER: And he`s got the Alex Jones seal of approval.


ANNOUNCER: And his dad is a lot of fun, too. He is Kentucky Senator Rand


MCINTOSH: I mean, it`s not what I was going for. I don`t know that Rand
would play super well in hometown of New York City, but I do think he is
going to be good for a lot of points.

HAYES: A lot of points.

He will also win, unquestionably, the turtle neck primary.

MCINTOSH: Absolutely.

HAYES: There`s no question.

Win that walking away.

All right, Josh Barro?

BARRO: I`m going to take number 25.

HAYES: Josh Barro just sort of -- for people scoring at home, Josh has had
a rough go of it so far. Right now you have Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and
Carly Fiorina.

BARRO: You know, I think that is going to be a three-person ticket.
They`re going to be a triumvirate.

HAYES: 25, does Josh Barro`s luck turn around with number 25?

No, it doesn`t. Bob Corker.


ANNOUNCER: Bob Corker, one of just three Bob`s currently serving in the
United States Senate and he would be the first Bob to hold the office of
president. He is Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.


HAYES: You sure know how to pick them.

Josh Barro, you have got a nose.

BARRO: Is Bob Corker even aware that anybody is talking about the idea
that Bob Corker might run for president?

HAYES: Bob Corker religiously watches ALL IN weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on

BARRO: Well, that sounds presidential.

So, he has -- so I think he`s just learned.

There has been -- there`s been some rumbling. I think rumbling is the best
way I`d describe it.

BARRO: I mean, I know Bob Corker has been running around Washington trying
to raise the gas tax, so that seems like a really good strategy if you want
the Republican nomination for president.

HAYES: Republican primary voters eat that up, dude.

SEDER: I had Corker ranked 26th out of 25.

HAYES: Joy Reid, we come to you. Joy, you have George Pataki, you got Jim
Webb, you got Rick Perry.

REID: Blandest ticket e ver.

HAYES: We still got HRC on the board. Where is she Joy Reid?

REID: And I`m believing on god for 19.

HAYES: 19.

Ready for Hillary. HRC on the board. HRC. No. Chris Christie.


ANNOUNCER: Chris Christie from the shadow of the George Washington Bridge
comes the pugnacious politician from Pescatoway (ph). He loves the
Cowboys, Springsteen, and telling people to shut up.

GOV. CRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: Sit down and shut up.

ANNOUNCER: He is stronger than the storm, but is he born to run?

CHRISTIE: Shut up.

ANNOUNCER: He is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


HAYES: I think that is my favorite one we have seen so far, Chris

REID: You know what, I feel like yelling at a teacher that`s how angry I

Listen, I do think that Chris Christie will run. I do think he will not
play well in a state like Iowa. I don`t see how he playing well even in a
South Carolina, because I`m not sure that even the angry right is ready for
an exceptionally rude president.

But I do think that he will play with a lot of base Republican voters who
want somebody who is going to, quote, take it to the Democrats.

HAYES: I think if he just stopped saying shut up and started said bless
your heart he is going to be fine.

REID: And it will still sound mean.

HAYES: Just say bless your heart. He`s going to be fine.

All right, Sam. Right now this is a big turning point in this game. And
in terms of who is going to be the next president, because I think everyone
understands the stakes here. You`ve got a strong -- you`ve got a very
strong ticket lined up. You could put yourself over here with this pick.
What is it going to be?

SEDER: Well, I have number five should be Hillary Clinton according to my

HAYES: This is a big moment. So, if this is actually, we`re going to call
for an investigation. Oh my goodness.


ANNOUNCER: Jackpot. She is the democratic to beat in this race, and the
consensus number one pick in this ridiculous draft.

HILLARY CLINTON, FRM. SECRETARY OF STATE: What difference at this point
does it make?

ANNOUNCER: Former first lady, former New York senator, and former
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


REID: I demand a recount.


REID: Recount.

HAYES: Are you -- are there some deflated balls you have got somewhere?

SEDER: I am pulling out my green pen which indicates that yes, I made the
right prediction on that one.

HAYES: This is actually -- this is a testament to hard work, diligence and
studying up.

SEDER: That`s right. Everybody mocked by spreadsheet.

HAYES: Everyone mocked...

SEDER: spreadsheet, but I have got one more pick after this, and I`m
not going to tell you who it`s going to be.

HAYES: Michael Steele, Michael Steel, it is a rough board for you, buddy.

STEELE: A rough board.

HAYES: Maybe Christine O`Donnell will turn up somewhere. Let`s try it.

STEELE: Yeah, there we go.

HAYES: What have you got?


HAYES: 12.


HAYES: Give Michael Steele a little help here. He needs it. He needs it.
He`s got Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Bernie Sander and we add to that

STEELE: Marco Rubio. My boy Marco.


ANNOUNCER: Marco Rubio. This Sunshine State phenom has ambition bigger
than the Florida panhandle. And now he`s thirsty for more.

He is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

STEELE: Hey, this is good. No, this is good. This is good. This works.
This works. It`s got the whole thing, you know, you`ve got Bush, I`ve got
Rubio. We can work out a Florida thing.

HAYES: He`s going to run. He was the winner of the Koch brothers straw
poll, which was...


HAYES: It looked like maybe one or two people said, yeah, he was fine.

STEELE: Yeah, you know, he`s going to -- Rubio, you know, look at a
minimum -- again, like Jindal on the VP list, so there is potential.

HAYES: All right. I don`t even -- I -- I do this for a living and I have
no idea who the heck is still on the board at this point. But we`re going
to find out after this.


ANNOUNCER: Plenty of bracket busters are still on the board. The All-In
2016 fantasy candidate draft continues next.


HAYES: We`re nearing the fifth and final round of the very first ALL IN
2016 fantasy candidate draft. Five candidates still remain hidden
somewhere on this board. We won`t spoil the surprise and tell you who is
on this board.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are even more people making noise about
running in 2016 than we could even fit on the board -- Indiana Governor
Mike Pence told the Washington Post last yaer he was listening to people
who reached out to
him about a possible 2016 run.

Congressman Peter King of New York keeps traveling to New Hampshire and
said he is looking at a run.

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich of Maryland who has been talking about setting
up a leadership PAC and has acknowledged he`s thinking about running, also
not on our board.

And former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, look him up on Wikipedia, who
showed up at the Iowa Freedom Summit last week and says he is not ruling
out a bid.

None of those possible Republican candidates made it on to our big draft
board. There is just not enough room or time for everyone.

But here is the good news for our players. I`m going to give anyone stuck
with a whammy candidate at the end of the draft the opportunity to trade
that whammy for any free agent candidate they like whether I just mentioned
them or not.

The final round of the ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft is just moments


HAYES: Time for the fifth and final round of the ALL IN 2016 fantasy
candidate draft. Josh Barro, you`ve got the first pick. And let me just
say you`re in a tough spot right now: Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina,
Bob Corker, not a strong field of candidates.

But Mitt Romney is still on this board.

BARRO: I`m not sure I even need a fifth candidate.

HAYES: And also Elizabeth Warren. Where do you want to go here?

BARRO; I mean, who cares. Let`s try 24.

HAYES: Who cares, let`s try 24 auto for 2016.

Elizabeth Warren.


ANNOUNCER: Elizabeth Warren. She says she is not running. She says she
is definitely not running. She says she is really definitely certainly not
running. So is he running? We say keep asking.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.


HAYES: This is the problem, unlike Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders, do you
think she is going to run?


HAYES: No, so you really -- you are basically iced out here.

BARRO: You have given me the one member of the United States Senate who
honestly does not want to be president.

HAYES: I have given you -- you chose it yourself, Josh.


HAYES: All right. Joy Reid, George Pakati, Jim Webb, Rick Perry and Chris
Christie, those are decent. Where do you want go here? Mitt -- Willard is
still on the board.

REID: He`s still on the board. Well, I`ve got to tell you so far this
game has been to quote the immortal Michael Jackson devilish. So I`m going
to go with number six.

HAYES: Nice.

Joy Reid makes a satanic play. Will it work?

No, She gets the preacher instead.


ANNOUNCER: Mike Huckabee. Running on an anti-Beyonce pro-Ted Nugent
platform. Yeah, this guy is back. It`s former Arkansas Governor Mike


REID: I have one and only one comment...

HAYES: Wow, good comment.

REID: I`ve nothing more to say. But I think he will run. I think he will
do very well in Iowa. I think he will do very well in South Carolina. I
don`t think he`s really running. I think he might be running for a book
deal. There`s an off chance he`s going to be running.

HAYES: Running for a book deal. He`s definitely...

SEDER: Oh, definitely.

And to be fair, also possibly a 12 to 3:00 slot on radio.

BARRO: He has a book out, it`s called "God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy." You
haven`t read it?

REID: There you go.

BARRO: There you go.

HAYES: That`s where the Beyonce -- by the way for the people watching who
are over 60, which is the lion`s share of you, this was the Beyonce


Sam Seder, where are we going here?

SEDER: Well, unlike Josh Barro, I do care. And I have done calculations
that show Mitt Romney is behind 18.

HAYES: He`s got the hot touch. He`s like Brady with an under inflated
ball in his hands. Does he have it here?

Unbelievable. Mitt Romney, unbelievable.


ANNOUNCER: It is Romney, the founder of Bane Capital, former governor of
Massachusetts, and he did something with the Salt Lake City Olympics.


ANNOUNCER: Is the third time the charm for Governor Mitt Romney?


CROWD: Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt!

HAYES: Did you -- am I being -- is there`s something going on here? This
is like Florida`s 2000 election. Suspect.

STEELE: I want to check your...

REID: Recount.


STEELE: Check those chads.

SEDER: I grew up 45 minutes away from Foxboro, I`ll just leave it at that.

HAYES: Patriot blood.

All right Michael Steele, I don`t even really know who is left. We`re
going to find out.

STEELE: Neither do I at this point.

HAYES: Heads or tails?

STEELE: Tails.

HAYES: Tails, 20. Here we go. Michael Steele choosing the second to
last, otherwise known as penultimate candidate, Martin O`Malley.


ANNOUNCER: Martin O`Malley. He is the former governor of Maryland, which
makes him officially a Washington outsider. The inspiration for the
character Tommy Carchetti (ph) on The Wire. It is Martin O`Malley.


STEELE: There`s so much...

HAYES: Hometown boy. You know him. You came up in Maryland politics.
You were lieutenant governor of the state that he was governor of.


HAYES: This is nice.

STEELE: I am left speechless.

HAYES: Do you guys have a good relationship?

STEELE: No, we do. No, O`Malley is going to be -- I think again I`ve got
a lot of VP potential on my plate here.

HAYES: Do you think Martin O`Malley...

STEELE: I think he wants to get in desperately. I think the positioning
for the number two slot.

I mean, the big kahuna is Hillary, obviously. And so I think a lot of
folks are going to play to her. And he`s going to be one of them.

HAYES: Jess McIntosh, not a lot of options. I know you`re pro-choice, but
you don`t get one here.

MCINTOSH: I don`t want 23. But give it to me anyway.

HAYES: You`re taking it anyway.

Number 23. Jess McIntosh ending the game on 23. John Kasich.


ANNOUNCER: John Kasich. He is the governor of Ohio by way of Fox News.
He has expanded Medicaid and now he is thinking about expanding his resume.
Give it up for John Kasich.


HAYES: Nearly phenyl renal (ph) levels of enthusiasm from the studio
audience for John Kasich.

MCINTOSH: Yeah. As one of the only Republicans who agrees with me on
insuring sick people, I think he is going to go far in the Republican

HAYES: Medicaid expansion.

Although he is a favorite of the donor class.

STEELE: Don`t underestimate him.

MCINTOSH: All right.

HAYES: This guy knows what he`s talking about. He used to run the
Republican party.

MCINTOSH: I`ll take it. Swing state.

HAYES: OK. So, we`ve got -- everybody has got their rosters. Sam Seder
is way out in front.

STEELE: You know none of his candidates are going to announce or run. So

HAYES: But when we come back, two people with whammy candidates, you get
to choose a free agent, claim them off waivers. We will see that and we
will bring this entire, ridiculous enterprise to a close after the break.

ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned, America. The exciting conclusion to the ALL IN
2016 fantasy candidate draft is next.


HAYES: We are back with the ALL IN 2016 fantasy candidacy draft. We have
our rosters filled out.

Joy Reid has George Pataki, Jim Webb, Rick Perry, Chris Christie and Mike
Huckabee -- fairly strong. Sam Seder I think is in the lead: Scott Walker,
Graham, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Michael Steele who used
to run the Republican Party has Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Bernie
Sanders, Marco Rubio and his homestater Martin O`Malley. Jess McIntosh,
she has Ben Carson, Joe Biden, Donald Trump who is a whammy, as well as
Rand Paul and John Kasich the governor of Ohio. And Josh Barro, well, he
is coming in pretty resolutely last: Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Carli Fiorina,
Bob Corker and Elizabeth Warren who has told at least 4,000 different
reporters absolutely under no circumstances will run for presidnet.

Jess and Josh, you guys ended with your whammy candidates. Jess, I`ll
start with you. You have Donald Trump, a very, very special snow flake
Donal Trump. Very special snow flake. You can trade him for any other
person in the world who is not on the board. Who do you want to claim off

MCINTOSH: Well, I think the only way that I can do this is picking a
person who would be guaranteed the presidency should they run. And so I`m
going to go for the woman who is running the country, Oprah.

HAYES: Let me tel you something, in the pith of Bush era despair I
definitely wanted Oprah to run. No, absolutely. I was like, well what`s
our best shot?

MCINTOSH: Every electoral vote. Every one. Guaranteed.

HAYES: In all honesty, she would be pretty strong.


HAYES: Right?

MCINTOSH: She can make Americans buy any book, or read any book, buy
anything, listen to -- I mean, votes are easy after all that.


MCINTOSH; I`m taking Oprah.

HAYES: I`m being totally serious. I think Oprah would -- I think Oprah
would be a formidable presidential candidate, no question.


HAYES: It`s definitely...


HAYES: You`re going to be eating those words.

STEELE: We`ll just leave that...

HAYES: All right, Josh Barro, who do you claim off waivers.

BARRO: When Jess said the woman who is already the country I thought she
meant Valerie Jarret.

HAYES: Oh, some palace intrigue jokes there.

BARRO: So I think, you know this is a strong slate I have even though it
has like between three and five whammy candidates on it. But I am going to
really trade in Sarah Palin. I`m going to go with Bob McDonald who has
been overlooked for some reason. You know, swing state governor, won by a
wide margin.

HAYES: Gave the State of the Union response. Fresh political star,
incredibly popular in his first election.

BARRO: Yeah. And you know I mean America has largest prison population in
the world, so he has a natural base.

HAYES: Perfect.

I think that`s a very, very good draft choice.

Who is -- if you were doing actual Moneyball here, all right, very quickly
I`m going to go through. Who is the most under valued candidate on this
board? Who is the most undervalued candidate? Moneyball. You can get
them for the cheapest amount with the biggest upside, tremendous upside as
we say in draft terminology. Joy Reid.

REID: I would say it`s Scott Walker. He`s an evangelical -- people don`t
know how evangelical he is. He has got the Koch money as well as the
Bradley Foundation money.

HAYES: Problem is his price is starting to bid up to the actual value.

REID: His price is. Yeah, it`s getting close, but I don`t think he`s...

HAYES: He`s still undervalued.

SEDER: I think a couple weeks ago I think he would have been undervalued,
now I still think it is Santorum.

HAYES: Santorum.

SEDER: Who is going to deep. He`s going to go deep.

HAYES: Very deep, Santorum.

Michael Steele?

STEELE: Rand Paul.

HAYES: Rand Paul.

STEELE: Rand Paul, yeah.

HAYES: Undervalued. I think you`re right. I think he was having a
moment, he is not having a moment now. I still think there`s some value

Jess McIntosh.

MCINTOSH: I see no reason for Ted Cruz to drop out before he absolutely
has to.

HAYES: Yes, from the perspective not of being the next president, but for
racking up fantasy points in what will ultimately determine who is the
president of the United States through this draft, you are correct. Ted
Cruz is strong.

Josh Barro?

BARRO: You`re going to laugh, but Mitt Romney.

HAYES: I totally agree, totally undervalued.

BARRO: And it`s, you know, he`s very good at the mechanics of running a
presidential campaign. That`s how he got the nomination. And he almost
won last time.

HAYES: Almost. Sort of.

That concludes the ALL IN 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft. My great thanks to
our players Joy Reid, Sam Seder, Michael Steele, Jess McIntosh and Josh
Barro. We will be scoring your teams every step of the way in the build up
to 2016.

I also want to thank our studio audience almost all of whom are not old
enough to vote, but who all learned a valuable lesson tonight about how our
Democratic system of government actually functions.

All of the details on tonight`s draft is up at Let us
know your picks on Facebook/ALL IN With Chris; or tweet us @AllInwithChris.

This has been epic. Thanks again to our players, our live studio audience
and good night.


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