You know, I'm still thinking about the comment that Barbara Walters made about public breast feeding, and the reaction that it solicited.  I'm not taking a side one way or the other, but if you watched our show last night it was clear that Ron an Monica have very different views on this and both of them made valid points.

Ron's take is that breast feeding is perfectly normal and natural and should not be treated as an act to be hidden behind closed doors.  Monica said that women should excuse themselves and feed their infants in a more private setting than a table at a restaurant.  A kind of "where do my rights begin and yours end" argument.  The emails have been pouring in and we will share them today.

The thing I don't get is why celebrities like Barbara Walters or Tom Cruise would make comments that directly insult their fan base.  "The View" is probably pretty solidly watched by moms, some of whom may be nursing.  As for "Access Hollywood," which also has a large female viewership, probably not the best place to mock out post-partum depression.  As my grandfather would have said, you don't make in the kitchen.  Of course he would not have said "make," but this is a family show.

Speaking of, let me tell you a bit about our program today.

Besides more on "Breastgate," we'll take you inside a Texas community where a group of 20-something first-time developers are planning a "sex-offender-free" neighborhood. They plan to run background checks on the buyers and won't sell to anyone with a sex crime record.  I don't think any parent would have a problem with that, but is it legal and Constitutional?  Do we even care about that when it comes to protecting our children?  We'll debate it.

And the Dems are cool on Howard Dean lately, aren't they?  Joe Biden was on Imus this morning and was less than ebullient in his praise.  We'll have a two on one with noted political journalist Jay Carney of "Time."

Join us and we'll keep you Connected.

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