Video: Male contraceptive pill

Men, listen up.

Researchers in Kansas are developing a contraceptive pill for men. 

Don't throw out the Trojans or cancel your vasectomy plans just yet.  It could take at least five years before doctors conduct clinical trials.

Is this a good solution for preventing an unwanted pregnancy? 'The Situation' host Tucker Carlson and guests Rachel Maddow and Charles Gasparino weigh in on the prospect.

TUCKER CARLSON, 'THE SITUATION' HOST: Now, there are not a lot of great options now if you're a man and want to be infertile.  I mean, you can go under the knife.  You can wear super-tight underwear.  But really this is a great leap forward, if it comes to pass. 

RACHEL MADDOW, PANELIST:  But here's my question:  Will men take the pill? 

CARLSON: Of course they will.

CHARLES GASPARINO, PANELIST: Will men actually be part of the test?  What man is actually going to subject themselves to this test? 

MADDOW: We talked about this before.  You were saying, “I can't even imagine anybody who would volunteer to be tested on this.” 

GASPARINO: No one's messing with my chemistry. 

MADDOW: That's the thing.  Do men freak out about the possibility of not being able to have kids?  Or do you just freak out about the possibility of pain down there? 

GASPARINO: We never freak out about that part of our body.  Never. 

MADDOW: Why wouldn't to participate in the test?  Because you're afraid about not being able to have kids?

GASPARINO: Do I really have to answer this question? 

MADDOW: Yes, I want to know. 


MADDOW: I'm a girl.  Tell me.

GASPARINO: You want to know why I wouldn't participate?

MADDOW: Why you wouldn't participate in a test like this? You wouldn't have to wear a condom anymore.  You wouldn't have to get a vasectomy.

GASPARINO: The Gasparino family legacy will live on.

MADDOW: Because you want to have more kids, not because you're...

GASPARINO: Yes, I want to...

CARLSON: I think it's a legitimate concern.  It's not just something to — you know what I mean — to mock. I think men have concerns.

MADDOW: No, I'm not mocking it. 

CARLSON: ... about their reproductive ability.  You always hear women say, “Well, you know, men would never deal with it,” right?  And I think they would, actually.  I think men would take responsibility, as long it was proved not to, you know...

GASPARINO:  Kill you.

CARLSON:  ... make you unable to function, sure.

MADDOW:  Make you unable to function?  You guys are so euphemistic about this stuff.  You're so nervous.

GASPARINO: We're on TV.  You know, wait until we get off the air.

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