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updated 7/7/2005 11:53:55 AM ET 2005-07-07T15:53:55

Hours after the attacks on the London transit system took place, a statement appeared on the Internet from a group claiming credit in the name of al-Qaida.

MSNBC-TV translator Jacob Keryakes joined MSNBC's Amy Robach to discuss the statement and reaction to the bombings in the Arab world.

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Amy Robach: Jacob, where did the statement originally appear?

Jacob Keryakes:  Well, the statement was published on an Islamic web site.  Minutes later, it was removed from the web site itself because it contained an error in one of the Quaranic verses and al-Qaida doesn't usually do that, but the same statement was published (later) on a secular web site.

The statement was signed by a group calling itself "The Secret Organization or the Secret Wing of al-Qaida in Europe."

They are claiming they warned the British government before and now they have fulfilled their promises and carried out what they have warned. They're also warning governments like Denmark and Italy saying you have to withdraw your troops from Iraq and Afghanistan otherwise the same thing will happen to you.

Robach:  You've been following the Arab coverage of this explosion in London and certainly they're making reference to this claim of responsibility as well. How would you characterize coverage?

Keryakes:  Well, they have been careful so far in saying who's behind it. But different analysts came on Al-Jazeera and said that from the way the series of attacks took place, there might be an Islamic group behind it. This is a well-organized attack. 

The second thing is (that) some of the analysts are saying, "It's time for us to examine ourselves. We are breeding terrorism and we have to address this, we have to correct our mistakes."

Robach:  Did they make reference at all to that statement and what they believe this group might be, if they actually exist?  Are they responsible?  Did they at all look into the statement, the web site and the group itself?

Keryakes:  Yes, they did make reference to the statement itself but they said "We cannot verify it so far."

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