Video: Runaway Bride, take 2

In an explosive new development on one of the year’s top tabloid stories, wedding-dodger and reluctant bride-to-be Jennifer Wilbanks is geared up and back for more.

As MSNBC Pottery Barn spies have confirmed, Wilbanks and fiancé John Mason have made visits to the Norcross, Georgia store to set up a new wedding registry in preparation for the August 12 nuptials.

Days before the original matrimonial date, the runaway bride faked her own abduction.  Later, she admitted it was “just a way to relieve a little pre-wedding stress.”

Will she show up this time?  Will she have an escape plan?  Will the blushing bride wear white or just throw on the old blanket?

MSNBC will be there with 24/7, blow-out, wall-to-wall, unrelenting, obsessive coverage of what will prove to be the greatest wedding of the last few weeks.

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