Biggest Flood in More Than a Century Paralyzes Indian City

Record breaking torrential rains flood Chennai in southern India.

. Reisdents and motorists gather on an overpass as others wade through floodwaters in Chennai, India, on Dec. 3., 2015.

According to Reuters, incessant rainfall in India's fourth most-populous city has cut off more than three million people from basic services and disrupted power supplies, with the authorities under fire for slow relief and rescue operations.

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. Residents wade through floodwaters on a major highway in Chennai on Dec. 3.

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. Resdients stand on the top of buildings as they wait for food and relief supplies on Dec. 2. The Adyar River is in the foreground. The flooding has killed at least 269 people, according to media reports.


. Residents make their way through floodwaters in Chennai on Dec. 3.

Weeks of torrential rains have left tens of thousands of people stranded in their homes, government officials said Wednesday.

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. Rescue workers and volunteers use a boat to take residents through floodwaters on Dec. 1.

More than 40,000 people have been rescued in recent days after record rains lashed the coastal city in southern India.

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. A woman wades through floodwaters.

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. A man carries a dog as he wades through a flooded street on Dec. 2.


. People travel on a boat through floodwaters on Dec. 2.

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. Residents relocate to safer ground.

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. Water covers the runways at Chennai's airport.

The airport has been closed since Wednesday, Dec. 2.

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. An airplane is partially submerged on Dec. 3.

The Airport Authority of India said the Chennai airport is likely to remain closed until Sunday.

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. A power sub-station is partially submerged in Chennai on Dec. 3.

The state government cut power to several parts of Chennai as a safety measure to prevent electrocutions. Most deaths in the last month of rains have been due to drowning, electrocution and wall collapses, according to The Associated Press.

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. Residents wade through a flooded road at night on Dec. 3.

Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters

. A man wades through floodwaters on Dec. 1.

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