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Top-rated Amazon home finds to clean, decorate and organize your space

The right products can help you create a cozy space you’ll love hanging out in.
Dealing with caked on grime in your microwave? Need a new rug for your bedroom? Whatever home situation you are dealing with, you can find a product on Amazon that will help.
Dealing with caked on grime in your microwave? Need a new rug for your bedroom? Whatever home situation you are dealing with, you can find a product on Amazon that will help.Vivian Le / NBC

Whether you’re needing to scrub your kitchen counters, looking for a new living room rug or hoping to find a smart shoe storage solution, there’s a good chance Amazon has something that can help. The online retailer has tons of different home finds that can help you spruce up your house. It can be a particularly good place to shop for items that will help you clean, decorate or organize your space. 

Or course, searching for the perfect item on Amazon can also feel overwhelming — there’s just so much to sift through. To help you out, we compiled a list of home finds that are highly rated or come recommended by our editors at Select. Below, you’ll find 15 top-rated items available on Amazon, broken down into cleaning, decorating and organizing categories. 

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Our top picks

How we picked top-rated home finds on Amazon

When putting together a list of top-rated home items from Amazon, we considered the following:  

  • High ratings and editor recommendations: We only considered items that either came recommended by a NBC Select staffer or had at least a 4-star average from at 1,000 or more reviews on Amazon. 
  • Product type: Because the home category is so large, we narrowed down our list by focusing on items that fell under cleaning, decor and organization. 
  • Price: To make our list of home finds from Amazon accessible to all, we kept price in mind when selecting items. The most expensive item we chose is just over $100, while a majority of picks are well under $50. 

Top-rated home finds on Amazon

To help you shop for home items on Amazon, we asked NBC Select staffers to share some of their favorite finds in the cleaning, decor and organization categories. We also sourced highly rated items in each of these categories. 


The Pink Stuff All Purpose Cleaning Paste

I am a bit of a clean freak and follow a lot of cleaning influencers on TikTok. I noticed that a number of the accounts I follow use this stuff, so decided to give it a try myself. You can use it to clean all types of surfaces (including stoves, ceramic tiles and glass shower doors), and it leaves them sparkling, according to the brand. I find a little goes a long way, and I like the slightly fruity scent it leaves behind. To use, just apply a dab of the paste on a damp rag and rub it on whatever you are cleaning. 

Scrub Daddy

First introduced on Shark Tank in 2012, this unique sponge has since soared in popularity thanks to viral videos on social media. What makes this sponge unique is that it changes textures based on the temperature of the water — it stays firm in cold water to help rub away grime and gets softer in warm water for a more gentle cleaning. This set comes with four sponges and has a 4.9-star average rating from over 3,600 reviews on Amazon. The brand also has a variety of other products for sale on Amazon —including Scrub Mommy and Scour Daddy

Topist Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

This tool helps you steam clean your microwave to remove dried spills and gunk. Remove the Mama’s hair and fill her head with vinegar and water before reattaching. Microwave her for seven minutes and let the steam go to work. The steam will soften spills and stains so you can easily wipe them away, according to the brand. Angry Mama is dishwasher-safe and comes in four colors, including purple, green, blue and yellow. This product has a 4.3-star average from over 7,900 reviews on Amazon. 

Ptcltraps8 Dual Moth Traps for Clothes and Pantry

If moths are a problem in your closet or pantry — or you want to take preventative measures to make sure they never become one — consider these traps. “I tried everything to get rid of moths, and these are what finally worked for me,” says Leah Ginsberg, managing editor at NBC Select. “I used these in conjunction with lots of dry cleaning, washing my clothes and repainting my closets.” The traps are made with natural pheromones to attract moths, but no odor is detectable to humans, according to the brand. To use, just place them in an infested area and throw them out once they fill with moths. 

Bissell Little Green Machine

One of our 2023 pet award winners, this portable cleaner lets you lift away messes from carpets, upholstery, car interiors and more using a spray-and-suction mechanism. It comes with several attachments, including a stain trapper for pet messes and a self-cleaning hose to rinse it out after each use. NBC Select updates editor Mili Godio tested it for the awards and found it easy to use. “It visibly removes stains in seconds. It’s amazing to see the difference in color after using it, especially when I clean my carpet,” she says. 


Landgoo Motion Sensor Nightlights 

This set of rechargeable wall sconces automatically turn on when motion is detached within 13 feet and turn off after 15 seconds of no movement within the same span of distance, according to the brand. The battery life lasts for up to a month before it needs to be charged again. Want to take the light with you? No problem. The light detaches from the base and you can bring it with you throughout the house. These sconces have a 4.3-star average from over 1,100 reviews on Amazon.

Sullivans Ceramic Jug Vase Set

This trio of ceramic vases adds a level of chicness to my bookshelf. The vases are 4-inches, 7.5-inches and 10-inches tall and look great on their own, but can also be used as bud vases. I like to place a few white roses in them for a monochromatic look. You can keep them together or separate them and use them in various areas of your house. While I have the set in white, it is also available in a multicolor set or a two-toned gray-and-white set. 

Lamplust Flameless Taper Candles

Get the pretty glow of candlelight without the messy dripping wax. This set comes with four 7-inch tapered candles that are powered by AAA batteries (one per candlestick). They are coated in wax for a real feel, will fit into most standard candlestick holders and have a black wick with a realistic 3D flame, according to the brand. “I have a very curious cat who would absolutely try to swat at a flame if I lit a candle. Since I’m not taking any chances of her burning down my apartment, I bought these,” says Zoe Malin, associate updates editor. “I love the way their twinkly lights look, and they make my apartment feel cozy.”

Gorilla Grip Faux-Fur Washable Rug

Featured in our story on the best washable rugs, this machine-washable faux fur rug has a layer of soft, warm shag that measures 2 inches deep, according to the brand. It has a slip-resistant rubber backing and is fade resistant, according to Gorilla Grip. The rug is offered in 20 solid colors and seven sizes, with the largest option measuring 6 feet by 9 feet.

Costa Farms Golden Pothos Plant

Yes, you can buy plants on Amazon. In our guide to indoor plants, experts recommend buying a pothos plant because they are low maintenance, and they  have beautiful, thick, waxy heart-shaped leaves. They can thrive in almost any type of indoor space with medium to bright indirect light but can also tolerate low light. Experts say youou should water your Pothos every one to two weeks, and if the vines get too long, prune them to your ideal length.


Songmics 4-Tier Shoe Rack 

This rack has four shelves, and each shelf can hold four to five pairs of shoes. Each tier can hold up to eleven pounds, so you can store heavy boots or sneakers without worrying it will collapse. “I wanted to put a shoe rack in my coat closet, and I needed something wide that wasn’t too high,” says Malin. “At $20, this shoe rack is affordable and holds more than any of the other racks I was considering. It was also easy to put together without tools.” This rack is also available in a 2-tier, 3-tier and 5-tier size.

Vtopmart 8-pack Clear Stackable Bins

These stackable bins come in a set of eight and are clear so you can easily see what’s inside. Each bin measures 11 x 7.5 x 6 inches and comes with a lid and cut out handles. Malin recently purchased them to organize a closet outside of her bathroom. “There’s a lot of space between each shelf, so I wanted to stack storage bins on each to hold extra beauty, skin and hair care products, cleaning supplies, pet supplies and more,” she says. “They make my closet look so tidy — I love opening the door and seeing them stacked up. The brand also gives you the option to purchase sets of four, so if I needed a couple extra, I can order those instead of getting eight more.”

Eoout Mesh Zipper Pouches 

“I organize lots of little bits into these,” says Ginsberg, who notes that this set comes with 30 pouches of various sizes — the smallest being just bigger than a business card and the largest being a bit bigger than a manila envelope. The bags are made from water-resistant PVC and are semi-translucent so you can easily identify what is inside. You can use them for storing household items (like charging cords, rubber bands and more) or keeping loose items organized when you travel. 

Oridom Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer 

Keep your flatware organized with this drawer insert. “I recently purchased this for my apartment. It’s pretty basic, but it’s adjustable so it can fit in any drawer,” says NBC Select reporter Harry Rabinowitz. This organizer is made from bamboo and comes in three colors: natural, black or white. It has seven separate compartments to store stuff, and at its smallest, it’s 10 x 14 inches but can fully expand to be 15.5 x 14 inches. 

SunnyPoint Over Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer  

Featured in our guide to bathroom organizers, this one hangs over the back of a cabinet. It has three separate compartments, which can be used to store hair tools (like a flat iron or hair dryer). But you can store other things in it, too. Select editor Mili Godio uses it to store some of her hair care products and smaller items like flossers and razors. “The organizer is a great use of vertical space, so I managed to declutter a lot of my cabinet, which previously consisted of a lot of bottles and boxes stacked on top of each other,” she says. 

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