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Want to travel smarter? Try one of these luggage sets.

Having the right luggage can make the world of difference when traveling.
Three images of Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set, Paravel Grand Tour Set Plus, and July Trunk Set
Staff-favorite, top-rated luggage sets include hardside options from Paravel, Beis and July.Paravel; CALPA; July

Packing for a long trip can be stressful, especially if you don't have a quality luggage set on hand, ready to go. “I think luggage can be a very personal item, and having a bag that makes you feel good and functions well can help ease some of the stressful aspects of traveling,” says Nadine Sykora, a travel content creator who’s visited more than 60 countries.

Luggage sets usually include one carry-on and one checked bag option that come in a similar color scheme, making it easy to keep track of your bags while you travel — whether it’s to retrieve it from a baggage claim or to pull it down from an overhead compartment.

To help you find the best ones on the market, we spoke to travel experts and Select staffers about their favorite luggage sets and what to look for when shopping for them.

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Our top picks

How we picked the best luggage sets

We spoke with travel experts and Select staffers about their favorite luggage sets for packing and traveling. Based on our experts’ guidance, we kept the following factors in mind when sourcing top-rated options:

Luggage type: Each set includes at least one carry-on bag; all the sets also include one checked bag option or a duffle bag.

Warranty: Each luggage set has at least a two-year warranty.

Locks: Every set comes with TSA-approved locks.

Personalization: We’ve included some luggage options that offer personalization, so you can spot them more easily while traveling.

Weight: Every item on our list weighs under 15 pounds.

The best luggage sets

The below options include expert-recommended picks, staff favorites and top-rated options that have an average rating of four stars from over 200 reviews.

Beis Luggage Bundle

This luggage bundle from Beis, a Select-staff favorite brand, lets you choose a set of two or three hardside bags, which are available in different colors and sizes. You can choose to mix and match your collection with a carry-on and checked bag, or opt for three checked bags or three carry-on bags. All the options are expandable, stain-resistant and have a useful weight indicator, which keeps you from overpacking your bags, according to the brand. The trolley handle also has a cushioned grip for added comfort and the 360-degree spinner wheels let you drag the bag in any direction easily, according to Beis. The bags also all have TSA approved locks and water-resistant zippers.

Material: Polycarbonate, polyester, vegan leather | Weight: carry-on: 8.36 pounds, checked (26-inch): 10.2 pounds, checked (29-inch): 11.84 pounds | Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Maxlite 5 Breakaway Luggage Set

Travel Pro comes highly recommended by Sykora for its soft-shelled suitcases. This set, which is one of the lightest on our list, includes a 21-inch carry-on and 25-inch checked bag, which are each available in five colors. Both bags are expandable up to two inches, have an interior pocket for storage and an adjustable handle that you can modify to accommodate your height. There’s an adjustable zippered pocket on the exterior for any last-minute packing too. Both bags also have spinner wheels and handles that have a rubberized contoured grip for easy maneuvering. The exterior is also made from a polyester fabric, which is water- and stain-resistant for durability, according to the brand.

Material: Polyester | Weight: carry-on: 5.4 pounds, checked: 7.3 pounds | Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

July Trunk Set

This highly rated trunk set (which you can personalize) comes with two bags — a carry-on bag and a checked trunk. There are two integrated TSA locks, an included nylon stain-proof laundry bag and 360 spinner double-wheels for maneuverability. The interior is laid out in an 80/20 split, with the deeper side built to hold bulky items like heavy coats while the other side is shallow to hold any personal items or jewelry, according to the brand. There are also compression straps on the inside of both bags to hold your clothes in place during long-haul flights. July has an extended line of backpacks or totes too if you’re looking to add to your set.

Material: Polycarbonate shell | Weight: carry-on: 8.4 pounds, checked: 13.2 pounds | Warranty: Lifetime

Paravel Grand Tour Set Plus

This luggage set, which is available in five colors, comes with a canvas duffle and a carry-on that is made from recycled polycarbonate, recycled aluminum, and recycled vegan leather. The duffel can fit a week’s worth of clothing, and has a lockable zipper, and two interior and exterior zipped pockets, according to the brand. Inside the carry-on, you'll find a removable laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones, and interior slots to keep your lingerie or any personal items safe and secure. The interior also has a nylon lining, which is water-resistant, so minor spills from your cosmetics shouldn't damage it, according to the brand. You can also engrave it with your initials or an emoji starting at $65.

Material: A recycled blend of polycarbonate, aluminum and leather | Weight: carry-on: 8.5 pounds, checked: 11.8 pounds | Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Calpack Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set

Calpack is a favorite of Select editorial director, Lauren Swanson, for its durability. She has used the carry-on from this set for close to five years without any issues. “It's easy to wheel around the airport and the double zipper almost has a vacuum seal effect on your clothes — I have stuffed so much in it and it (fingers crossed) always fits,” she says. This hardside option is one of the only three-piece luggage sets we’re recommending and it comes with one carry-on, one medium bag and one large bag to check. Similar to other options on our list, these bags have 2-inch expandability, a TSA-approved combination lock and dual spinner wheels.

Material: Polycarbonate & ABS | Weight: 6 lbs | Medium: 8.6 lbs | Large: 10.3 lbs | Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Samsonite Freeform 2 Piece Set

This Samsonite hardside set comes with one carry-on and one checked luggage spinner and is a favorite of Select updates editor, Mili Godio. “These suitcases are so sturdy — I never feel like my items are going to break or arrive in bad condition when I fly,” she says. Both suitcases have a TSA-approved combination lock, a built-in ID tag and a retractable handle. Godio also praised the spinner wheels as they make it easy to lug the bags around the airport. Both bags are also expandable and have interior pockets to help separate your belongings.

Material: Polycarbonate | Weight: carry-on: 6.5 lbs, checked: 9.59 lbs | Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

How to shop for the best luggage sets

If you're in the market for a luggage set, here’s what our experts recommended keep in mind while shopping:

Materials: Look for polycarbonate hard shell suitcases for durability, according to Sykora. “I can't tell you how many bags have cracked on me due to poor baggage handling,” she says. “I typically prefer hard-case luggage because I feel that my items are more protected from handling.” If you have to buy a soft-shelled suitcase, buy one with a nylon build as they’re usually scratch- and water-resistant, according to Sykora.

Wheels: Your best bet is to buy a bag with spinner wheels that rotate in any direction. They should turn, glide and pivot with ease, according to Sykora.

Zippers: A good sturdy zipper is crucial, according to Maggie Espinosa, a travel blogger and writer. “No one wants their luggage zipper to break when traveling,” she says. Water-resistant zippers and metal zippers are especially useful for this purpose, according to Espinosa. “In my experience metal zippers tend to hold shut better than many plastic zippers,” she says.

Weight and Size: We included luggage sets of different weights and sizes with each bag weighing less than 15 pounds. Weight limitations on carry-on and checked bags will vary depending on the airline, so make sure to check before you head to the airport.

Meet our experts

At NBC Select, we work with experts who have specialized knowledge and authority based on relevant training and/or experience. We also take steps to ensure all expert advice and recommendations are made independently and without undisclosed financial conflicts of interest.

Nadine Sykora is a leading travel video content creator, with over 500k+ subscribers.

Maggie Espinosa is a travel journalist and author. She’s been featured on Travel Channel, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, USA Today, Huffington Post and more.

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