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Why I'll only shave with a Billie Razor

How a Billie Razor turned shaving during quarantine into one writer's 'favorite step' in her shower routine.
Why the Billie Razor is the best razor for shaving according to a beauty writer.
Why the Billie razor is one beauty writer's \"favorite step\" in her shower routine.Billie

You may have heard of Billie when it made history as the first razor brand to show women with body hair — and later, with pubic hair — in its commercials. For me, it was a Facebook ad. At first, I scrolled past clips of women using colorful razors to shave their underarms. Then I realized the models were shaving off their real body hair, which I’d never seen in a women’s shaving commercial before. During my next shower, it dawned on me how truly disappointed I was in my then current razor. So the next time I saw an ad for Billie, I decided to see what the subscription service had to offer. Once I saw the price of the starter kit, $9 with free shipping (a factor that often seals deals for me), I was convinced it was time to give the Billie Razor a shot.

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Why I love the Billie razor

Before making the switch, I used disposable razors and Venus razors (which I ultimately dropped given the price and frequent refills) for about a decade. After nearly a year with Billie, it’s still a favorite step in my shower routine. I’m not exaggerating when I say I genuinely grow excited to use it.

The Billie Razor

I love that wherever I glide the razor across my skin, I can actually see a trail of moisturizing shave gel, an experience no other razor has ever given me. Moisturizing properties are important for me (I’ve sensitive skin). This razor has created a noticeable difference in my shaving routine.

  • Billie products are designed with sensitive skin in mind.
  • Their blades are nickel-free — great for those, like me, who are allergic to the metal.
  • All products are vegan and gluten- and cruelty-free, which means Billie doesn’t work with manufacturers or labs that harm animals.

Billie positions itself as a brand that’s “completely clean.” Here’s what that means about their products:

  • No sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, GMOs, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, fragrances, unstable silicones or BHT.
  • The brand uses the Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s Skin Deep Database to verify the safety of its products (ratings scale from one to 10, the lower the safer. Billie’s products are either verified — free of chemicals of concern — or rated between one and two).

And the Billie Razor also works really, really well — it’s the closest shave I’ve ever had. After each swipe of the Billie razor, I check if I can see or feel any stubble and have yet to find any, no matter how long I use the same blades. The soft shave gets right down to my skin without causing razor burn and it leaves a nice waxy glow. The razor head bends with the curve of my skin and covers a wide surface area — neither quality ever quite attainable with a disposable razor, in my experience.

Billie razor: Specs and options

I was shocked when I first saw the $9 price tag (and free shipping) — especially so considering what the starter kit included:

  • Its ergonomic handle has a matte rubber back to prevent slipping and comes in four color options: DreamPop, Coral, Cool Blue, and Blush.
  • The kit includes two razors, each sporting five blades.
  • Blades are encased in a charcoal shave soap, boosting that superb glide on your skin (this is coming from someone who often skips shaving cream these days in favor of a quick shave).
  • The magic holder — my favorite feature, actually — sticks to your shower wall and connects to the magnet in your razor’s handle to make storage easy and much cleaner: Blades don’t end up sitting in water or get stuck to the tub.

How to add the Billie Razor to your routine

If you decide to get on the Billie Razor wagon, there are some options to consider in making it work really well for your needs.

Billie’s razor is only available via subscription and shipment options are customizable: monthly or every two or three months. Shipping is free for subscriptions, including refill razor packs, which are $9 and come with four refills each. While the brand recommends replacing blades every seven shaves (I’ve used mine much longer than that), you can also customize your shipping date to any day you’d like (I’ve done this plenty of times — there are no restrictions).

This razor can be trusted with every part of your body: armpits, legs, bikini line, toes and anywhere else you may need. It’s yet to let me down and has me eyeing the rest of the Billie lineup.

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