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Black Friday deals 2020: Best humidifier deals to shop

Now that heaters are cranked up, your skin will likely become drier — humidifiers can help moisture your skin and many are on sale right now.
Black Friday deals 2020. Shop the best humidifiers by Dyson, Honeywell, TotalComfort, Levoit, Vick's and more this Black Friday on sale.
Shop the best Black Friday deals and sales on humidifiers at NBC News Shopping reader favorite retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Kohl's, Beth Bath & Beyond and others.TotalComfort; Levoit

This article contains deals across broad categories of products from several retailers that we think you’ll want to know about. In some instances, we may make a commission on purchases made from those retailers.

As the temperatures start to dip from summer highs, it means two things: Winter is coming and so are Black Friday deals. But as shoppers navigate the scores of online sales now and through Cyber Monday, one of the products they’re searching for, according to search data we've gathered, is a humidifier to combat the cold, dry weather. That’s because humidifiers offer some important perks — they infuse moisture into the air as the combination of cold temperatures and overheated homes dries out the skin. “It also allows for more comfortable breathing if you have blocked sinuses or respiratory infection and helps to keep sensitive skin from drying out,” Jessie Cheung, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, has previously explained to us. We'll be keeping this list updated throughout Black Friday with the latest humidifier deals worth considering.

Best Black Friday sales on humidifiers

To help you find the best deals on humidifiers, we checked into some reader-favorite retailers and brands, as well as highly-rated options.

Amazon Black Friday humidifier deals

Kohl’s Black Friday humidifier deals

Target Black Friday humidifier deals

Walmart Black Friday humidifier deals

Best Black Friday deals on humidifiers

We took a look at some of the most searched-for humidifiers, as well as Shopping reader favorites to dig out some of the best Black Friday deals on specific humidifiers right now.

1. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool

  • Rating: 4-star average, 35 reviews

Although you can save an additional 20 percent off this humidifier if you’re a BEYOND+ member, making it the lowest price it’s been in 120 days according to Honey, with this purchase non-members can also get $50 toward a future purchase. This Dyson three-in-one humidifying fan purifies, humidifies and cools room, and is highly searched online. Plus, it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in the water before dispersing it into your home, according to Dyson. The multi-functional option circulates the purified and humidified air with a cool breeze. It also connects with Alexa and Siri and cleans itself for minimal maintenance.

2. Homedics TotalComfort Deluxe Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Rating: 5-star average, 1 review

This top-searched brand humidifier is already 40 percent off but if you add the promo code BLKFRI, this humidifier’s price drops lower than it’s been in the last 120 days, according to Honey. With a 360-degree mist nozzle and three mist settings, this ultrasonic humidifier gives 70 hours of cool mist from a 1.5-gallon water tank. You can set a timer to turn off after 12 hours or make adjustments from the remote control. It will also auto shut off when the tank is empty and has a night light option for bedroom use.

3. LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer

  • Rating: 4.4-star average, more than 7,500 reviews

This six-gallon humidifier is also a heavily searched model and provides both warm and cool mist to help soothe allergies and congestion. It is currently being offered at the lowest price since 2018, according to CamelCamelCamel. In addition to a remote control and a night timer, the humidifier also features a built-in humidity sensor to maintain desired humidity by automatically adjusting mist levels.

4. Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Rating: 4.7-star average, 285 reviews

According to Honey, the discounted rate of $37 is the lowest price this cool mist humidifier has dropped down to in the last 120 days. Not only is Vicks a top-searched humidifier brand, but this portable evaporator model holds up to 1.1 gallons of water that it filters as it purifies. There are also two settings as well as dual scent pods that infuse fragrance into the air.

5. Blueair Pure Purifying Fan: Home & Kitchen

  • Rating: 4.6-star average, more than 4,500 reviews

Blueair's highly-rated humidifier also doubles as a purifying fan that removes 99-percent of airborne dust and pollen and has a 90-degree cooling range, according to the brand. Just press the button at the front of the modern-looking humidifier to turn on the fan and to cycle through three speed levels: high, medium and low. The compact device is best suited for spaces approximately 200 square feet and you can choose from five colors for your washable pre-filter — Dark Shadow and Diva Blue are included.

What is the best humidifier for you

While shopping Black Friday humidifier sales, there are four different types you may see:

  • Impeller humidifiers produce a cool mist that gets pumped into the air. A rotating disc flings water from the tank through a comb-like diffuser.
  • Evaporative humidifiers create a fine mist that isn't always visible to the human eye. A fan blowing over the wick lets the air absorb moisture. These humidifiers have no heating element, so there is no risk of burns but need to be clean to prevent mold.
  • Steam vaporizers have internal heating technology that boils the water before releasing it into the air as steam, creating a warm mist.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound vibrations to quietly expel water droplets, without the use of heat, into the air as a cool mist.

You’ll also see humidifiers featuring different capacities for different spaces. Here are some examples of common sizes you might be considering.

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