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Crayola's new face masks for kids: What to know

Crayola’s SchoolMaskPacks include five kids' face masks, color-coded for each day of the week. They sport adjustable straps and come in seven designs.
Children wearing Crayola's new SchoolMaskPack kids face mask.

Editor’s note: Experts agree that face masks do not replace or relieve the need to wash your hands and social distance, and they absolutely do not alone prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The U.S. has seen record-breaking numbers of daily coronavirus cases since late June, forcing more states to issue face mask requirements. Consequently, face masks are increasingly central to back-to-school shopping this year, and Crayola just released a collection of reusable cloth masks for kids to wear in the classroom. If you're deep into back-to-school shopping and are considering face masks for your kids, here's what to know about the new masks from Crayola.

Crayola’s SchoolMaskPack Kids Face Masks

The craft company is selling packs of five reusable cloth masks, color-coded for each day of the week to help kids form habits around wearing them (and to help parents keep track of those habits). The masks come in seven different designs, from cartoon faces to rainbow colors. Crayola’s School Mask Packs are available for pre-order on Crayola’s SchoolMaskPack’s website and on Amazon — they’re expected to arrive by August 21.

SchoolMaskPack Liquid-Repellent Kids Face Mask

Two of SchoolMaskPack's designs are made with a liquid-repellent treatment. This causes the outside layer of the mask to be hydrophobic, which prevents it from absorbing water if it's worn in the rain or while exercising.

Crayola’s kids' face masks are machine-washable and fit children ages three to 11 years old. Each pack comes with a mesh laundry bag and a calendar card to keep track of mask use. The masks have adjustable ear straps and feature a nose clip to ensure a secure fit, as well as to prevent glasses from fogging up.

SchoolMaskPack Mask Straps - Kids Set

Crayola is also selling packs of five mask lanyards to accompany the masks. All masks and mask straps have name tags.

As previously reported by NBC News shopping, schools that open their doors in the fall will be encouraging — and in some cases requiring — students to wear face masks in the classroom. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all kids older than two wear a face mask in public to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

While schools across the country have different rules regarding face masks, you should follow general guidance on buying face masks, in general, according to experts. The CDC has outlined five criteria to keep in mind, which apply to children and adults:

  1. Face masks should fit snugly and comfortably

  2. They must be secured with ties or ear loops

  3. They should comprise multiple fabric layers

  4. You should be able to breathe without restriction while wearing the face mask

  5. You should be able to wash the face masks without causing damage or losing the face mask’s shape

To learn more about buying face masks, check out our full guide.

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