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Molekule Air Pro: A new professional-grade air purifier

Molekule’s Air Pro air purifier is a larger version of its full-size model, sports new features and targets professional spaces, larger homes and schools.
Molekule air pro purifier in home environments.  Molekule Air Pro is a new professional-grade air purifier. The larger version of its full-size model is engineered for the demands of larger spaces.
The leading air purifier brand Molekule launches its latest model, the AirPro, and it's $200 off. Molekule

Molekule air purifiers — popular among NBC News Shopping readers and featured in both our list of the best air purifiers and air purifiers that ship quickly — clean your air via the brand’s patented filter technology: photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) and prioritize style and ease of use in their models. And right now, you can save $200 on Molekule’s just-launched Air Pro, which is available for pre-order now and will ship in mid-October.

Molekule Air Pro air purifier (pre-order)

The Air Pro is a large air purifier, designed to clean up air in spaces as large as 1,000 square feet. To accomplish this, the brand boasts the Pro sports triple the airflow of its other models, specifically aligned to the needs of “high-traffic spaces and high-needs users,” among them homes, small businesses and the like. Additionally, Molekule claims the particle sensing tech in the Air Pro is three times as precise as previous models, giving you ever more accurate information on the air quality in your home. A notable upgrade in the Molekule Air Pro is its auto-protecting quiet mode. Normally, auto-protection in air purifiers can result in wildly fluctuating noise from the machine, which increases or decreases its air flow to accommodate that auto protection. Molekule’s quiet mode will keep those sharp increases to a minimum if you’re trying to avoid those sound peaks, and allow you to go with its standard mode when you’re away from the room.

The Molekule app allows both Apple and Android users to remotely control the device and keep updated filter status. Its cylindrical shape and top-facing airflow allows for 360 degrees of clean air output, to boot.

The Molekule air purifier, like its slightly smaller Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini counterparts, is also very stylish, a standout in the air purifier space for anyone — whether remote worker or business owner — attuned to the aesthetics of their home appliances.

The unit is easy to set up, simply asking the user to pull it out of the box, remove wraps around its more sensitive components (like the PECO filter) and then plug it in. A satisfying push-and-pivot build on its base makes opening the unit a sci-fi-like experience, as it automatically pops open upwards after you twist it the right way (no cool steam effects like in the movies, but this is a specific case where you don’t want those).

Finally, despite its larger size, especially in contrast to the brand’s other units, the Air Pro is very mobile, a large, natural leather strap (iconic in all Molekule brands), allowing you to grab it and move it around your home easily.

If $1,000 is too hefty an investment for you currently, consider some of the brand’s smaller units.

Molekule Air

The highly-rated Molekule Air was the brand’s first model designed for larger spaces, and is built to clean up areas as large as 600 square feet. More than 150 reviewers on Amazon have left it a 4-star average rating, and it will connect to your phone for remote control.

Molekule Air Mini+

The compact Air Mini+ is designed for spaces as large as 250 square feet, and allow you to utilize the brand’s auto-protect mode. While the Mini+ doesn’t sport the auto-protection quiet mode, it’s also smaller and allow for a Silent Mode, which limits its noise output at 30 decibels.

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