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15 best subscription boxes for Mother's Day 2022

Subscription boxes can help show the mom in your life that you care not just on Mother’s Day, but in the months afterward, too.
A subscription box can be tailored to your mom’s interests and preferences — we’ve compiled a few options across wellness, food, home decor and more.
A subscription box can be tailored to your mom’s interests and preferences — we’ve compiled a few options across wellness, food, home decor and more. Earth Love ; Book of the Month

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s important to make the moms in your life feel loved and appreciated — and showering them with gifts doesn’t necessarily have to end on the holiday. Subscription boxes are a thoughtful way to remind your mom of how loved she is several times a year, and each box can serve as a great pick-me-up whenever the going gets tough. Plus, opening a subscription box is like opening a new gift every month, so she can feel like it’s Mother’s Day over and over again.

With so many options on the market today — from beauty kits and flower bouquets to gift baskets and candles — there’s a box out there that every type of mom can look forward to. We’ve compiled some highly rated options across a variety of Select reader favorite categories that can surprise your mom this Mother’s Day and the months following it.

15 best Mother’s Day subscription boxes in 2022

Whether your mom is a wine lover, a beauty and skin care fanatic or a bookworm, we’ve compiled some thoughtful subscription box ideas to give them this Mother’s Day we think you'll want to know about. Make sure to look at the cutoff date for each subscription box — some will have a strict order-by date to ship that same month.


Help your mom relax and unwind with this self-care-focused TheraBox. Each box contains one therapeutic activity inspired by research — such as journaling, brain-training exercises and mindfulness activities — plus six to eight wellness products designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Some of the standout items in these boxes include skincare face masks, bath salts, candles, eye creams and more.

  • The month-to-month base plan is $35
  • The three-month prepaid plan is $100
  • The six-month prepaid plan is $192
  • The 12-month prepaid plan is $372

Sips By Personalized Tea Gift Card

For the tea lover in your life, Sips By delivers four types of tea each month chosen from more than 150 brands around the world. The chosen tea is based on your mom’s preferences and taste — you take a quiz when you sign up for the box. Each shipment covers about 16 cups of tea (or closer to 48 cups if you re-steep the bags).

  • The $48 card will cover a three-month subscription
  • The $96 card will cover a six-month subscription
  • The $192 card will cover a 12-month subscription
  • The $384 card will cover a 24-month subscription

Cheryl’s Cookies Cookie of the Month Box

For a regular dose of sweet treats, Cheryl’s Cookies Cookie of the Month subscription box can send them a box of buttercream-frosted cookies each month. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped cookies that are cut out and decorated based on the month — and you can start off the month of May with flower cut-out cookies. The boxes are shipped the first week of each month and delivered right to your mom’s door.

  • The six-month subscription is $25 a month
  • The 12-month subscription is $20 a month

Earthlove Seasonal Subscription Box

This subscription box by Earthlove contains eco-conscious products that promote mindfulness and sustainability each season, according to the brand. It comes with six to eight full-sized items, including healthy snacks, books, aromatherapy essentials, accessories and vegan body care. You can choose between a fully vegan box or a “regular” box containing both vegan and ethically sourced products and ingredients. For new subscribers, the box will ship within 10 business days of signing up — you can renew it each season and your mom can receive the box up to four times annually.

Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club

You can help keep your mom’s wine cabinet restocked with this subscription service from Harry & David. Each month includes a bottle of Harry & David wine from Oregon's Rogue Valley and artisanal cheese. The boxes feature a variety of wines, from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to Merlot and Pinot Noir Rosé. Some standout cheeses include brie, manchego and aged white cheddar.

  • The three-month subscription is $110
  • The six-month subscription is $215
  • The 12-month subscription is $390

Jackie’s Chocolate Monthly Chocolate Subscription

This monthly subscription by Jackie’s Chocolate features about 15 chocolates in each box, including creamy truffles, chewy caramels and both dark and white chocolate. Each box costs $30 and subscriptions are renewed every four weeks. You can skip a month or cancel or pause the subscription at any time.

BloomsyBox Flower Subscription

If you’re hoping to brighten up your mom’s months with fresh flowers, BloomsyBox’s monthly plan delivers a hand-tied bouquet of 18-20 stems of in-season flowers right to their door. According to the brand, the flowers arrive within 5 days of being picked, ensuring they’re fresh. The box also comes with plant food and an informational card that’ll show your mom exactly how to maintain the flowers. You can get a month-to-month plan for $45 per month or choose between a three-, six- or 12-month prepaid plan.


For the mom who always carries a snack in their purse, this subscription service from SnackSack will deliver an assortment of seasonal goodies. Each box features 11-15 nutritious snacks like granola bars, popcorn, pretzel sticks and nuts. You can also personalize their snacking plan by choosing a classic SnackShack box, a vegan box, a gluten-free box or a combination of vegan and gluten-free.

  • A three-month prepaid subscription plan is $83
  • A six-month prepaid subscription plan is $164
  • A 12-month prepaid subscription plan is $323

Book of the Month Club

Is your mom an avid reader looking to mix up their book collection? Book of the Month Club is a monthly subscription service that curates a reading list of five books each month based on their preferences and sends one or more books directly to their door. Either you or your mom can choose which book to send, and one or more additional books can be added to the order for an extra charge. Selectwriter Claire Tighe previously wrote that she was “pleasantly surprised” at the selection every month, which featured authors she was actually interested in reading. But if your mom isn’t excited about any of the options during a specific month or doesn’t have time to finish their book before the next box is set to arrive, she can simply skip a month and roll the credits over.

  • The three-month subscription plan is $50
  • The six-month subscription plan is $90
  • The 12-month plan is $170

Trade Coffee Subscription Box

A coffee subscription service is a good gift option for the always-on-the-go mom, especially if they’re someone who likes to diversify their coffee selection. This personalized subscription service from Trade carefully curates a selection of coffee from more than 400 roasters across the country based on your mom’s selections during an initial short quiz. They can then customize how many bags of coffee they want to get each month and the frequency at which they want to get them. They also have the option to choose the specific coffee they want to get. They can even rate each coffee after tasting it so Trade can continuously mold the list to their preferences.

  • A three-bag monthly subscription is $60
  • A six-bag monthly subscription is $120
  • A 12-bag monthly subscription is $240


This monthly artisan candle subscription service delivers a candle from small-batch, natural candlemakers across the U.S. with scents that complement the season. The monthly box options include one box with a 4-ounce candle, one box with an 8-ounce candle or one box with one 8-ounce and one 4-ounce candle included. All boxes also come with a surprise gift. The candles are made with 100 percent natural wax from renewable resources, according to the brand.

  • The Lucerna Box featuring one 4-ounce candle is $12 per month and has about 25 hours of burn time, according to the brand
  • The Ignis Box featuring one 8-ounce candle is $22 per month and has about 50 hours of burn time, according to the brand
  • The Vivere Box featuring one 16-ounce candle is $29 per month and has about 80 hours of burn time, according to the brand


For beauty-loving moms, the BirchBox subscription plans let subscribers try out expert-selected niche and high-end beauty and grooming products, including everything from clay masks and hand creams to makeup primers and tinted moisturizers. The ready-to-gift subscription bundle comes with five beauty samples and a three-, six- or 12-month BirchBox subscription gift card, so your mom will be able to create their own Beauty Profile and have products tailored to their preferences to be sent each month.

  • The three-month gift subscription bundle is $45
  • The six-month gift subscription bundle is $84
  • The 12-month gift subscription bundle is $156

Home Chef

One of our favorite meal kit delivery services, Home Chef can be a great subscription option for the mom who wants to spruce up their weekly menu (and avoid grocery shopping in the process). This service features a rotating weekly menu with more than 30 meals to choose from, and you can select from a variety of menu options catered to your mom’s preferences, including 15-minute meal kits, grill- and oven-ready kits and special occasion meals. For the standard meal kit, you can choose to receive up to six recipes per week (and the food it takes to cook each one) for two, four or six people.

  • Two recipes per week for two people is $36
  • Three recipes per week for two people is $54
  • Four recipes per week for two people is $72
  • Five recipes per week for two people is $90
  • Six recipes per week for two people is $108


If the mother figure in your life loves to accessorize (or wants to expand their jewelry collection), Rocksbox lets your mother figure rent three pieces of jewelry at a time — in their choice of gold, silver or rose gold — with the opportunity to buy them or send them back afterward. You can select a three-month, six-month or 12-month membership in the form of a membership gift card.

  • The three-month membership is $49
  • The six-month membership is $99
  • The 12-month membership is $189


Though they won’t physically receive a gift, your mother figure can explore new talents, hobbies or opportunities for growth all year long through a MasterClass subscription. For $15 per month (billed annually), they’ll have access to over 150 classes on topics spanning writing, acting, business, self expression and more with twenty 10-minute lessons for each class. According to MasterClass, there are new classes added every month and they can watch on their phone, tablet, TV and other devices.

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